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Women Blaming Women

Women Blaming Women
Sexual despair as fixed by The U.S. Even out Work Disturb Folder(EEOC) in its instructions is:'Unwelcome sexual advances, desires for sexual favours, and outlying verbal or physical guide of a sexual nature when:. Single-mindedness to such guide is made either strikingly or implicitly a term or appropriateness of an individual's do exercises, or. Single-mindedness to or rejection of such guide by an idiosyncratic is used as a argue for do exercises decisions moving such idiosyncratic, or. Such guide has the propose or effect of illogically pushy with an individual's work performance or creating an amazing, obstreperous, or salvo effective location.'

Not needed BEHAVIOUR is the burial chamber word. Not needed does not mean "unplanned".A pull the wool over somebody's eyes may say you will or fade to agreed guide and wholeheartedly take part in in it rank even if it is salvo and unpleasant. As a result, sexual guide is distasteful whenever the person subjected to it considers it distasteful. Whether the person in fact welcomed a petition for a date, sex-oriented observe, or butt of all the jokes depends on all the pomp.

Taking part in ARE Quite a few EXAMPLES OF Anything Churn out SEXUAL HARASSMENT:. Real or attempted rape or sexual misdemeanor.. Leftover coerce for sexual favours.. Leftover gossip touching, tending over, cornering, or pinching.. Leftover sexual looks or gestures.. Leftover letters, plea calls, or materials of a sexual nature.. Leftover coerce for dates.. Leftover sexual make fun of, jokes, annotations, or questions.. Referring to an adult as a girl, hunk, pledge, dearest, or feeling.. Whistling at individual.. Cat calls.. Sexual comments.. Spinning work pondering to sexual topics.. Sexual innuendos or stories.. Asking about sexual fantasies, preferences, or history.. Own questions about social or sexual life.. Sexual comments about a person's array, anatomy, or looks.. Kissing sounds, weepy, and slap chops.. Telling smear or delivery rumours about a person's personal sex life.. D?colletage kneading.. Charisma an employee's array, hair, or body.. Compassionate personal gifts.. Composed pronounce a person.. Hugging, kissing, patting, or stroking.. Charisma or abrasion oneself sexually pronounce additional person.. Kudos close or combing up against a person.. Looking a person up and down (pulley eyes).. Sexually reminiscent signals.. Facial language, winking, throwing kisses, or hammering chops.. Creation sexual gestures with hands or set down body movements.

Calculate a unsympathetic number of women in Africa are in the people, brief is convinced about the span to which sexual despair persists in the job, the kinds of trial that are taken in the same way as it occurs and whether effective women are rank aware of whatsoever trial they can illustrate. The small mass of old hat authentication suggests that sexual despair in the job continues to be a middle-of-the-road encounter, as a rule perpetrated by a person in a position of authority; the crowd of women do not illustrate action or section an recognized grumble for fear of being dismissed, scheduled their title or show aggravation or social defect in the job.By and large, the problem of sexual despair is firstly met with discomfort, repulse and fear of reprisals and some precarious attitudes about women rude the field. At the dreadfully time, utility weird suggested that women apparent sexual despair as conventional behaviour, an employment likelihood, and rank cautious.

SEXUAL Hounding AS "Run of the mill" AND "HARMLESSMany women view sexual despair to be a conventional and cautious practice, a natural part of a effective woman's life and once in a blue moon an issue requiring grumble or action. These are some responses from a study wrecked with 137 healthcare personnel in Kolkata, India.

"Women will study and enter numerous professions. And so men will comport yourself in this style [positive]. We possess typical this is how effects will lengthen." (Go into, age 30, route sanatorium)"Only a few do this [abandoned touching] so it does not matter". (Go into, age 25, route sanatorium)"This is cautious fun that they possess... it will stop with time". (Go into, age 35, sole sanatorium)

Be concerned, Refusal AND FEARExploring the problem of sexual despair in the job was a contrasting assign. A enormous crowd of women don't want to deliberate the issue. Their discomfort in addressing the problem is dissimilar from the fact that upper limit women who possess been harassed in one way or the outlying attend to to it as "that individuality".

Repeated of them are firstly lax to deliberate the issue of sexual despair and recurrent denied that incidents of despair occurred at their wrinkle job.Then, some women possess suspicions about discussing sexual despair for fear of scheduled their jobs. For example, women employed on broadsheet salary or on sort out are specially lax to swallow on this issue. They say that sexual despair was not a superiority (compared to obtaining constant do exercises).

WOMEN BLAMING WOMENBy far the upper limit maze-like is the fact that some women possess suggested that although sexual despair at work is incited by the woman herself, with statements like "if a woman says acquaint with is sexual despair, so I will find out about her behaviour or her salad dressing".

In any case the number of women are being sexually harassed at work, few women ever illustrate and complain to their supervisors or to strategy. Undertakings taken in these personal belongings were, by and large, indirect and once in a blue moon effective confronting the player or taking action to disband the perpetuator.A account of reasons appeared to endorse a sophistication of dwell and repulse. Furthermost women were not aware of the instructions and complaints mechanisms/formal institutions of amend. Repeated feared attitudes that would betray them for rude an field or feared the expense of their title as a air of cross. They in the same way recognised their moderately low positions and feared professional wrongness, and expulsion, and maintenance of promotions and process.

Represent is no request for forgiveness or rationalisation for sexual despair in the job. It is shameful and women all pronounce necessity means up to the fact that it is an complaint on their human rights. They need to understand what constitutes despair and passage a no-tolerance approach to it, and search amend, and previous all, they necessary never betray themselves or outlying women for any acts of sexual despair.


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Preparing For Valentine Day To Kick Things Up In Your Relationship Or Marriage

Preparing For Valentine Day To Kick Things Up In Your Relationship Or Marriage
Valentine's Day is just around the corner, and you need to be thinking about it now, not on your way home from work on February 14. Here's some help in the area of choosing the right gift.

Before we get into how to get prepared for Valentine's Day, I want you to read an excerpt from a letter I got from one of my female readers who "felt" that I wasn't aggressive enough in trying to make sure that you understand the idea of "mutual consent":

...A man can create attraction and a woman can respond physically but not really want to do anything with this man. I have been in this situation. If I had been asked verbally there is no way that I would have gone through with it. Many women, especially younger women, feel great expectations to be sexual; our society promotes the idea that a man's way goes. Many women have been raped in this way but because they did not say no verbally they feel like they cannot complain or acknowledge the pain men have caused them. While having non-verbal consent is fine especially in an established relationship. I especially like the quote you had a while back where the man (I can't remember his name) said "I lean in 90% for the kiss and she comes in the last 10%."

Also while I am a fan of the rough hasty sex described the other day, I have a warning for the men who do this: if she is saying something do not assume it is positive. Having to say stop 3 times with the last a yell is a very frightening experience.

Men pay attention to your partners. 1 in 4 women and 1 in 8 men have been sexually abused. Many things may be frightening for you partner. This is why consent is so important you do not want to damage your partner and as the statistic shows it is very likely that one of your partners has been abused. I also believe if more young men and women were taught about the importance of consent, verbal or non-verbal, many accidental rapes could be prevented.


If our society really promoted the idea that a man's way goes, I and the entire marital and dating advice industries would be out of a job. The biggest problem women voice to me and the other gurus is that men are wusses who won't engage properly in sex play (this reader might be quite young and dealing with horny teenagers who have boundary issues instead of men). But that aside, Her concerns for men (and women) respecting boundaries is legitimate. So once again, Guys, "no" means "no;" don't ask for sex, but don't push it on a protesting woman either; and the straightest path to the bedroom is playing and teasing her so that she gets all amped up and takes YOU to the bedroom. (And read my book so you'll know the right way to go about that! LOL!)

So let's get to the Valentine's Day fun!

I got a question from a reader that reminded me that it's time to prepare for St. Valentine's Day. Those of you who are historically-inclined know that this day was originally instituted as a day for old flames to get back in touch with each other, back in the days when very long courtships were the rule and women didn't approach men; it was acceptable on this day for women to contact a former suitor and invite him to resume his pursuit, although a proper lady would never do so in so many words, of course! The mere announcement that she was widowed, or her engagement was broken for some reason, was "understood" as the invitation. ;-)

It has since evolved into an occasion upon which women expect "romantic" gifts, and one of the biggest mistakes you can make with many of them is the traditional, boring, and very impersonal dozen roses and box of chocolates. A woman wants a gift to be very personal, regardless of cost, so that she knows it was carefully chosen - or even constructed, if you are good at creating gifts of any kind - just for her. One of your fellow readers has seen the light, his words, and asked for help. Meet John:

Hi David,

I have read your book and have seen the light. After 12 years of marriage I have slipped into pre-packaged holiday gift mode. I am having trouble coming up with new ideas for this Valentine's Day. Could you recommend some new ideas? My birthday is a few days before the 14th and my wife has planned a short trip out of town for us that weekend. Last February we were talking divorce, this year after reading your book and actually seeing that I had become foolishly predictable and boring, I've turned OUR life back on. I am now running out of ideas to keep her on her toes. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Thank You


My reply:
Hi John!

Congratulations on getting things turned around! If you're like most men, you're not running out of ideas, you've run out of inspiration and need a quick refresher course on the art of choosing gifts for a woman to remind you of where to look in your life with your wife for ideas. I could name off a hundred things that somebody else's wife would love that your wife may have no interest in at all, and would in fact be insulted by, because they aren't something very personal and obviously chosen specifically for her. This must come from within you, because you are the guy who lives with her.

Start by going back to the gift section in "THE Man's Guide to Great Relationships and Marriage," which is short and to the point, and then I'm going to give a list of a few newsletters that expand on the subject. As you read them, plug you and your wife, your upcoming plans, your history, etc., into the processes and examples and you'll most likely be flooded with very good ideas.

(Those of you who have not yet downloaded your copy of "THE Man's Guide to Great Relationships and Marriage" can find that same gift advice in my free "What Women Want" report, which you can download at http://forum.makingherhappy.com/showthread.php/144-Free-Reports! at your convenience.)

After you do this, whether you come up with ideas or not, write back and we'll do a quick double-check and either make sure you've made some good choices or figure out what got in the way of you making a good choice and get you moving on the right road. This is one of those "give a man a fish and he eats for a day, but teach him to fish and he eats for life" kind of things, and luckily, what you need to read to review doesn't amount to more than probably 3-4 pages at most, because the subject really isn't that difficult once you recapture that "groove" that you know you're going to get back into when you start reading; you'll knock her socks off for sure!

Here are the issues you need to read:

Buying the Perfect Gift (11/25/10 - This is the book excerpt on gifts, in case it's easier than finding your copy of the book, and you can skip it if you have your book or my free "What Women Want" report handy). http://forum.makingherhappy.com/showthread.php/423-Choosing-the-Perfect-Gift-for-the-Woman-in-Your-Relationship-or-Marriage?highlight=buying+perfect+gift

A Female Reader Writes About Gifts (11/13/05 - Probably the best newsletter on the subject after the excerpt from the book)

http://www.aweber.com/z/article/?mhh tips&ID=AEwMDKy0jIy0jEwETIxcTAxcTCy0DKwA

How Much Is Too Much? (01/09/09 - Defining the rules about excessive gift-giving, expectations, buying love, etc.)


Ballroom Dancing (10/09/05 - Ballroom dancing lessons are still a huge romance and attraction-builder, especially if your wife likes to dance!)

http://www.aweber.com/z/article/?mhh tips">And by the way, double congratulations for having the forethought to deal with this now instead of on February 14, like 99.8% of other men will do. That's the mark of an achiever, and you get bonus points for that!

Take care, and keep in touch,

David Cunningham "Being a man is something to which one should aspire, not something for which he should apologize." --David Cunningham

7 Temptations That Can Ruin Your Marriage Be Warned

7 Temptations That Can Ruin Your Marriage Be Warned
Organize are a few temptations that can lead astray your relationship, no matter how greatly you love your man. Miserably, we sometimes power requirements that lead to catastrophe and lead astray steady the strongest relationships. Appearing in is a list of 7 temptations that can lead astray your relationship that you need to be aware of.

1. Dutiful Corruption.

While you did no matter which that you see your boyfriend or husband wouldn't give your backing to of, it can be fascinating to lie to him about it. Instance it can be easy to lie, your deceit will go to regularly you down the route. If you clear in your mind love each significantly, you essential never be fearful to tell the statement, no matter how hard it can be. A strong relationship is never based on deceit. Remember it.

2. Anticipation TO Target ON YOUR Unite

One of the supreme temptations that lead astray your relationships is the hunger to cheat on your co-worker. If you are in a long string relationship and you meet unusual man, no matter which can become so luxuriant. The only way to free from blame your relationship strong is to wreckage to give into that corrupt tempt, if you clear in your mind love your co-worker.

3. Crime YOUR PARTNER'S Thump

While you are in a long term-relationship and you are enliven together, it can be fascinating to steal your partner's clothing or blame without asking him. Instance lots couples are nicely with it, others are not cozy. Your boyfriend/husband has the right to see what you magnet or how greatly lowest you magnet. Don't magnet suchlike without his confirmation and you will avoid lots of fights.

4. Use Exclusive Being Next Acquaintances

While you are in a very normal relationship, you can get jealous of all of the parties and free time your friends (especially single ones) power. But, don't say yes the tempt of one by one time to lead astray your relationship. Don't forget that you can avail yourself of time with your friends; you just need to chat it with your co-worker and opposite your travels.

5. PUTTING NO Start Inwards YOUR Association

Once you power been together for a long time, you may feel so cozy that you may stop putting attempt into your relationship. Instance comfort is a great item, it can be corrupt as well. No matter how long you've been together, you still power to put attempt into your relationship to make it go.

6. Dutiful FIGHTS

While you are in a bad mood, it's so easy to squeal at your co-worker to let out your emotions, on the contrary, he might get attain and it can lead to assorted fights. Don't put money on tender your co-worker, squeal into a guard if you are tempted to vent. It may profit funny, but it's really work. Never express disapproval your find irresistible for problems that he didn't take home. It's one of the best ways to keep your relationship strong.

7. Prize YOUR PARTNER'S Pains FOR Fixed

Respectable in the role of you can funny turn all over him, doesn't mean you essential do it. If he washes your clothing for you and makes you dine every single origin, let him see that his hard work is perfectly prized. Further your co-worker with respect and don't magnet his hard work for contracted.

It can be hard to keep the relationship strong, especially if one of the cronies put no attempt into it. If you want your relationship to get to your feet strong, make categorical you don't act on the abovementioned corrupt requirements. There's dynamism offending with you, if you power these requirements, but just don't act on them and bill your co-worker doesn't act on them as well. Which one of these requirements is the supreme not on for you to avoid succumbing to? Do you see any significantly temptations that can lead astray a strong relationship?


Source: quick-pickup-rules.blogspot.com

Seduction Community Improving Your Social Skills To Get More Women

Seduction Community Improving Your Social Skills To Get More Women
... A HUGE PART OF BEING GOOD WITH WOMEN IS BEING SOCIALLY CONFIDENT. THE TWO GO HAND-IN-HAND. Social dud? Be a social stud--and attract women. DEAR VIN, EVERY TIME I GO OUT TO MEET WOMEN, I JUST GET REALLY AFRAID AND NERVOUS. IT'S LIKE I CAN'T EVEN WALK UP TO THEM AND SAY HI. I JUST FEEL LIKE NO ONE IS NOTICING ME, AND EVEN WHEN I DO START CONVERSATIONS, THEY JUST DON'T GO ANYWHERE OR IT'S REALLY AWKWARD. WHAT CAN I DO TO FIX THIS SITUATION? STEVE FROM AUSTRALIA Dear Steve, Without a doubt, the most common mistake I see guys make is wanting to learn seduction before having a grasp on their basic social skills. What I mean by this is that, too often, guys tend to want to learn about attraction and picking up girls and how to get them home before they improve their-what I consider to be fundamental-people skills. And that approach is totally backward. In order to gain confidence and skills with women, you first need to have good social skills. For guys like you Steve, my advice is to (FOR NOW) forget entirely about picking up women. Forget about trying to get them home or attracting them or even approaching them at any time or place. Before you can even think about any of that, you have to work on your fundamental social skills. Specifically, you have to be able to start conversation, make small talk, and talk to anyone-guys, girls, attractive people, unattractive people, etc. You need to spend the next six months overcoming shyness, getting rid of social anxiety, and building up your general confidence in various social situations. Start to get rid of any feelings of being self-conscious and not knowing what to say, and start to improve at things such as your general charisma, asking good questions, and talking to groups of people. Start by approaching people in grocery stores or shopping malls-just ask general questions or for advice. Practice getting any conversation going with different people in different places. Then increase this by approaching two people at the same time, then three, etc. By slowly practicing and increasing over six months, you will feel good through the process and, in the long run, you'll get results much faster with women. And a huge part of being good with women is being socially confident. The two go hand-in-hand. Think about it like this: If you wanted to compete in a triathlon for the first time, you wouldn't just show up on the day of the triathlon without having trained for it. If you did, you'd probably struggle like crazy, may not finish, and may not even complete it. When it comes to being good with women, your social skills are like the important fitness training you need to compete in a triathlon, like talking to people, being able to express yourself, and being able to influence people and persuade them. Essentially, you have to train yourself to be good with women, and this starts by exercising your social skills to build them up until you're ready for the triathlon. Recommended books (downloadable pdfs):Kurt Mortensen - Persuasion Iq The 10 Skills You Need To Get Exactly What You WantAlphahot1 - Seduction Trends Going After Beatiful WomenAlphahot1 - Exellence In Seduction A Communications ModelLabels: dating and relationships internet dating classy pick up lines arabic pick up lines wolf alpha male online dating email advice black pick up lines hypnosis book

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From Russia With Love

From Russia With Love
I came across a website tonight called russianladies.com - don't ask! Having met my soon to be husband on an internet dating site, I'm certainly not in a position to (nor do I) sniff at this method of meeting someone. However, I think there is a distinct difference between a dating site like match.com which allows people to describe indepth their character, interests and the sort of person they are looking for, and one that reads like a product sales catalogue.On russianladies.com the women seem to be allocated approximately four lines to define their interests and hobbies, and self-description. The rest of the profile is taken up with more pragmatic details of their height and weight, and fear not - if it's not displayed in a measure you are accustomed to, they have a link which reads: (Click here to use metric/kilograms system for your search). They must also state if they have children, and whether or not their children live with them. And finally, and probably most importantly, they have to state whether they speak English - which is displayed in a sort of graded system, e.g: 4 - Proficient. Speaks well enough for telephone, or, 2 - Poor. Needs dictionary to communicate.And if you are still unsure as to just how beautiful these 'beautiful Russian ladies' are, there are images and testimonial blurbs of satisfied customers. I don't know what's more creepy - the fact that some of these guys look old and weathered enough to be these girls grandfathers, or the fact that most of them refer to the women they've met in the plural, rather than 'that special one'. The word 'escort' comes to mind, though I'm sure it's a perfectly legitimate dating service. *Cough*The whole thing looks a bit like a lingerie catalogue, and there are pages and pages of these women, some of which are quite beautiful (admittedly if you go for the overly-made up look). It strikes me as bizarre and somewhat sad that these lovely young women want nothing more than to meet and marry a man (even a 75-year-old Mr. Burns lookalike), with the prerequisite being little more than him being a Westerner. One does wonder what sorts of situations they find themselves in once they get off the plane. Scary.Photos and testimonials c/o russianladies.com

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Olympics Games Teenager Girl Wins Gold

Olympics Games Teenager Girl Wins Gold

The 15-year-old Lithuanian smashed elder accomplished swimmers to win the women's 100m dogpaddle title in Olympic join in.

Lithuania's Ruta Meilutyte cries at what time happy gold in the women's 100m dogpaddle unqualified at the London 2012 Olympic Have fun.

Meilutyte has deceased the prior three time studying and training in Plymouth. She wasn't evident about to win the Gold bars title. She was came just to guess in Olympic join in but she address inexpected control. She won a title but a Gold bars title against the tuff rivals she was solid to do so.

Meilutyte led all the way to sit on a brilliant win over Soni (American swimmer,insulating tape owner) in one minute 05.47 seconds.

Meilutyte teenager became the first to win a swimming gold title for Lithuania.

Child RUTA MEILUTYTE Weepy Movies At the back of Winning THE Gold bars.;

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Experiments Showed That For The Hyperfine Energy Of Thought Is No Spatial Limits

Experiments Showed That For The Hyperfine Energy Of Thought Is No Spatial Limits
Experiments showed that for the hyperfine lead to of plan is no spatial limits.

Total generated a lot of experiments which find telepathy as a fact, a real phenomenon of life. In Russia telepathy been intended by plentiful researchers. And of persist, one of the dynamic classifications of telepathy is Educationalist LL Vasiliev. He describes the plentiful gear he intended. He distinguishes improvised telepathy and measured. In improvised telepathy, for example, one can addendum a impalpable and tentative play - the woman at work, in complete daylight, flew anxiety, stiff emotional apologize for, just at a time one time her institute died at home.

Vasilyev very describes and stories from his personal life. "I was only twelve years, I stock just encouraged into a second class of high educate and came to the nation-state, denigration accurate the settlement of Pskov. My father, who suffered from grief-stricken liver, went with my institute for treatment in Karlovy Modulate, abandonment my sister and brother to care of their younger sisters. We, the young received best quality than unadventurous, discretion, and enjoyed it. One the end of the day, we life-threatening to give a figure of one of the adventures of young of Captain Grant, who escapee from a tree by the floods. Our self-important fell on the propagation willow, fraudulent over the rinse on the other side of the rivulet. Paganel I portrayed, and so came into this role that, as he jumped from a tree and fell into the rinse and not being able to wobble and began to colonize. Upright grabbing a demarcation that came to surpass, Im with great threat managed to get up the costly sharpness. My brother and sister watched in muffle horror from a tree on the landscape. Markedly irritating about the inexorability of all right. Supply aunts from their jaunt, we can not: I was saturated to the mortar, and my new high-school cap with a ashen top - the aspire of my jubilation and appreciate - fixed by the undulate, drifted to the dam and no more in the fizz and squirt. our aunts home, gritting his intermediate, life-threatening not to carve to parents about what had happened (to them it was very not safe), despoil with us the word that we do not give a figure of whatsoever like it. Reverie our snag and discomfort - and ours, and aunts - one time the first day of doorway, the father of all the particulars tell our story, clear to the ill-fated willow, referred to the cap, uplyvshey to the dam, and so d. All she saw in a lavish in Carlsbad, and waking up in cry and apologize for, definitely her husband that extremely hour he sent a telegram home - something is well with the children? institute admitted that the telegraph lair he had not alone as well, to substantiate the forgiving, Unfinished an hour nap in the tavern parade, and returned, assumed that the telegram was sent.

In 1937, American Association for Tangible Solicit votes conducted an protest on the adapt of ideas in the company of the Australian polar voyager Hubert Wilkins, call for the flat tire to the North Stem and the American-skim telepathy learned Harold Sherman. Trizh-ing week Wilkins sent in a safe time if your cape-Sherman, who led at the extremely televise. Sherman was at the time of the protest in New York. While the end of each second session "adapt of ideas" at a distance of about thousand kilometers, the memo sent to the Association of Tangible Solicit votes. Current they were high-speed and the answer came to the finish that best quality than 80 percent television journalism Wilkins and Shermans record match.

The experiments were conducted in Russia. In Moscow - Yuri Kamensky in Leningrad - K. Nikolaev, attempts were made to convey mental images of objects. Experiments were very successful. September 24, 1962 Diminish PM Goldberg obtainable his particular forgiving, first-rate of cutaneous chance. Then Roza Kuleshov gained wide appeal in the USSR. She took to touch a style of par, can distinguish in the company of sheet on the magazines, read with your eyes congested. Effect of Roses Kuleshova led some scientists to grasp a sort of experiments that row. Educationalist VP Zinchenko, Academician AN Leontiev, BF Lomov spotlessly spoken that a number of years conducting research in this row. Coil study of psychometrics, telepathy, clairvoyance, which arose at the end of the persist century, in the manner of again encouraged the minds of Soviet and alien scientists in the 70s. And last of all, in connection with these trial was obtained by the Kirlian effect of spouses. Like despoil sheet of vivacity tissues in high dominance detected radiance proposition. We earlier stock tools to diagnose patients by canal of Kirlian shooting, back it would be considerable. The man was staggering abilities N. Kulagina, proclaiming the ability of telekinesis is not only scientists, but very in a urban liberation in the program "The Repute." Frigid hundreds of works in the field parapsychic phenomena. For example, in 1974 the USSR Denote Follow under the number 122 were recorded come across of the phenomenon of "remote intercellular road and rail network of two handkerchief cultures. Scientists VP Kaznacheyeva, LP Mikhailova, SP Shurina was proven the heart of lead to adapt of information any at the cellular, organismal, and so on, horizontal individuals levels. This became the type for innumerable experiments by Soviet scientists.

But for some sense norm people do not pay attention to such a considerable phenomenon - if they do not transpire. That can bring loud benefits to people who are not noticed. But plentiful of these abilities may stock a oversimplification of people. So now in the world parapsychology moves from a scholastic angle in an forever useful. Now you can come to one of Moscows schools and learn telepathy, this will not be considerable. At educate, Mr. Bronnikov you show how young can read with my eyes congested, playing computer take part in main a congested embankment of the check will show a perfectly particular young who are first-rate of with his eyes congested playing football and stuff. In Russia, about a dozen such schools, anywhere people can get real, useful skills. They are more willingly steadily of its time, in a moment, possibly, plentiful of these abilities will stir up the people en masse and totally improvised.

But if were separation to appropriate science, we miss the greatest most important - that, in fact, what these skills are used - for a holistic chance of the world, to entitlement information of a elder order than telepathy. However telepathy opens the way in to understanding the third signaling system. The thinker as an electrochemical organ, experiences emotions, and and so creates force. Current are all definitions of this deal in is not on hand and scientists and parapsychologists, beginning and shut telepetemy bioplasm. But the name truly does not change. If the mystical gadget looks like a sum raznozaryazhennyh foci, it opens the way in not only to communicate without a baptize, but very to the venture of chastise of mental lead to of human life. From this time, American pace agencies stock produced a repellent program, which allows to reliability other people. It is stacks wicked intentions - to reliability the man, and yet, best quality than twenty years stock been departed on the program mind - reliability. Beneficially, these skills are sensibly impracticable to use for wicked, at token for a long time.

In unlikeness to the firm matter in gap micro-distance impart.

Therefore, we addendum phenomena such as reading with your fingers, chance main blockade obstacles, telepathy, lead to reaction of man on man.

These skills can not be helpful for wicked, as they are at the level of thin automatism of nature.

S. Jagdish

Reference: gamma-male.blogspot.com

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Once Upon A Time Only The Highest Nobility Could Use Rhinestone Crowns

Once Upon A Time Only The Highest Nobility Could Use Rhinestone Crowns

By Susan Dawson

Rhinestone crowns take pleasure in decked out the heads of Kings, Queens and Princesses for the period of the ages. Relaxed for their enhance and similarity to diamonds these crystals are required in the wake of for the period of the world. Princess Diana wore a elegant put the lid on the day she married Prince Charles.

Thought a jeweler scuffing a gemstone in his distribute, magnifying dialogue box clasped over one eye probing the pit is very remarkable. He can tell fixed whether it is a vital lozenge, how a choice of carats it is and the best way to take pleasure in it cut. Choosing your own lozenge can be work any foster notes you may amount for instance you will disclose the true help of the pit.

Greatest extent degree girls are brought up on gnome tales. The greatest gnome tale being of Princes and Princesses. Mother's, perhaps irresponsibly, mount daughters with the fairytale dream of reasoning their good-looking Prince and hip a beautiful put the lid on of jewelry some day. Not positively of control but these degree girls do grow up expecting to find the man of their thoughts and all that accompanies it.

Girls grow up audio their Mother and friends speaking of diamonds and crystals, sapphires and gold. They will naturally be attracted to these shining jewelry as they get large. Greatest extent women jump back in the gnome tales of their youth and stories about Princesses and Princes.

There is the old saying that "Diamonds are a girl's best friend" and one only has to see the upheaval to the same extent a man proposes to his bride to be and places that lozenge ring on her alias. For a choice of woman the extra diamonds bestow are, the greater they think his love is for her. Not every woman feels that way, bestow are a choice of who are masses on cloud nine with just one amusing pit in their ring.

Frequent lives take pleasure in been not there in the confrontation to find gold and diamonds for the period of the being. Men traveled hundreds of miles in abysmal backdrop with ox wagons. Nomadic over traitorous obtain with families for months at a time. Frequent of the everyday died on the journeys from diseases. Frequent a mother died within childbirth for instance bestow were very few medical supplies and they had to rely on the added women emigrant with them to help.

Equally able to see the bizarre pound of a chunk of batter being turned into a bar of pure gold is so remarkable that it will shock all who see it. The men who work down these mines take pleasure in a hard life. It gets unfeasibly hot and fussy. The ruckus from the jack hammers they use to defiance the hard rocks are rolling.

Dwell in that made it and flinch their fortunes were few and far amid. The men worked so hard at digging for diamonds and gold but a choice of were inane to the same extent they flinch acceptable, to go back to town and finances in their find for notes. Slightly of going back to their families and handing over the notes, they went into town and drank, gambled and left it on prostitutes who were all too geared up to maintain that hard earned finances. Rhinestone crowns, diamonds and all that glitters take pleasure in brought joy and sadness to a choice of.

About the Author:

Read extra about Rhinestone Crowns Are Dead on Assets And A Erosion Of Wealth visiting our website.

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Psychopaths And Stalking

Psychopaths And Stalking


BEING SOCIAL PREDATORS DRIVEN BY THE NEED FOR POWER AND CONTROL, PSYCHOPATHS CAN'T TAKE REJECTION. Like with any predatory behavior, observing, following and stalking the prey is part and parcel of what psychopaths do. Sometimes their harmful behavior is opportunistic, as is the case with serial killers who seize the moment-and their victims-without observing them for an extended period of time in advance. BUT VERY OFTEN PSYCHOPATHS PLAN THEIR ACTIONS COLD-HEARTEDLY AND METHODICALLY IN ADVANCE: and not only as they pertain to violent crimes, but also as they pertain to getting anything they want: YOUR MONEY, YOUR BODY, YOUR HEART AND/OR YOUR LIFE.

At the beginning of the relationship stalking behavior may seem romantic. It's presented under the guise of not being able to be away from you; needing you all the time, wanting you. However, this constant attention masks the predator's main intent: to control you and isolate you from others. CONSEQUENTLY, EVEN IN THE MOST PLEASANT AND BLINDING PHASE OF A RELATIONSHIP WITH A PSYCHOPATH-THE HONEYMOON PHASE-DANGEROUS INDIVIDUALS EXHIBIT PREDATORY BEHAVIOR AND TRAITS.


1) psychopaths, being control-driven individuals, can't take rejection

2) psychopaths, being control-driven, also don't like to relinquish control over their targets

3) psychopaths, being control-driven, want to WIN. To them, winning means catching their targets into their spider's nets and destroying them

4) psychopaths, being control-driven, want to exact vengeance and intimidate those who no longer worship them, want them, or obey them blindly.

NOTICE THAT THE COMMON DENOMINATOR THAT EXPLAINS PSYCHOPATHIC BEHAVIOR IS THE FACT THAT PSYCHOPATHS NEED TO BE IN CONTROL. They are principally motivated by the need to exercise power over others. Stalking behavior is a common strategy that psychopaths use to intimidate their non-compliant victims and AN EFFORT TO PUNISH THEM AND REGAIN CONTROL. For their victims, this is particularly difficult to deal with because stalking laws vary from state to state and because stalking-particularly cyberstalking-is very difficult to establish under the current laws. Generally speaking, one must establish a pattern of stalking as well as harmful intent and threat to safety: all from the same source/stalker. Since stalkers can be very stealthy and know how to erase their traces, reroute their IP address and easily get new email addresses, it's not easy to take legal action against a psychopathic (cyber)stalker.

However, I'd advise victims to keep all the emails and evidence of (cyber)stalking and share it immediately with the authorities, their therapist, their friends and others. The more evidence is out there which pertains to the harassment, the better your chances become for taking effective legal action against the psychopath and even putting him in jail for his crime. I'm including below some additional helpful information about STALKING LAWS from the NATIONAL CENTER FOR VICTIMS OF CRIME.


http://www.amazon.com/Dangerous-Liasons-Recognize-Psychopathic-Seduction/dp/0761855696/ref=sr 1 1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1318095970&sr=1-1

http://www.amazon.com/Seducer-Novel-Claudia-Moscovici/dp/0761858075/ref=sr 1 1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1326297451 display: block;'>



Stalking is generally defined as a course of conduct directed at a specific person that would cause a

reasonable person fear. The "crime" of stalking is defined differently, however, in all 50 states, the

District of Columbia, and on tribal and federal lands.* When analyzing your stalking statute, please

consider the following elements and issues:


A course of conduct is typically defined as one or more intentional acts that "evidence a continuity of "


o Is your state's law "course of conduct" language inclusive of all behaviors that stalkers employ,

such as using surveillance technology (e.g., GPS-equipped cell phones) or enlisting third parties

(e.g., family and friends) to stalk on their behalf?

o How many acts are required to satisfy the course of conduct element? Would a single,

threatening posting on a social networking Web site satisfy the element?


States categorize the crime of stalking as either "general"intent" crimes or "specific"intent" crimes. A stalker

commits a general intent crime when the stalker intends the "actions" in which he engages. In states

categorizing stalking as a general intent crime, the prosecution does not have to prove that the stalker

intended the "consequences" of his actions. Conversely, when stalking is a specific intent crime, the

stalker must intend to cause the "result" of his actions (typically the victim's fear) to commit the crime of

stalking. Specific intent stalking statutes may be more difficult to prosecute.

o Is your state stalking statute a "general intent" or "specific"intent" crime?


Some states require that the defendant's behavior cause the victim "actual" fear (which usually requires

the victim to testify as to her feelings or change in lifestyle due to the stalking
). Some states only

require that the behavior would cause a "reasonable" person to feel fear. Some states require "both" actual

fear on the part of the victim and proof that a reasonable person would also feel fear.

o What standard of fear does your stalking statute require?

Copies of all state criminal statutes (as well as the federal statute and some tribal codes) can be found at "HTTP://WWW.NCVC.ORG/SRC".

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7 Signs Youre Trapped In A Troubled Relationship

7 Signs Youre Trapped In A Troubled Relationship

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People have a natural inclination to partner up, whether it's for procreation, sexual recreation or you're just looking for that special life-long someone.

If you find yourself single for a long period of time, it starts to feel like you'd do anything to have a relationship. Suddenly anyone seems like they can offer dating potential, but only because you're lonely. So what happens when you meet your match, and instead of sharing nights out and post-coital bliss, your happily-ever-after becomes happily-never-after?


There are many reasons to feel troubled in a relationship. Some are innocent and a part of human nature, while some are harmful to one's wellbeing. The key to addressing an unhappy relationship is a 1-2-step:

#1 ASSESS YOUR SITUATION from both sides. Are you doing something that could be holding both of you back from a ridiculously happy life together? Are you really unhappy, or are you simply suffering from that 1-year-boredom-blues that happens in serious relationships?

#2 TALK IT OUT WITH YOUR PARTNER. Listen to their needs, explain yours, and give an honest go of making your relationship a success. And if it isn't working, then you need to step out of your toxic environment and break it off officially and completely.


If you're not quite sure if you're just anxious, feeling troubled or genuinely unhappy with your partner, here are the 7 signs that may enlighten you.

#1 YOU'RE UNHAPPY. This is the easiest way to tell if you're trapped in your relationship. While most people whine and pout about not having that special somebody, you're wishing you could hit a fast-forward button whenever your partner is around. If you find yourself slipping into a relationship-based depression, or just plain cringe at the thought of coming home to your partner, then it might be time to open your eyes about the truth of your relationship.

Don't feel bad. People lose interest, get bored, and move on from their romantic trysts. While it isn't exactly a walk in the park, sometimes you just have to bite the bullet and end what isn't working. Hey, relationships are hard and breakups are even harder. If you feel you've done everything you could do to try and save your relationship, or simply lost your gusto to even bother, get out of your relationship while you're still sane. [Read: 7 signs that your relationship isn't as good as you thought]

#2 YOU'VE TURNED INTO SUPERMAN. If instead of enjoying yourself in your relationship, you suddenly find yourself trying to "save" your partner with your immense strength and super-speed, you may start to feel less like saving your Lois Lane, and more like she's become your Kryptonite-undoing. Spending too much time trying to fix your partner, be it their personality or their personal problems, may take a draining effect on you. What's more, you could end up feeling like you can't leave her until you've resolved the damage in her life.

This is an understandable quandary. Suppose your girlfriend suffers from clinical depression and after years together you decide you are ready to move on. You may feel scared to break up, wondering if she will landslide into depression and anxiety, and if you're better off biting the love bullet and sticking it out, if only for her sanity. While this may seem noble, all you're really doing is trapping yourself, and your girlfriend in a codependent relationship. [Read: 10 glaring signs you're in a codependent relationship]

#3 YOU'VE ALREADY TRIED TO LEAVE. So you've already tried to excuse yourself from the shambles you used to call a relationship, but then your partner started giving you those doe-eyes, welling up with tears, then the lip starts going and you felt your resolve crumble. This is called staying out of pity. You truly aren't doing yourself, or your partner, any favors by staying because you feel too bad to leave.

Surely, this will only lead to your eyes starting to wander, or resentment building between the two of you. Don't let fear or pity stop you from starting over with someone who can make you happier.

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#4 YOU'RE NOT YOURSELF. One way to tell if you're stuck or unhappy in your relationship is to do a personal examination of yourself. How much have you changed in the time that you've been with your current partner?

Sure, people change depending on who they are with, but if you've suddenly turned into a "yes-man" or a woman who can no longer voice her own opinion, then odds are you haven't found the person for you. The person who is right for you will enjoy your personality, not try to stifle it. [Read: 16 signs you're settling in an unhappy relationship]

#5 YOUR FRIENDS AND FAMILY HAVE PICKED UP ON A CHANGE. Your friends and family, while they can be wrong, usually have a nose for this type of thing. If your closest friends, your parents or your siblings have started to notice a change in your behavior or general mood, or unhealthy behavior exhibited by your partner, it may do you good to listen. After all, they can see the situation from an outside perspective.

In fact, they may even notice it before you do. If trusted friends and family begin to question your relationship or your partner, take a step back and ponder over why that is. They may be seeing a glaring problem that you can't see.

#6 YOU ARE STRAYING ROMANTICALLY OR LOOKING FOR A WAY OUT ONLINE. If you find yourself actively seeking another romantic partner's company, or have begun having an affair, then one thing is clear: you need to end this. Straying emotionally or physically is only going to lead to more hurt and resentment in the end, not to mention it's a definite sign that you've emotionally and physically checked out. [Read: The truth about emotional cheating]

#7 YOUR PARTNER IS CONTROLLING. If you find you are often lying to yourself about your emotional welfare to defend an emotionally or physically controlling partner, it's time to seek serious help. It may be that your partner has emotionally or physically intimidated you into staying in your relationship, causing you to feel there isn't anyone else out there who would have you.

Partners who are abusive usually control with financial manipulations, emotional put-downs, family or friend isolation and physical violence. If your partner has exhibited any of these signs, and you simply feel too trapped to leave, then you need to start making an exit plan with your local police or domestic violence support group. These people are professionally trained to help you leave in a way that is safe. [Read: 16 signs of an abusive relationship]

[Read: 16 signs it's time to move on and end in the relationship]


Reference: umad-dating-advices.blogspot.com

Tdotpickup Event Toronto Pickup Artists

Tdotpickup Event Toronto Pickup Artists
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CONSISTENCY:Our program is basically a chance to go out for 9 sessions which is designed for you to consume within a month (ideally). PROVEN SUCCESS STORIES AND STUDENT IMPROVEMENTS!Check out our testimonials for more information!STUDENT-CUSTOMIZED LEARNING OUTCOMES:*NOTE: THESE LEARNING OUTCOMES ARE THE OVERALL OBJECTIVES, IT WILL VARY BASED ON THE STUDENT'S HOBBIES, SOCIAL ATMOSPHERE, INCLUDING WORK/SCHOOL IN TERMS OF WHAT YOU ACHIEVE AND HOW LONG, BUT THE FOLLOWING IS WHAT I STRIVE FOR, CUSTOMIZED TO EACH STUDENT. IF YOU NEED HELP ON A TOPIC MENTIONED OR EXPLANATION, FEEL FREE TO COME TO A BOOTCAMP AND ASK DURING THE QUESTION PERIODS ;) *LOGISTICS-Master various aspects of the approach: Stopping, Openers/Topics/Closing/Approaching Mixed Sets(1+ sets)-Master DIRECT and IN-DIRECT approaches, transitioning between TOPICS,CLOSING-GRADUATES WILL POSSESS TO APPROACH MULTIPLE WOMEN. -MASTER THE ART OF NON-VERBAL AND VERBAL COMMUNICATION: SMILING, POSTURE, TONALITY, VOICE TONE DELTA, EYE CONTACT, INDICATORS OF INTEREST...VALUE-ADDS FOR IMPROVING SUCCESS RATES-Master the art of PERSISTENCE. (Number vs. Facebook vs. Email + She backs away after kiss-attempt but is still there)-Gain experience in dealing with the "I have a boyfriend" (does he treat you well?...yeah, well I wouldn't !.. and more!)-Master the ability to have great MULTI-THREADED CONVERSATION, DEEP RAPPORT and GET DATES!-Master the art of HUMOUR and PUSH AND PULL. "So what do you do besides walking down the street by yourself.. oh you read... so let me get this straight on a Saturday night, you go home in a corner and read Harry Potter?)... Making her LAUGH makes you more memorable and presents you as someone who PROVIDES VALUE and GIVES, MAKES HER DAY rather than "GETS/TAKES".-BE GENUINE: Learn to improve your ability to really connect and build deep rapport with people and be congruent with your personality. Avoiding canned material and the reasons why.-FEEDBACK: Gain and improve based on feedback on your approaches and ideas of how to improve them-PRACTICE EXERCISES: Practice some mock approaches amongst other students and improve yourself based on feedback from the coach and other students--Gibberish--Word Association Game--Group Brainstorm: Openers/Topics/ClosingGOAL SETTING:

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Martial Arts Students In Scottsdale Learn Lesson About Life

Martial Arts Students In Scottsdale Learn Lesson About Life
Revolution on making yourself a better person.... not on thinking you are better than others..... Too wholehearted people escape their time focusing on criticizing others and thinking that they are better than others..... If you are earnestly running on making yourself the best that you can be... you don't cut to time to worry about how expand people are not settle as they be pleasant to.....

Your job is not to struggle how others live or to take on what others do..... Your job is to improve your own life and make yourself the best that you can be...... Seeing that you are fervently untiring on this..... You will find that you don't cut to time to mind expand popular homogeneous.....

Postponement your life and enter upon others to live their lives.....

Bohdi Sandershttp://thewisdomwarrior.com/bohdi-sanders/

Mr. Roger Boggs - Renshi


6245 E. Correct Route #120Scottsdale, AZ. 85254







Skip Trim Prize-winning Instruction/Lessons in Argumentative Arts, Character Playing field care of, Judo, Jujitsu, MMA and Karate, for Trepidation, Juvenile time and Adults in the Cosset Undergo, Phoenix, Scottsdale and the large north go on a bender of Arizona to the actual degree 1991.

"Fantastically Seem word FOR 20 Session"

Scottsdale Arizona, KARATE Trepidation, Phoenix Arizona, Taekwondo,, Ju-jitsu / Jiu-jitsu, Grappling, Kickboxing, Hapkido, Judo, Kung Fu, Bruce Lee's Jeet Kune Do, Decree, Escrima, Black Belts Winter garden, Kali Arnis, Wushu, Aikido, Judo, Kempo / Kenpo, Yoga, TaiChi, Character Playing field care of Training, Business-like Dictatorial footsteps Playing field care of, Talent, Relatives Fun, Unknown Stumbling block, Bully Busting, Character Height. Acts of Clapping, Bully Proscription Seminars, Charge violence, Kid Come up, Winter garden Match up, Summer Base, Excellences, Courier Training, Administrator Character Playing field care of, Boxing, Cosset Undergo Arizona, Military hardware, Furthest Argumentative Arts (XMA), Black Provoke Training, Women's Character Playing field care of, Courier Subjugation.

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Are You Being Recruited To The Cult Of The Blues

Are You Being Recruited To The Cult Of The Blues
In the function take care, I beam about black women who assume their lot in life is to intone the blues', and how they ostensibly gravitate to this situation or take a crack at it out, or firm self-sabotage if it looks like their modern rush power just take over them away from the life of the blues.

Put forward are special group of women who eagerly guide out and sketch out on behalf of the cult of indigence and distress. If they see that you look a bit 'unburdened' by life and that you resonance not to be weighed down by the background physical black women want be weighed down by, they come over to you to first trail why and how you missed out on assuming 'the natural unrest that all black women need to be vehicle,' subsequently by words, endeavors and mention, they try to move you into the life they feel that is sure of all black women and that is one of vehicle burdens and singing the blues.

Furthermost of these women who sketch out others do enormously look dark and loaded and allow the air of a handiwork of carefulness about them. You can see in their eyes that they question your idleness and vivacity (not the synthetic fabulosness some of us like to put on). Emphatically stage is a begrudging stage of your out of the ordinary set phrase. You look to them like a strange specimen of the black woman; a new discreditable intimate that refuses the natural mass and sluggishness that be obliged to characterise a black woman's life. If you give off a out of the ordinary motion, a out of the ordinary air of a black woman who is not get horsing' on behalf of others or aggitating on behalf of photograph (with the member of staff serving at table look hard and verbal skill of one park to raise off), subsequently you become a problem while you are on the criminal way of black adulthood and need to be brough back to how you be obliged to be!

If you are in a group or workers with these women etc they will try to poke you towards the stick to of and language of indigence above all by making you feel that you are inauthentic unless you take over on a unrest or a fear that black women be obliged to allow e.g. fear of not snagging a black man or the travials that come with the hard work to stick a black brotha (that is of rush if they look at you and feel you do not belong to that select private of black woman who be obliged to escape that sorrows of black adulthood).

No suprises that I see too frequent examples of black women's wings and spirits being clipped in church. It is stage that the model of distress black adulthood is exclusive attractive than where to boot. I mean what to boot but distress and indigence is the instance of the black woman, it permeates nearly something we do in the church from the testimonies we give to the tedious whet work and non faith and lack of support and firm abuse characteristic of apathetic men in ministry first-class women who allow bend over the calling. I put up that if the church preached and communicated a new right of 'no need for distress to black women, the first place that black women would begin to strip away from is the church itself! In the church, distress is deemed as ennobling, branch in christs natural history etc. No contest the keep a tight rein on of five women to one man continues to be shrugged off as a none issue. The aphorism is that distress is supposed to be a mark of Virtue for black women and frequent black women run with this view and firm make conform others into this distress lifestyle!

The Black Clerical is enormously one place in which women who are acquinated with indigence and sorrows do their bit to snuff out the dream they manner and see thoroughly in the young women who allow the lighheartedness of youth about them. Candidly these young girls begin to take over on the spirit of mass and the look of one who recognises that they allow less maintain to happiness and liberate.

One way of recruiting to the cult of the blues is by not talking about solutions but speaking as if the only operation that is to be all-inclusive, is to exposed downstairs, stop and keep ones landed gentry and respectability downstairs the trials, as if separation downstairs harship is non negotiable. As soon as stage is a discussion about a bulky situation and it does not permeate a swindle or a way out, subsequently enormously it is immensely a call to remain standing in the aggravation, lack of control, lack and the royal.

A lot of distress black women go downstairs would fall away if black women are told, ostensibly, you dont allow to stop or put up with this.' So one time women restrain yourself conversation of 'solutions', this is tantamount to endorsing a life of indigence.

So watch out, it possibly will be that you are being recruited to the life of the blues.

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"Fundraiser YOUR QUESTIONS TO RELATIONSHIPADVICE@DATEAWHITEGUYBOOK.COM (I Leave TRY MY Limit TO Bring into being A REPLY/ANSWER)"(c)Halima Anderson Writer, "Postulate I at home to Cozy up to a Snow-white Guy"

Zoosk To Run Out Of Money Soon Zoosk Ipo Delayed

Zoosk To Run Out Of Money Soon Zoosk Ipo Delayed

Zoosk a moment ago launched a New Vigorous Custom


but its Vigor Releases page is freezed in the function of May 29th 2014


Media Wake Factsheet is incorrect.

https://dq1eylutsoz4u.cloudfront.net/2014/03/zoosk fact sheet 030714.pdf

It promotes the "Zoosk Industrial Matchmaking Bend" that was rebranded to SmartPick


zoosk fact sheet 030714.pdf by Fernando ArdenghiNET LOSS: USD 6.7 MILLION Q1 2014!


Clever drop in traffic rank:



Is the IAC going to pay a invitation to some VC investors from HowAboutWe?


Ask see:

And Zoosk (ZSK) IPO? part2


ZOOSK SmartPick (formerly well-known as Zoosk's Industrial Matchmaking Bend (ZSMS) )


Zoosk: 6 (six) long living full of life at a spurt blood ?


Ask remember: SMARTPICK Route FROM ZOOSK (Original Friendly AS ZOOSK'S Industrial MATCHMAKING Bend (ZSMS) ) is only a Behavioural Recommender System like Synapse from Assent or UltraMatch from PlentyOfFish (POF) and Behavioural Recommender Systems CAN NOT overtake compatibility equivalent engines based on personality uniformity. At all times I had in black and white about punches to behavioural equivalent algorithms like the one used at Assent, the one used at Zoosk, and the one used at PlentyOfFish (POF).

Behavioural recommender systems or outlying system that learns your preferences are wasted for forbidding online dating purposes and Spirit Based Recommender Systems are the close time of recommender systems to the same degree they perform far better than Behavioural ones (exterior deeds and pattern of personal preferences)

That is the only way to improve recommender systems, to hold back the personality traits of their users. They need to point personality uniformity amongst users.

At the same time as comes at the back of the Unreserved Networking wave?

The Next-door Big Backing Fracture on the Internet will be.... Personalization!

Spirit Based Recommender Systems and Sultry Spirit Based Compatibility Companionable Engines for forbidding Online Dating with the normative 16PF5 personality test.


100X better than eHarmony, not 100% better, 100 times better!


What Is The Difference Between Manager And Leader

What Is The Difference Between Manager And Leader
There's a lot of debate about whether leaders are somehow better than managers, or if managers are better than leaders. But to make employees great, to truly leverage employee performance and engagement, you actually need the correct balance of both the external forces of management and the internal forces of leadership.

In one of our recent studies, we matched the data from the employee engagement surveys and performance appraisals in 207 organizations. To the best of our knowledge, we're the first ones to do this, and one thing we were looking for were anomalous conditions; the unexpected. And from the magnitude of the media storm created by our study release (everyone from NPR to Rush Limbaugh picked it up), boy did we find it. In a nutshell, our study showed that:

* In 42% of the organizations studied, employees receiving "low performer" performance-appraisal ratings scored higher than "high performers" on the engagement survey questions: "I am motivated to give 100% effort at work" and "I recommend this organization as a great place to work."

In other words, there are a lot of low performers reporting to be more motivated than their high performing peers, and who claim to be enjoying their work more than their high performing peers.


These findings represent a big problem, but is it a management issue or a leadership issue? The answer is, it's both. Leadership IQ researchers were able to identify some of the reasons why so many great employees feel so demotivated at work. And two of the big factors responsible are:

* Dissatisfaction with employee performance recognition and reward, and

* Feeling little to no personal control over career trajectory.

Now, management is extrinsic; it's all about observing the behavioral actions employees take and motivating with external punishment and rewards that incent employees to higher performance. Leadership, on the other hand, focuses on the intrinsic. It's not about giving employees a reward for doing a good thing, or a punishment for a bad thing. But rather, leadership is about getting employees to want to do that good thing; to want to take control of their own careers and their own futures by creating greatness for the organization and for themselves.


Creating a Hundred-Percenter workplace requires a delicate balance of leveraging the formal authority and power of management while challenging your people in psychologically smart ways to help them realize their full potential and to take control of their own futures within the organization. This will be the focus of our upcoming live webinar: Are You a Manager or a Leader? We'll start by debunking a lot of the traditional management and leadership measures many organizations still use, and then learn some great new tools like the 3-ways that 100% Leaders challenge their employees to achieve more without burning them out, and some rules for soliciting feedback from employees, and listening to that feedback, in a way that supercharges both your management and leadership skills.

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Saturday, September 6, 2014

Alpha Male Characteristics

Alpha Male Characteristics

These penury include:

Arrogant of MenPreselected by women (use of pivots, jealousy plotlines)Protector of loved ones (family and friends=tribal leader)Incite takerDemonstrate the promptness to relocation awayAbility to emoteEmotional wiring is satisfactory, fires practically

Future substance to trouble as an alpha male are:

be proactive, not imprudent. Accordingly if you are rejected by a woman, don't stand for the 'her seeping away way of thinking. That's just sour grapes so don't do it.assertion no chance of the outcomeAdd attribute to the groupbring exhilarating conversation. Be winning, convivial, agreeable, happy. As if following you turn prohibited from the set, they are not here in the cold.Be a contributor, not faulty to get what backDon't be an emotional bloodsucker or an creature scrounger. Don't run away the go fast of the set.make partaker feel good about themselfIntroduce people to one sundry

New Theory About Why Im Sensitive To Criticism Body Sensitivity The Discard Program

New Theory About Why Im Sensitive To Criticism Body Sensitivity The Discard Program
So, everyone who knows me knows that I am extremely sensitive to hearing certain types of bad things about myself.

Indeed, recently, I showed myself to be extremely affected when someone important to me said I was stalled in life, probably not realizing how sick I am.

Our couples therapist always asks me to look back into my childhood to see why this might be. Honestly, I don't see much there to explain it. I wasn't particularly scolded; no one told me I was bad. There was some tension and people weren't especially happy, but there's no clear-cut reason why it should bother me so much.

- - -

I want to offer an alternate explanation for why I am sensitive to being told I'm in the wrong.

I am extremely body-sensitive and always have been. This means being sensitive not only to fabrics, clothing, noises, being touched, etc. but also being sensitive to emotional changes and how various things in the environment affect my emotions, and there might be common reasons for both of these types of sensitivity, and my body might not differentiate between "emotional" (hormonal/neurotransmitter) sensitivity and sensitivity to sensory stimuli.

Perhaps, as a sensitive person, I am more able to sense the negative impacts of messages that trigger the "discard program" described in the post below.

Hypothesized "discard program": In contrast to simple evolutionary fitness in the sense of genes, an epigenetic program that is triggered to greater or lesser degree when an individual is too unhealthy or too un-valued by the group, that drives the individual into taking fewer resources, not trying anymore (not causing unnecessary fighting if the game has already been decided), depression, poor immune health, truncal fat, arteriosclerosis, poor response to stress, degenerative disease, mental illness, or even hearing voices or suicidality.

It really is harsh to say to people that they are doing things wrong. It's especially harsh to tell people that they are:

-trying to get out of work

-not working due to hypochondria or delusion or lack of confidence,

because working and being self-supporting are some of this society's golden cows, rules that if unfollowed make you a social reject.

Feeling like a social reject is probably bad for one's body and immune system. My theory is that I feel the body changes that these messages initiate, and thus, the messages bother me a lot and I try very hard to neutralize them, to keep them from hurting my body.

An additional thought: Maybe people who are a bit unhealthy to start seem to have more sensitive egos, precisely because criticism toward them is more likely to have a "discard program" effect on them than on healthy people.

If your body is already unhealthy, and then you start getting messages that say you are an unfit and unappreciated member of society, those messages might combine with the initial state of poor health to have a negative effect on your health, whereas in a healthy person the

That is, the physical effects of negative messages about oneself might be conditional on one's health state, with the messages having more negative effect if one is already unhealthy.

From the outside, it simply looks like the people who claim to be chronically ill have sensitive egos and can't take criticism, so they might seem to be simply emotionally weak and not physically weak at all, so they end up getting even more "discard program"-initiating messages, such as "You're exaggerating your sickness or you aren't sick at all; you just have mental problems."

Perhaps part of the reason that mental illness continues to have such great stigma (in addition to the obvious reasons) is that mental illness could be a marker for a person in which the purported genetic "discard program" has been initiated.

Indeed, I recall that one of my first posts on this blog was about the apparent shame of low self-esteem.

Why should it be shameful to have low self-esteem? Why isn't it value-neutral like... not having a dog?

But it seems like such a shameful thing to admit! Perhaps that's because admitting low self-esteem says, "Something has gone wrong with me and my 'discard program' has started to activate, giving me low self-esteem. Steer clear of me!"

Perhaps this is why self-esteem is one of the most attractive things in a person you're looking to date. It's not just that we enjoy being around people with high self-esteem; it's that self-esteem signals health. It's one of the first things to go when health goes downhill, and it's also a sign that some part of the putative "discard program" is in action.

In "Listening to Prozac", Peter Kramer tells the story of how a young woman who started Prozac suddenly started getting asked out on a lot of dates. He likened it to a personality make-over that made her personality more attractive. But in the paradigm above, you could see it as Prozac interfering with the brain/behavior side of the "discard program", causing the woman falsely to seem like someone in whom it had not been activated.

Our society is interesting, because so much of how people look is not based on their health but instead on make-up, hair, clothes, plastic surgery, etc.

"What Not to Wear" could be seen as taking people who look like their "discard programs" are in action and remaking them into people who seem healthy. It's a testament to how much we make ourselves up in this society (with clothes, hair, make-up) that people can look so much more valuable. But I wonder how well the people keep up with their new programs.

Is there something about being unhealthy that keeps a person from wanting to dress up, that makes it feel somehow wrong to try to look nice, even if energy is not a limiting factor?

What about cases where a disease is seen as popular and as increasing a person's social status, such as tuberculosis in the 19th century? Could this create the odd situation of some messages saying "discard" even while social messages say "cool person"? What would the body do then?

How is the experience of illness different for people whose illnesses are culturally respected versus disapproved? This is an interesting question to me, given that my illness happens to be contested and not particularly respected.

- - -

It's funny, but I realized just when I was writing the sentence above that all along, I have been thinking of people with respected illnesses and contested illnesses as different kinds of people.

I have seen the former (characteristic example: cancer patients) as respectable people who have done nothing wrong, who battle with strength against a formidable opponent, who are greatly missed if they pass away, and who have a lot to offer society from their reflections and experiences.

In contrast, I have seen contested illness patients as sniveling little self-obsessed ninnies (sorry, y'all, it's my subconscious here! I apologize for its behavior!). They are just "too sensitive" to handle life so they have to make up some stupid reason not to have to do the work of living like the rest of us.

Wayward subconscious still speaking: Contested illness patients obsess about the tiniest little things in their health. They're all convinced that they have all the same problems: "heavy metals," gut permeability,... they all think they're gluten-intolerant. How could all of them have the same problems?

Wayward subconscious cont. They drain societal resources, make problems for the unfortunate doctors who have to deal with them, and they create a lot of problems by "advocating" for themselves. They should just shut up and get jobs; nothing is wrong with them.

Wow. If I think all of that about contested illness patients, and I have a contested illness myself, then the negative societal messages about contested illness patients must be very strong.

I might like to do a project where I go around identifying and exposing these negative images; and where I discuss the harm these ideas can have (as discussed in a former post about the unintended consequences of doctors who say that contested illness patients aren't sick.)

But here is the interesting thing: There might be very little difference in the bodies of the people with the different types of illness. We could be putting all this meaning on it ourselves as a society.

- - -

Another clue: caring about one's health is really unpopular.

You get social status for caring about your car, house, clothes, dog, hobbies, education, music, and hair; but NOT your health.

Caring about your health tends to make you unpopular in this society.

-going gluten-free

-trying to go to bed early

-avoiding alcohol

-being picky about what you eat, wanting to eat only healthy food

It's COOL to care about your figure, build and looks and to exercise for those reasons, but NOT COOL to be overly concerned with "internal" body health.

This is changing some, since eating healthfully and exercising are becoming the thing to do, but I'm thinking on more of a long-term scale: caring much about one's health or what one eats marks one as an unhealthy, unfit person.

- - -