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Feminine Tattoos

Feminine Tattoos
SELECTING THE BEST BUTTERFLY FAIRY TATTOO DESIGNS FOR FEMININE TATTOOS"By Mitchel Sturat"At some point and time, it was taboo for a woman to get a tattoo. Then it happened that the tattoos they have as much as men. Most women get something that is feminine as a butterfly fairy. It is the combination of a butterfly and a fairy.These are indeed beautiful tattoos when they are well done. You can get the different colors and sizes. By doing this type of this type of tattoo, women are able to maintain this feminine and also add a little more sexy than him. Indeed, if a woman has a tattoo that is both sexy and beautiful, it can add to his sex appeal. It can also bring confidence to a woman. There are many women who never had a tattoo in May, and once they receive, they decide to take another.Because you can choose the size of the tattoo, you may have placed everywhere. Maybe you just want a little fairy butterfly on your ankle or perhaps you would like one a little larger and set your lower back or your chest if you want to show off on occasion. You can always start with a small feminine tattoo that you keep adding flowers, butterflies and fairies, so that it can become the biggest tattoo that you want in the years to come.A butterfly fairy tattoo gives you the opportunity to show your sexy and femininity. May it take some courage if she is the first you've ever been, but once you have, you will love it. Remember, a tattoo is a part of your body.They can not be removed, so it is important to ensure that you get one you can live with forever. Picking the ideal design for you and what you want to express in your tattoo is essential if you'll be pleased with him for the rest of your life. A butterfly fairy tattoo gives you the opportunity to show the world who you are. Show off your playful and fun, while showing the world how sexy you are too.Enjoy your tattoo and let the world know that you are proud of having. You never know, once you get fairy butterfly tattoo, May you want to get a picture corresponding to another location on your body. This is the fun of this kind of tattoo design, as you can keep adding other creative without limits. Technorati : feminine, feminine tattoo, feminine tattoos Del.icio.us : feminine, feminine tattoo, feminine tattoos Zooomr : feminine, feminine tattoo, feminine tattoos Flickr : feminine, feminine tattoo, feminine tattoos

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Alpha Move Kick Someone Ass Who Deserves It

Alpha Move Kick Someone Ass Who Deserves It
This post is in response to a comment over at Emily Nagoski's Sex Nerd blog. Emily is an outstanding sex researcher who is also an avowed feminist, but she tends to be more reasonable than most academic feminists because she actually studies sexual behavior and response. The issue she raised (and then proceeded to seethe loudly about) was the problem of Islamic immigrant men sexually harassing European women. While I agree that it is a problem that needs to be addressed, I also suggested that Emily's solution -- shaming and imprisonment -- would neither correct their behavior or improve their respect for women. Quite the opposite. But a good ass-kicking would probably get right to the root of the problem and provide a corrective action plan. When asked to elaborate by a commentor, I did, and here it is (slightly expanded): The pragmatic problem is that the men are disrespecting the women in a rude, vulgar, and dangerous way. Not their sexist attitudes, or their lack of empathy, the problem is the behavior. Feminism rests in part on the premise that we live in a well-structured enough culture and society that civil discourse and compelling arguments, in the form of laws, regulation, and cultural institutions, are sufficient to compel behavior. That's a syncretic perspective that grew out of the Enlightenment, Humanism, and indirectly from the Industrial Revolution: the rule of law that regulates our behavior applies equally and impartially to all adult human beings in the society. But it also favors a more feminine strategy of compromise and negotiation, relying on an intact and functioning cultural architecture to provide incentives and disincentives to regulate behavior. For most issues, that's plenty. But for truly criminal issues, or even issues of culturally relevant anti-social behavior in which the miscreant has knowingly violated the social and cultural mores, they have already voluntarily removed themselves from that matrix. If they are not invested in the cultural matrix, then shaming has no power (and Emily's observation of their secretive behavior demonstrate that they know that their behavior is indeed unacceptable...to their own people.) and imprisonment will do little to alter their future behavior. For these men a class about respecting women isn't going to do jack. Absent their own compelling cultural matrix, they're in a strange place where the women act (from a cultural perspective) like "loose" women, and there is little consequence for their behavior. Add in high testosterone levels and a sexually repressive agricultural culture, and it's not surprising to see them pushing the limits of propriety. Shaming and imprisonment don't alter the behavior, they just increase the challenge -- and potential l rewards for success in terms of status.But a masculine solution -- an informal, good ol' fashioned ass-kicking -- has a multitude of benefits. Firstly, it leaves a lasting impression. Every man remembers getting his ass kicked (and the circumstances surrounding it) for the rest of his life. Secondly, it tells them in purely masculine terms that their behavior is unacceptable and will not be tolerated. It's not some boring class taught by a government-paid social worker where they will challenge each other to see how much they can ignore it, it's a direct confrontation of their masculinity by other masculine forces. Thirdly, there's far less paperwork and a much more immediate result.I see it as a failing of feminism not to take into account the nature of masculinity in its attempts to restructure society. Just as gossip works as a subtle social control in a group -- a channel favored by women -- controlled instances of applied violence are used by men as a subtle social control. The problem is that feminism equates all violence with anti-social, anti-female behavior and doesn't appreciate the very pragmatic reality known among Men's Mysteries the world over: the only way to handle testosterone is with an even greater application of testosterone. Not with shaming. Not with imprisonment. But with the simple masculine elegance of an ass-kicking.Feminism exists as a result of the Industrial Revolution (and birth control pills). It does not and cannot exist in an Agricultural society, not as a full-fledged ideology, because the agricultural economy does not favor the conditions that allow women to earn their own income and raise children independently of men -- two fundamental requirements of the feminist movement. Feminism is a product of urbanized industrial civilization, and these immigrants are products of a rural agricultural culture. This kind of cultural clash is inevitable. This kind of sexual harassment is also inevitable until the immigrants sufficiently acculturate to invest in the European urban culture. And this kind of rough behavior from over-grown boys who think they can get away with it needs to be addressed by men in the traditional rural agricultural manner: an ass kicking.Urban culture frowns on casual violence and well it should. Technology and eroded culture institutions have made it possible for one pissed-off teen to do a lot of damage in our society, and we rightly discourage that kind of behavior.But in doing so, we also keep the informal social control of a good ass-kicking from happening as often as it should. As men, we know plenty of guys who have used that to their advantage, relying on the lack of informal or formal consequences to permit gross social and legal violations. There isn't a man out there who doesn't know someone who would positively benefit from a well-applied ass kicking. indeed, the number of assholes and douchebags would decline significantly (or at least their offences would become less heinous) if there were more asskickings.Because the fact of the matter is that when we, as men, allowed women (and feminism in particular) to dictate to us what we could and couldn't do in terms of our own masculinity, they opened the door to douchebaggery and assholishness on an epic scale. If the behavior of men is egregious to women, then there are traditional masculine responses that could be employed outside of state sanctioned violence or imprisonment, but feminism ignores them because they "encourage all violence" and according to some all violence leads to violence against women, by some crazy calculus I don't understand.Violence is a masculine art. Not that it can't credibly be practiced by women, but violence is an aberration of feminine culture. While in a civilized society it is assumed that the state has a monopoly on violence, the pragmatic fact is that our codes of laws are great for establishing absolute standards of adult behavior -- but in terms of boys growing into young men they are insufficient on their own to achieve this without the additional input from men in their family and community. And part of that maturing process is learning how to both take an ass-kicking and appreciating the larger spiritual purpose of an ass-kicking. Lectures don't shame a man into changing his behavior, but getting his ass kicked in front of his friends does the job quickly and efficiently.When feminism destroyed the patriarchy it also destroyed the role of the father or other masculine role-model in this process. In encouraging disrespect towards all masculinity, it eroded the vitally important social control mechanism that men have developed to build good men for the last 100,000 years. In seeking to legitimately protect the innocent from domestic violence, it unleashed the forces of the Puerarchy it finds so distasteful. And shaming and imprisonment just don't work to build better men. It just builds Betas and criminals. Once good men became afraid of the legal consequences of delivering an ass-kicking (and by this I mean a very controlled level of violence very carefully applied) then they stopped, except in extreme circumstances. It's still a terrible risk.But there may well come a time when you, as a man, are presented with an opportunity to consider kicking someone's ass who righteously deserves it. You may fear your own ass getting kicked in return, of course -- there is always a risk to this. But as a Red Pill man understand that you have a responsibility in your community (and to men at large) to help moderate the behavior of your friends and fellow men. And sometimes it's worth risking getting your ass kicked or even arrest to make an important point to a persistent douchebag.And then that gets into the issue of just what a "good man" is. Emily has her idea of what it is. Next time, we'll discuss mine.

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Nlp Training Yorkshire

Nlp Training Yorkshire
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Good Example Of An Online Dating Profile

Good Example Of An Online Dating Profile
Today we have the information to tell you about Good Example Of An Online Dating Profile. Dont miss if youre looking for information about "Good Example Of An Online Dating Profile". We have extra information about a particular GOOD EXAMPLE OF AN ONLINE DATING PROFILE to tell you. Opportunities like this are not common. We hope that the information we have this will benefit you a lot. Hopefully you will not miss this opportunity and free.... [Read more]


Dating Advice For Men

There are a lot of other success factors as well. There are techniques on how to speak with the right tonality... how to touch her that allows her to feel comfortable and doesnt turn off any of her weird alert switches... specific NLP triggers that you can use to connect and make sure shes totally in your zone....

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After Marriage Nature Of The Beast

Get back with your ex

A failed marriage can be a hard thing to deal with. You spend all that time getting to know someone, trusting someone, only for it to fall flat on the ground. But that is the nature of the beast, taking risks and trying to find that certain someone.

Like most things in life, finding your soul mate is trial and error. Nobody knows everything about everybody, that is why we get to know people so we can better understand them. But people change over time and the person you fell in love with may not be the same person today.

That is why most marriages end in divorce, because we never truly understand someone and it is always a gamble. But do not let that dissuade you. There is still life after marriage. And you will probably end up dating again.

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As traumatic and heart breaking as it is, it really is just like riding a bike. It hurts when you fall off but you need to just pick yourself back up and get back on the dating train. Just because your previous marriage failed does not mean you wont find someone else who might be more compatible with you.

The problems you face after marriage is that you are left hurting. You opened yourself up to someone, you made yourself vulnerable and it came around to bite you in the butt. Why subject yourself to that again? Because nobody wants to be alone, we all want someone we can confide in and trust.

So while it may be difficult you should never give up. That does not mean you should walk the same path, though. There are probably reasons why your marriage failed and you would not want to repeat those same mistakes.

The thing you have to keep in mind is that we learn from failure. After you take the time to heal your wounds and move on with your life, you may find yourself in a position where you are able to look back and reflect on your marriage.

Try to find out what went wrong. Were you blinded by love and ignored the warning signs that they weren't your ideal spouse? Did you cause the problems and they simply could not handle it? Did you force yourself to be with someone who didn't deserve you simply because of peer pressure or because you were afraid of being alone?

These are all questions you should ask yourself. When you find out where everything went wrong, make sure you avoid repeating those mistakes. Make sure you find someone you are compatible with. While people do change, they only change on the outside.

The heart of a person never changed so you can get a glimpse of the future by taking note of their true nature. They may seem nice now but there are always warning signs. Just make sure you learn from your mistakes and keep trying, there are seven billion people on this planet, your special someone is out there somewhere. You just have to keep looking until you find them.

6 tips to help your ex to fall back in love with you

How to get Your Wife Back After a Breakup or Divorce

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Can Internet Dating Sites Carve Out The Niche For Us

Can Internet Dating Sites Carve Out The Niche For Us
If you are an ardent web browser, you will realize that every year, there is a rise in the number of Internet dating sites and the percentage of users to these sites progress with their creation.

The creation of online dating sites is not what matters. What is questionable is if they can generate more traffic to themselves by providing what they claim to be capable of doing.

You could save time if you use internet dating sites as your principal source for dating

This should be an eye opener for those who cannot carve out some time out of their busy schedules. It is important to note that most singles are more concerned with making it in life in terms of material or academic pursuits. It is equally important that you will need the consortium of a man or a woman to realize some of those aspirations. If you find the time at your disposal limited for these activities, it is rational to say there will be no time to make possible conventional dating. It is therefore imperative to look up to Internet dating sites for the consortium you may be looking for. Using Internet dating sites means you have the comfort of taking a date with someone out of the distress of their homes or job sides. Just think of how long you may be involved in singling out a person and dedicating your time to that person only to be thrown away at the last minute.

Do you value your money when dating?

If yes, make use of Internet dating sites. Have you ever committed to memory all that it entails moving from one scene to the other just looking for someone waiting for you? What of the cost of any subsequent outings? All these costs will be negligible if you eventually achieve your aim of finding your date in that person. What is very frustrating is if the potential date declines to your request. Finding a date through Internet dating sites purges this stress. All you need to do is sign up freely or at a very minimal cost through Internet dating sites. The rest of the exertion will be done by your composure to the potential date. Also remember that good Internet dating sites will provide periods for free trial. So if you have to pay, you will be paying for what you actually want.

Perfecting your proficiency

Internet dating sites are being recommended to lots of beginners in the dating scene. It is not from every opportunity that you must spring up with a partner. Be rest assured that without finding that someone, your everyday interactions with others help bring out and sharpen your talents for the future. Practice makes perfect.

So, ready to go dating on an internet dating site? If you are, do not hesitate anymore. Sitting around and doing nothing will not get you anywhere. Start joining an internet dating site now and look for your love of your life. Who knows that you may one day find your true love and lifelong partner online. So don't just sit there and start joining one now.

Do you want to keep away from the repulsive spending in the form of time and expenses involved in traveling to singles spots, paying admission tickets and amusing yourself? Use Internet Dating Sites which is more cost-effective in the long run in finding your partner.

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Review The Statistical Probability Of Love At First Sight By Jennifer E Smith

Review The Statistical Probability Of Love At First Sight By Jennifer E Smith
Publisher: Headline

Format: Hardcover

Released: January 5th, 2012

Rating: 9/10

Amazon summary:

Today should be one of the worst days of seventeen-year-old Hadley Sullivan's life. She's stuck at JFK, late to her father's second wedding, which is taking place in London and involves a soon to be step-mother that Hadley's never even met. Then she meets the perfect boy in the airport's cramped waiting area. His name is Oliver, he's British, and he's in seat 18B. Hadley's in 18A. Twists of fate and quirks of timing play out in this thoughtful novel about family connections, second chances and first loves. Set over a 24-hour-period, Hadley and Oliver's story will make you believe that true love finds you when you're least expecting it.


The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight, or Statistical as I will now refer to it, is one of those books that makes me sigh every time I think about it. It's contemporary YA fiction at its best, and kept me up reading late into the night. Once I started it I couldn't put it down, and I was willing to forego sleep to find out what happened to Hadley and Oliver. That's how much I love these people: they feel like friends now, and I want more. Whether I'm going to get it, I don't know, but I'm not above grovelling. Jennifer E. Smith, are you listening?!

Everything starts at an airport, where Hadley is running slightly late. She had to go back for her book, gave herself a papercut and ran into traffic on the way to the airport. She misses her flight, a flight that will get her to her father's wedding in England, and has to wait for the next one, where she's assigned seat 18A. It's because of those few lost minutes that she meets Oliver, a boy booked on the same London-bound flight, and the holder of ticket 18B. What follows is a lovely, lovely day of getting to know each other, which quickly moves into a drama-filled day of stress and emotion. I won't say why, and instead I'll just let you read it and peel away the story layer by layer. It's so worth it.

When I first heard about this book, I thought it would be a cheesy, unbelievable story about two people who meet, lock eyes and vow to spend eternity together. However, that isn't the case. I believed in every word Hadley and Oliver shared and, when their eyes inevitably locked, I felt it. I also wanted to climb into my book and steal Oliver away for myself, but we can't have everything, can we? Seriously though, if I could manifest my perfect boy, it would be him. I imagine him to be a mix of Ed Westwick (Chuck, Gossip Girl) and Darren Criss (Blaine, Glee), AKA. Swoony and Swoonier. In my mind he has Ed's Britishness and Darren's beautiful hair. *sigh* If any movie casting people are reading this, please see to it that these two audition. Thanks. ;)

Anyway, back to reality. Hadley and Oliver have chemistry, and I'm talking instant chemistry. If they sat next to a bunsen burner, it would flare and light up the room in a second. They're the best contemporary characters I've encountered in a long while, which leads me to my only complaint: I wanted more of them. Hundreds of pages more. The page count is fairly short, but wow could I have read on. As soon as I turned the final page, I wanted to flip back to the beginning and start all over again.

Statistical is like an old-school romance in a contemporary setting: think chance meetings, lingering looks and endless possibilities that all take place within a whirlwind 24-hours. It's the perfect example of how everything happens for a reason, and that even the most irritating displays of self-inflicted tardiness can lead to something way beyond what you imagined. Jennifer E. Smith will make even the hardest of hearts believe in love at first sight, and I think this book will cement her place in the YA contemp world. Readers will fall in love with her story and characters, and I'm sure she'll soon be inundated with requests for a sequel. I'll tell you right now: I will be first in line!

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Class Of 2015 Part 10

Class Of 2015 Part 10
Bolton BrakenhoffHometown: Litchfield, ILHigh School: Litchfield Purple PanthersPosition: DLAwards: All-Conference, Team Defensive Player of the Year, Wrestling State QualifierMajor: Pre-Physical TherapyCoach Mingo, "Bolton will be a great addition to our defensive line. He is a physical kid who plays the game with a high motor. We expect Bolton to be a leader early on in his career due to his high character and work ethic."Riley O'ReganHometown: Woodinville, WAHigh School: Cedar Park Christian EaglesPosition: WRAwards: Two Year Captain, 2009 2nd Team All-League, 2010 1st Team All-LeagueMajor: PsychologyCoach Rode, "Riley is a talented receiver that will bring a lot of athleticism to the wide receiver position. We are very excited that he will be a part of the EMAP brotherhood this fall. Riley has exceptional leadership potential and will prove to truly be a man that has a huge impact on this team, school and community."Jimmy San MiguelHometown: Fullerton, CAHigh School: Sunny Hills LancersPosition: OLAwards: 1st Team All-League, Team MVP, Team MIP, Coaches Award, Miles Christensen AwardMajor: Business ManagementCoach Schomaker, "Jimmy is a highly recruited player who we are excited to have landed. It came down to a couple of schools and I believe Jimmy made the best decision of his life. As a team caption in high school Jimmy took the leadership role. We will expect him to continue in the role here at Greenville. We are looking for leaders even as freshman. Jimmy will be a big time asset to this team both on and off the field."Kurt FaulkenbergHometown: Monrovia, INHigh School: Monrovia BulldogsPosition: DLAwards: 2010 Indiana Football Coaches Association Senior All-State Selection, All-Conference, Team Captain, 2A State Runner-Up 2009Major: Business ManagementCoach Rode, "Kurt comes from a successful high school program. He is a young man with outstanding character and leadership potential. We are very excited that he has chosen to be a part of EMAP Nation for the next four years. His leadership skills and athleticism will have a huge impact on this team and school."Aaron DraperHometown: Bethalto, ILHigh School: Civic Memorial EaglesPosition: OLMajor: Criminal JusticeCoach Gaylord, "Not having played football in high school should not hinder Aaron from having a great experience here at Greenville. I am excited to have Aaron as a part of our program. He will bring a great attitude and no bad habits to the offensive line. Coach Mingo will prove his coaching chops as he helps Aaron close his potential performance gap."

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