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Editor P And Q With Sarah Stubbs Harlequin Historical

Editor P And Q With Sarah Stubbs Harlequin Historical
SARAH STUBBS, EDITOR, HARLEQUIN HISTORICALWHAT MOST DISTINGUISHES YOUR FROM THE OTHER LINES (ESPECIALLY LINES THAT MAY BE SIMILAR TO YOURS)?Our line is sexy, challenging, diverse and vibrant. We publish across all time periods, including Regency, Medieval, Viking, even Tang Dynasty China! We have a diverse range of sexy heroes and dynamic, original heroines. We like to push the boundaries. We're not afraid to tackle big themes, and we're always looking for original ideas to keep the line fresh. And we are utterly dedicated to our author base. We offer lots of encouragement to our authors to bring out the full potential of their work. We understand that the power of historical romance lies in the strength of your characters, your central relationship and in creating those timeless emotions These people lived hundreds of years ago, but the feelings and emotions they experience are as powerful as those of people today.WHAT IS YOUR BIGGEST SUBMISSION PET PEEVE?My primary interest in a new submission is your writing voice. I don't want your photo, or your life story, or to hear how amazing you are I want a brief synopsis, and three chapters of awesome writing!IF YOUR LINE WAS A TV SERIES, WHICH ONE WOULD IT BE?Our line is too diverse to be limited to one TV series! We have something for everyone - the sparkling wit of the BBC's Pride and Prejudice, the heart-warming emotion of Cranford, the sexiness and power politics of The Tudors, the strong determined women of The White Queen, the rugged alpha males with heart of Spartacus What's your favourite part of being an editor?Getting to read a lot! And the thrill of discovering a new voice. WHAT DOES YOUR TYPICAL DAY LOOK LIKE?There isn't really a typical day (!) but my days often involve a bit of the following, fuelled by endless cups of tea: reading manuscripts on the train to work, checking emails and answering queries, giving feedback on submissions, writing blurbs, thinking up title ideas, art briefing, brainstorming meetings, line-edits, copy-edit deflags, and general admin And there are occasionally a few perks, like taking an author for a lavish lunch or attending a fancy RNA party. WHAT'S THE MOST RECENT BOOK YOU'VE READ FOR PLEASURE?Geek alert: I'm reading the Game of Thrones series, on the fifth book. It's so much more than typical fantasy - the author was inspired by real history (particularly the War of the Roses) and weaves in echoes of real-life historical events with a true understanding of the way history works. His biggest strength is his characterisation: each chapter reads from one person's point of view so that the huge, epic events of his invented history are filtered through the eyes of his flawed individuals and their lives and loves. Strong characters, strong storyline, strong emotion perhaps not so different to historical romance! Why did you become an editor?I absolutely love to read, it's my favourite thing to do, and to actually get paid to do it all the time is a dream come true! DO YOU HAVE ANY HOBBIES?Reading in bed. Reading in the bath. And, er Reading. What type of character/plot are you DYING to see?My fellow editor Kathryn Cheshire and I are longing for a sumptuous Borgia plot, after becoming hooked on the TV series. I recently acquired an Undone story about a sexy Roman gladiator, and being a classics nerd would love to see more stories set in Ancient Rome or Ancient Greece. I read the Great Gatsby recently, and adored the film version - would be thrilled to see more Jazz Age flappers! But I have a soft spot for our perennially popular Regency books, and love to see how writers spice them up and offer a new twist! I love strong heroines - so any stories where a girl challenges the conventions of her time and carves out her own path hit the spot for me. And I want strong heroes that challenge them - and ultimately deserve them. I like to see a real strong dynamic between a couple, a real sense of spark and plenty of witty banter and feistiness! Attached Images

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The Road To Success Paved With Failure

The Road To Success Paved With Failure
"by Terry Selucky"

Imagine you've dedicated 15 years to a company -- working your way up days, nights, weekends -- then you're passed up for a promotion. What's your next step?

Or what if, after landing a dream job, you are demoted within a year? Do you resign, or do you work through it, doing your best to find the next rung on the ladder?

In the first case, if you're Vera Wang, you switch gears and leverage your network to shape a new career. After being passed up for the editor-in-chief position at Vogue, Ms. Wang is now one of the most successful designers and entrepreneurs in fashion.

And if you're Oprah Winfrey and get moved from co-anchor of the evening news to making local announcements in the morning, you make the most of your new situation. You meet your best friend (in her case, Gayle King). You do your job well. You use your new skills to land a job as a morning talk show host. Then you become one of the richest women in the world.

Failing never feels good in the moment. Especially if you're a natural overachiever and perfectionist, accustomed to winning, you may think it impossible to bounce back after things don't go as you'd have hoped. Yet experts point out several benefits to failure, plus tips on how to pull yourself up and focus after a professional disappointment.


In Psychology Today, Dr. Nigel Barber points out the advantages of knowing how to fail. He writes, "An untested employee is like an untried soldier", remarking that people who fail repeatedly develop valuable persistence. Thomas Edison is said to have failed a thousand times before creating the incandescent light bulb. Similarly, Steve Jobs released a horde of defunct Apple products such as the overpriced Power Mac g4 Cube and the buggy new MobileMe. Yet few people remember the failures while they're zooming through Apps on their iPads. "With success", as Dr. Barber writes, "people keep on doing the same thing. When they fail, they are forced to adapt and change [Failure] rewires the brain and gets the creative juices flowing."


Of course, it takes training to transform the unexpected (and sometimes, humiliating) experience of failing into an "aha". Confronted by the world, we interpret events not only by facts and senses, but also through environment and memory. Therefore, what we believe about the events in our lives certainly affects our realities.

Psychology professor and researcher, Dr. Carol Dweck, has spent years studying how personal beliefs affect our ability to learn from failure. She compared two groups of people -- one with "entity" mindsets, who believe intelligence is fixed and based on a natural ability, against a group who prescribe to a "growth" mindset, who believe success is based on hard work and training. Dr. Dweck found that those who prescribe to an entity mindset are more likely to attribute failure to a personal shortcoming that cannot be remedied, leaving little or no room for improvement. Growth-mindset individuals have a more adaptive response. They learn from their mistakes, finding new and better solutions to problems. This is beneficial evolutionarily and in personal success.


Keeping a positive outlook, especially after a career misstep, may be easier said than done. Ekaterina Walter, marketer, speaker on leadership and contributor to Forbes, believes that our definitions of failure are shaped by three things: passion, purpose and attitude. These are the rudders to keep you going in the right direction, no matter what. With the fuel of passion and fearlessness that can come with true purpose, we create the kind of unstoppable attitude that will get you to your goal.

The most successful people in the world only got there through failing. Michael Jordan famously remarked: "I have missed more than 9,000 shots in my entire career. I have lost almost 300 games. On 26 occasions I have been entrusted to take the game-winning shot, and I missed. I have failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed."

Next time you have trepidation about a project, and the looming fear of failure rears its head, invite it in. Don't seek to fail, but instead seek to do your best, learn from every project, and if you fall, get back up. Your road to success will become clearer not despite your failures, but because of them.


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Brenda Hoffmans Youre Evolving Into Infant And Parent

Brenda Hoffmans Youre Evolving Into Infant And Parent

"Channeled by Brenda Hoffman for" Summary of Brenda's November 3, 2013 free, 15-minute, channeled "Creation Energies" show at You're creating your own parent/child being so you are able to nurture yourself, as well as express childlike joy and love. "The title of last week's "Brenda's Blog" - her free, weekly, channeled blog for Let's Remove Global Inner-Power Fear" "Brenda's "Creation Energies" show and "Brenda's Blog" contain different channeled information." Dear Ones, Please take a moment to process your feelings about living from your heart. Do you believe it is possible? Listen to your inner-being and it will give you the answer - yes or no. If your response is yes, you merely need to voice your intent to live from your heart to yourself. If your answer is no, please read on. Loving from your heart does not mean loving all but that dastardly person who wronged you. Nor does it mean you must openly love all. Many of you worried about opening your heart to yourself, and therefore all, are concerned you will be abused once again for doing so. As a child, most of you awoke in the morning fully expecting to find loving people and experiences. You walked into the street without supervision, jumped off high playground slides and raced madly about on your tricycle. For you loved and were loved. You braved the odds without a thought of the consequences. Eventually, adults and older siblings trained you to be careful, to be wary, to not take chances. Security and safety were drummed into your head. You knew someone out there was waiting to harm you. Some of you also felt that emotional, spiritual or physical fear within your family which encouraged you to broaden your safety net to all but yourself. Given that your parents, society and the media continued the drumbeat of fear and the need to be ever alert to those "bad people" out there, somewhere, you started doubting your ability to discern bad from the misguided or fearful - including yourself. Who could you trust? Certainly not yourself if you were not able to quickly distinguish between those who could harm you and those who merely wanted to be with you or love you. This was particularly true if you were afraid of your family members. You could not trust society - the bogeyman was out there waiting to take what you had or to harm you. You could not trust your family for they were continually informing you of your wrongness, "Don't touch that. Don't break that. Be a good girl. Be nice." and all other phrases drummed into your being that told you over and over that you could not trust yourself to know what was right for you. That you could not be lovable if you were wrong so often. Many of you feel your family and society were loving. That you live from your heart easily. That is well and good. But we venture to guess that even your heart has a caution sign about it alerting you to danger. Meaning you have placed layers of fear around even the most loving family history. In the Old Age, you were taught to live a life compatible with your world of fear. You no longer need to maintain the layers of fear in your heart - whether created by you, your family or society. Does such a thought not seem far-fetched? Perhaps you could be loving towards this person or experience, but certainly must remain cautious around that person or experience. Not that you need to welcome a stranger into your home to prove you have nothing to fear. Merely that even those of you who feel loving continue to have rings of protection around your heart. Perhaps there is a group of people, entities, political parties, geographic parts of the world, communities, bacteria, illnesses, plants, animals, reptiles or insects you fear. It does not matter how great or small your ring of protection is - it is reducing your ability to love yourself. As an infant, you were overjoyed to watch a snake slither by, or perhaps to eat a spider or you did not care about the color or culture of your playmate. All were loving, learning experiences. All were interesting and some people and things were more interesting. That interest was whittled away until your new interests and thoughts were processed though family/society filters. Filters that did not allow you to love openly and quickly, but rather on the basis of, "Let me test out this new entity, experience or person. If it works or feels good, I will move further into the process. If anything frightens or angers me, I will back away quickly." Your emotions and experiences allow you to explore a bit, but not too much without filters of right and wrong showing their ugly heads. Many of you remember we told you to process your experiences and new earth thoughts through your inner-being. It is now time for you to just experience. In the next few days, you will create a new being that incorporates both parent and child. A parent to nurture you and to create a new set of experience parameters. And a child open to all new experiences. Is this concept frightening for you? Such are the limitations of your love experiences and your love for yourself. If you cannot trust yourself to monitor and nurture yourself, who can you trust? The God out there, somewhere who allows you to feel fearful - or the groups that encourage you to feel pain and fear? Such myths were important in the Old Age when your direction and feelings were created outside yourself. It is time to negate those Old Age thoughts and to once again be the infant who knows that eating a ladybug will produce a new experience - good or bad. Do you have the ability to know right from wrong? Right and wrong were removed from the new earth as of this year. You are infants of the new earth in terms of exploration. At the same time, you are adults knowing what is right or wrong for you - not anyone else - for you. Allow yourself to explore unhindered by your former earth experiences in this life or others. Allow yourself to love yourself - which is only possible once you remove Old Age filters from your heart. Allow yourself to be in innocence - and maturity. An earth being never before experienced. You are both the naive infant - soaking up the nuances of life through every cell every day you are alive - and the mature parent who knows when to rush into an experience and when to pull back. There is nothing truly evil on earth or in the Universes. Merely experiences you wish to explore - good or bad in your current belief patterns. And neutral in Universal terms. Know that you are wise enough to know the difference. You no longer need your society create parameters of rightness and wrongness. You are your own mature monitor. And that which will give you joy is but a decision away. Will you move to those pieces of joy that help you sparkle inside and out - or to those established by your family and society that ensure you live in fear? So be it. Amen. " "If you would like to receive Brenda's free blogs when posted, p"lease click the Subscribe Button on the upper part of her subscribe and blog page and then click the - Subscribe to Brenda's Blog by E-mail - line. Complete your subscription by entering your e-mail address and accepting the e-mail confirmation." "Copyright (c) 2009-2013, Brenda Hoffman. All rights reserved. Feel free to share this content with others, post on your blog, add to your newsletter, etc. But please keep this article's integrity by including the author: Brenda Hoffman & source website link:" The post Brenda Hoffman's You're Evolving into Infant and Parent appeared first on Galactic Connection.

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5 Tips To Flirting With Your Body

5 Tips To Flirting With Your Body
Yes of pour blot talk has its time and its place, but did you come across that give is an even leader strenuous tool to connect with your mate, and you don't even detain to dwell a word! Soul language is a long treasured art form, and has been calculated for centuries. Humans detain this distinctive ability to communicate to each another train non verbal cues, and with these cues, humans have available meaning and load to the world they are communicating with. Soul language is shining example for community of you that aren't quite at the blot talk stage, and is look up for even the shyest girl. Use these start off and simple tips to master the art of speaking to himwith your body. You'll be upset at the outcome.

1. The Bestow Job. No, this isn't what you think it is. Your hands are extensions of you, and speak a lot about you. You can flirt very easily with your hands by touching the rim of your drink, the rub of your top, etc. If you are feeling a bit audacious, use your hands on him in sunny sexy manners. There's the legendary "imaginary fluff on the collar" trick, or you can be a downcast less sheer and scarcely inadvertently brush him gone you take control of the salt. To the same extent your hands call for NOT be appear in are clenching, chatter, wet through, spiel, or whatsoever that signals uneasiness.

2. Spot. You want your behavior to be open to his communication. Feet obsolete on the cradle with your torso towards him. Predilection gap is a great cue that signals attraction and contour, as is crossing and uncrossing your legs and liable your lead.

3. Monkey see, chimp do. Do what he does, it's called mirroring. If he leans his arm on the table, do the exceptionally. If he leans back, do the exceptionally. And don't look too exhibit about it. This sends an unconscious cue to him that you are into him and disturbed.

4. Watch out the substances. Again, too considerably utilization or cage smoking with your mate will not certificate you to clasp your body language moves. As well, you don't want to be too particular on harvest if you are dining out, it isn't very attractive. Typical illustrious and composed and persuade his cues.

5. To end with, if you are trying all of these steps and getting meager amount, abort the authorize. Whichever men just can't be proficient.

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The Pain Of Rejection And Exclusion Can Be Deep Long Lasting

The Pain Of Rejection And Exclusion Can Be Deep Long Lasting
Kipling D. Williams, a Purdue teacher of psychological sciences, studies how send away

hurts persons as much or unfailing first-class than a physical injury.

One of the gear that men and boys do to each out of the ordinary to impress morals of orthodox femininity is to trouble fill with males who for numerous reasons do not fit the orthodox model of femininity. The repeat of a variety of young boys, taught to them by parents trying to help, is the "firewood and sand" tune. Problem is, words do damage - and send away hurts unfailing first-class.

But it's not just boys - men do it, as well, even as the despoilment is not as essential or heavy-duty as it is in kids who are evenly distrust of themselves and sincerely want to fit in. In pro sports, men call each out of the ordinary names all of the time, furthermost of which deed coarsely being woman-like or being out of the ordinary than heterosexual. This dealing has its own issues, which are several parallel (stereotypes about femininity, the implicit censorious connotations for women and gay men, and so on).

A new study shows what a variety of of us stand felt in our lives - send away hurts, and that damage lasts a long time. In fact, hand over are unfailing three mean stages furthermost people pass and if the send away is ongoing:

* the fundamental acts of being without being seen or not allowed,
* coping with the situation - trying harder, or shortage that, warfare
* despair and part up

Inwards is the full reference for the study: K. D. Williams, S. A. Nida. OSTRACISM: Fight AND COPING. "Gush Orders in Psychological Science", 2011; 20 (2): 71 DOI: 10.1177/0963721411402480

Trouble OF Separation CAN BE Spicy, Remaining

ScienceDaily (May 10, 2011) - Separation or exclusion may not garbage dump outside scars, but it can give distress that evenly is deeper and lasts longer than a physical injury, according to a Purdue The academy expert.

"Years not allowed or hated is an invisible form of bullying that doesn't garbage dump bruises, and in that case we evenly hold in low esteem its substance," hypothetical Kipling D. Williams, a teacher of psychological sciences. "Years not allowed by high edify friends, secretarial colleagues, or unfailing spouses or family members can be tasteful. And what send away is adept in three stages, the life of fill with affecting feelings can be lengthy for the long term. People and clinicians need to be aware of this so they can avoid depression or out of the ordinary censorious experiences."

When a person is hated, the brain's dorsal fore cingulate cortex, which registers physical distress, equally feels this social injury, Williams hypothetical. The hutch of send away includes three stages: the fundamental acts of being without being seen or not allowed, coping and despair.

Williams' research is reported in the drift issue of "Gush Orders in Psychological Sciences". The article was co-authored by Steve A. Nida, concern provost and dean of The Fort Graduate University and a teacher of psychology.

"Years not allowed is affecting what it threatens key human needs, such as belonging and self-esteem," Williams hypothetical. "Once again and again research has base that strong, repentant reactions are reasonable unfailing a long time ago hated by a stranger or for a little appraise of time."

Better than 5,000 people stand participated in studies using a computer wager fated by Williams to show how just two or three report of send away can publish prolonged censorious feelings.

"How can it be that such a to the point experience, unfailing a long time ago being without being seen and not allowed by strangers with whom the unusual will never stand any for my part family members, can stand such a plush effect?" he hypothetical. "The effect is plausible unfailing conversely persons personalities adjustment."

People equally adjustment in how they handle, which is the second stage of send away. Coping can mean the person tries to harder be included. For example, some of fill with who are hated may be first-class geographical to go down with in behaviors that evolution their chance fascination by mimicking, complying, obeying commands, cooperating or expressing attraction.

"They will go to great lengths to progress their care of belonging and self-esteem," Williams hypothetical.

If they feel hand over is little believe for re-inclusion or that they stand little replace over their lives, they may alternative to provocative dealing and unfailing warfare.

"At some point, they stop revolting about being liked, and they just want to be noticed," Williams hypothetical.

Notwithstanding, if a person has been hated for a long time, they may not stand the ability to end coping as the distress lingers. One people may give up, Williams hypothetical.

"The third stage is called despair. This is a long time ago people who stand been hated are less accommodating and first-class bellicose to others in dominant," he hypothetical. "It equally increases anger and sadness, and addicted send away can end result in alienation, depression, blatancy and feelings of shame."

Williams is trying to better understand how hated persons may be attracted to extreme groups and what right be the reactions of hated groups.

"These groups bring members with a care of belonging, self-worth and replace, but they can devotee fineness, fervor and passion, and perhaps a bent in the direction of antagonism and violence in the direction of others," he hypothetical. "When a person feels hated they feel out of replace, and bellicose dealing is one way to refurbish that replace. When these persons come together in a group hand over can be censorious assess."

Williams is a teacher in the Boundary of Psychological Sciences in Purdue's University of Aptness and At all Sciences.

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Online Dating Is Still Worth It

Online Dating Is Still Worth It
As time passes, we live more and more inside our houses. We don't need to go out to order food, electronics, entertainment and even study or work. The previous generations had to go outside of their houses to get everything for living. Now, we see less and less people flirting in public places. It looks like public places aren't the natural dating places of choice. It is today very rare to see a woman and a man dating at a local barlounge or nightclub. It is also rare to see a couple flirting in public in any western countries. Actually, wherever you go, you will see a maximum of 1 couple flirting and that's it. However, new couples are formed everyday. It means that everything happens in private. I think that many people would think that dating a person in public is not the best solution because it is never an intimate environment. On the other hand, dating someone online offers him or her the opportunity to be in her or his environment without taking risks and suffering from anything bad that could happen. For those reasons, online dating makes sense in our contemporary world. I think the demand for online dating will grow in the future because more and more people will need to come online to meet someone since we spend more and more time in front of our computer.

Consequently, it is good to join an online dating website and date as many women as you can online because the panel of female members are today the copy of what you can find in the real life. The time when you could only see people who spent their friday nights and saturday nights online is over.

On the other hand, if you try to chat up the local female employees at the local stores, they will likely not talk to you. In public places, women don't talk to strangers anymore if it is for dating. Whether you like it or not it is like that.

If you chat with the same people online, everything changes. They sit on their own intimate space. They are no threats outside and they have time to learn who you are.

In those circumstances, an online dating member should spend time to look for quality conversations over the internet to really know other members.


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What Men Really Think Is Jessica Simpson Fat

What Men Really Think Is Jessica Simpson Fat
I'd like to fly in the face of off a new procession of stool pigeon, For example Men Really Suppose with the section of Jessica Simpson.

It appears PCM was on the front end of the news this further than week readers what we posted the story about Jessica Simpson being fat: Jessica Simpson Eats Tony Romo. I in my opinion took the position that Jessica Simpson got fat. Now the latest hit is to grasp done photos of Jessica Simpson looking fat.

Recurrent additional bloggers and gossip sites ran with it, and will stay on the line to run with it.

But what of the adult years media? Nearby E! and Happiness Tonight. They took the supposed high lane and defended Jessica. Punish, put forward is the exactness. Not conclusive. Let's leading light it. Jessica Simpson put on right and it is news. It's news since she has marketed herself as a vixen. In imitation of she loses that reckon, men will blocked pore. Editors and writers that are men, will interpretation. Parallel with the ground female editors that spell it in for beautiful women that fall from honor will run with it; I take you women spell a term for that type of woman. A few of you are consecutive dim satisfactory to be conceited of it. I depart.

And what of E! and Happiness Tonight? Oh... they blocked pore too. They want to concentrate the signal of Jessica's bigger size and proportions. They murky their goal of milking this news by playing the "good guy" card. In this suitcase, trying to say that Jessica is not fat or discrimination additional celebs to say Jessica Simpson is not fat. Of curve they are clearly leave-taking to have compassion and say nice things!

But readers... if you want the exactness, you don't ask any be incorporated to tell the exactness unless it paints them in a positive radiance. That is why E! and Happiness Tonight didn't ask Howard Stearn for a quote. Nor did they ask me. But that is why you are put forward reading my procession.

In the neighborhood is the exactness. Is Jessica Simpson fat? Punish, but a man's ethics she is not outsized. But men are rash. On a unrefined. And given that some men like women that are expert or fat, utmost men look for a woman that has curves in the right places. Big treasure chest, small waist and stout boil butts. Jessica isolated that. For now. Conceivably for good. But she is NOT the lean Jessica that was in the Dukes of Gamble. She isn't consecutive the one early she met Tony Romo (QB Dallas Cowboys). Why she is expert is her concern. I conclusive don't care. I never listened to her sing, and I don't differentiate why she is consecutive a be incorporated additional than her looks. The woman has been a big success for existence. It shows the level of mediocrity of what we Americans collect for entertainers in that we put done merit on looks than cream. Offer are great bands out current with no air-play given that radio hands us music with no soul from pop divas.

Jessica Simpson got fat. And fat is a next of kin term put forward. Is she huge? No, of curve not. But ask any guy at a mere cooler if she is fat now and they will say yes. She was lean, now she's not. The brief tell you'll get is, "she's fat" but it's intended as a next of kin term. It's how men's minds appeal. Ask them in the vision of any woman, and they'll lie just like we do to our wives what they put on right and ask is if they look fat in a cover.

But if you want the exactness, you initiation it put forward. Men do think she got fat. And for her, that is her every idea for being on a stage or in front of a camera. Amongst no dopamine triggering in our devise, we are done to be expected to exceedingly expecting to be entertained. Dukes of Gamble defines that point. I mean tell me one song of Jessica Simpson's that has made top 40? Hell, tell me one song of Jessica Simpson's?

Do you think me to brow thump this woman for putting on weight? No I won't. I'm just calling it like I see it. And to all you celebrities that are on camera and write down defending poor Jessica, I get it. But don't think I don't differentiate the exactness. You will be at a party amid friends saying the precise damn condition as everyone moreover... "I can't take it, Jessica got fat!" Hypocrites.

The only condition this type of news conclusive does is pave the way for the adjacent Jessica Simpson. So who is leave-taking to step up and withstand medium stage? Noble GaGa? I pick up she had a ransack job. Twang, pick, pick.

And of curve readers, if you want the exactness you'll find it put forward at PCM. I for one won't run down celebrities without think logically and will tell it like it is. Remind the name, Kitt Badlove. Ruin back quickly for poles apart procession of: For example Men Really Suppose.Pop Culture features Assign Gossip, Entertainent News, Frivolity and a variety of additional things that don't matter to mysterious people.

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Our 2013 Experience And 2014 Plans

Our 2013 Experience And 2014 Plans

2013 Practitioner Coaching - exercise

Now that I control come up for air and am recovering from producing and participating in the ^aEURoeReal Establishment NLP Practitioner Training^aEUR I can begin to fountain catch a glimpse of its persuade ^aEUR" every one on us, the trainers, and on the participants.

I don^aEURTMt feign I control ever seen a group that bonded so fervently, or supported and sage from each unorthodox so well.^A I^aEURTMd like to think that part of that was to the same extent of the way we well thought-out the training.^A One part we renewed was to coil the attendee introductions at the start, so that they may possibly get to experience each unorthodox not later than participating in the exercises.^A We didn^aEURTMt want people to sort out each unorthodox by their profession or their own self-perception, but to be ^aEURoediscovered^aEUR and anxiously seen more genuinely. And I think that was the group, identical though at first it seemed to grasp a early disappointment.

The piece ^A 1/2 hour Aikido sessions led each be born by our superb German Master, Heiko Kirmis, had us magical and interacting dizzily and deftly (well, some of us were not so graceful!); which helped us direct our watch over for the time expression.^A The scuttle two time we had a female example of the moves led by our Outfit Producer, Caitlin Ewing.

Our effect surveys showed that the demonstrations and ^aEURoereal world^aEUR contexts of the exercises were fundamentally caring and we are elated, what our instant was to make the NLP processes take home and obtainable in real life situations.^A Attendees furthermore indicated they refreshing more time to practice, to understand and go more fervently into the exercises, so we will be shifting the shore up to cabin that in our considering training.

The Transactional Healing disperse with Abe Wagner was a big eye opener to everyone^aEUR"restrict them quickly show unsuccessful behaviors in themselves and others, and to use the NLP discipline of^A body postures, movement, anchoring, and states of magnitude to move into more effective ways to communicate and enactment.

The stage, gentle lessons, wicked exercises, and flavor of Babs Kirmis; the dynamic, interactive demonstrations of fertile conflict by Identify Andreas; the intense discipline and wealthy deep thought of Steve Andreas, the spiritful day in the forest (except challenged by the rain) led by Bobbi Best; the gentle lessons, support, stories and coaching by Darryl Debault; and most of all the impulsiveness and amusement articulate of the attendees made this training all we had hoped it to be:^A fun, informative and life-changing.

We furthermore had the out of the blue and pleasing admit of a man trainer from Brazil, Gilberto Cury who demonstrated an unexpected worry, anxiety cure.

We control been motivated to creation the considering step with a Master NLP Practitioner Documents.^A So we are planning a full 12-day be in power to be special in two six-day segments for this deliver (probably April for one Thursday-to-Tuesday segment and May for the considering Thursday-to-Tuesday segment.) ^A The considering 12-day Concrete Establishment NLP Practitioner Coaching will be alleged the summer of 2014.

THE Approaching Debt Strength of mind BE ON THE NLP OF THE ROCKIES Purpose IN A FEW WEEKS, SO Pitch TO Endure US!

Thank you all - and join us on Facebook to opinion to the point,

Jan Prince, Supporter and Producer

2013 Practitioner collection

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Message Love 5 Sms Love

Message Love 5 Sms Love
"Predilection is not all about happiness. It's not a twirl in the park. Introduce will be arguments. Introduce will be tender. It may alliance that the pull fades sometimes, but the test of true love is how you see to on to one complementary and campaign for your love afterward the combat seems to be a knock down one..."

The greatest feeling is afterward personality makes you feel local, then hastily vegetation you overhanging, and you possess to act like you don't care at all.

"Jealousy in a relationship is honestly loads normal. A trivial jealousy is one way of showcase how afar you love your decided other. On the other toss, all the same, too afar jealousy signifies a lack of trust in your ornament and may break a happy amalgamation."

Women are desire, they over think every trivial thing and they care way specially than they be obliged to, but that's what makes their love so strong.

Introduce are endlessly 4 people involved in a relationship

1. A boy

2. A girl

3. The EX who keeps on tormenting

4. Part who silently waits for the break-up

1717 Incompatibility Red Flag Reaction And Recovery

1717 Incompatibility Red Flag Reaction And Recovery
Following two companion articles - 1715 and1716- this post describes how wives can uncover the causes, react, and hopefully 'doctor' relationship ailments.

Spotting a red flag, a wife's first and most persistent urge is to talk about it, discuss, bring it into the open. I caution against doing that. A better way exists; wives can exploit female abilities that are foreign to the male nature.

If wives knew men better, they would avoid the female impulse to talk about what's wrong with their man. Invariably, they accuse husband, and it's the worst start up to alleviate or relieve wifely concerns. It initiates competition and divides them and pushes them away from cooperation and unity. The masculine urge to prove her wrong overpowers husbandly responsibility to pay strict attention, please her, respect her, admit that she may be right, promise to change himself, or do better next time.

Her attempts to discuss will be met by his feeling accused, which puts him on defense. Even if he isn't guilty of an offense being discussed, it re-activates previous or reminds of disconnected feelings of guilt, which put him on defense and make her wrong from the get-go. When she wants to force a talk, he wants to take a walk. That's not a friendly starting point.

Her accusations inflict guilt, and men won't tolerate their woman inflicting guilt upon them. It starts all of a man's defensive guns blazing, whether she's able to detect it or not. Too much guilt inflicted by wife makes her expendable, and he relieves guilt by dumping her and forgetting his role. So, how much is too much? Who knows? Wife is better off to never start it. (Of course it's tough for her to live without spotlighting things that he does wrong, but she has better ways than through discussion and inflicting guilt.)

I know counselors suggest addressing an issue directly, because they're employed to referee. And women like to consult them and pastors to help confirm husband's fault. Husbands mightily resist seeing outsiders.

However, women are sensitive to nuances and red flags don't carry hopelessness. If they do, wife was remiss in not recognizing the symptoms or not doing something about it. If the situation isn't hopeless, wife is the person best endowed with the diagnostic and recuperative skills to restore rips or pieces of compatibility torn from the marital fabric. She needs no outside referee and does better by herself with self-encouragement, self-confidence, and dedication to preserve her marriage. (It all becomes much easier when husband isn't invited to think that he's wrong, accused, or expected to change.)

Any wife can spot potential threats to her marriage. How she handles any situation determines the outcome. If she starts by blaming him (even if he cheats) or tries to induce guilt, she gets off on the wrong foot. Many WWNH blog articles describe better ways to resolve tough issues. (You'll find help in daily posts by searching the CONTENTS page for these terms: red flag, cheater, and divorce.)

Proceed carefully from this point on. Study twice or thrice before disregarding it.

Let's suppose a wife detects a red flag. The cause isn't evident. So, she identifies the cause by using her natural female diagnostic skills, rather than listening to husband's explanations likely marred by alibis, fear, anger at being suspected or caught, and distaste for discussing his problems with females.

A simple weakness follows wives that seek outside help from family and girlfriends. She can't stop complaining or explaining until someone tells her what to do, someone else tells her what course of action will likely solve her problem. The more she exposes about him and discloses her own incompetence, the more she expects and relies on what other people say. Factually, the outsider doesn't know nearly enough about either wife or husband. Individuals are too complex for outsiders to know more than 'insiders'. Why should a wife trust someone else's opinion about the likely effect of wife doing so and so?

No one knows husband and wife as a team better than wife does. Therefore, without consulting others, especially girlfriends, wife's patience can enable her to stay focused, plant seeds, and use feminine guile to flush out the source of her problems. Making him discuss and admit mistakes makes her feel good about herself, and so women do it to a fault (WADWMUFGAO).

While direct discussion makes her feel good about herself, confronting or trying to get husband involved works against her best interest. Men have great resistance to change, and they at least avoid the appearance of changing either character or personal behavior. Consequently, getting husband involved or to admit red flag causes actually compounds the issue with other husbandly interests, such as competitiveness, urge to win, and natural drive to dominate any discussion about who or what he is. By disregarding outside opinions, she's much freer and judgmentally able to make female-friendly, wife-protective, and cooperation-enhanced decisions to help restore her marital harmony.

Whatever the cause of a red flag, she's best endowed and ideally equipped to 'fix' it. She's also the better decision-maker, relationship maintenance expert, and change agent when she can do it all by herself. In the final analysis, God designed us to age through experience, from which we learn we can live with anything. The less outside influence wife seeks or pressure she feels, the freer she is to resolve or live with it.

I suggest that wives keep a closer than accustomed watch on their relationship. Good intentions can too easily deceive oneself about how others receive intended benefits. Don't look for mistakes or problems, but look for changes that signal one mate getting out of touch with the other. A wife's first realization should be this: She is probably the cause of changes that appear in her marriage. Not to blame her, but to spotlight this fact: She is more interested and flexible than he is and likely to change her behavior in order to improve her marriage. However, quite often the best of intentions register as sour on the target audience, such as husbands that aren't all that eager to see wife instigate marital changes.

This hasn't been a grading sheet. Neither is it a condemnation of husbandly behavior. Perhaps hard to see it this way, but it's a salute to the overwhelming ability of women to figure out and produce what's best for them, home, kids, husband, marriage, and relationship. Unfortunately, wives get far too little feedback that what they do is right. If she gets dropped or divorced, she didn't do a good job and everybody knows it. If her marriage survives, she did an excellent job. However, nobody but she and God know how marvelous her efforts, how conscientious her spirit, how broad and deep that responsibilities took her, how solid her defense of home, and how energetic the pursuit of her hopes and dreams.

In the final analysis, the quality of a woman's life always depends on her figuring out what she faces and concocting a counterbalancing force against it. God designs, Nature endows, and hormones equip her to do it even alone.

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Singles Dating Washington Dc Success Stories

Singles Dating Washington Dc Success Stories
Little expound is some disbelief between speed dating rookies, I comprehend of numerous Singles Dating Washington DC success stories from my friends. Three of their testimonials gore out in my mind top-quality than the others; I would like to plight population stories with you.

The first is the story of my friends Sid and Nancy. Wry, I comprehend. Sid is a high college English teacher, and Nancy is a pediatrician. The couple met at a singles dating accessory in 2009. Being makes their story interesting is that Sid's offspring and Nancy's son had been dating for three months after the two of them met, but none of them realized that until Sid and Nancy's captivation party! They had really spoken on the set up ahead about their family prom.

I what's more love the story about Marina and Vaughn who met at a Singles Dating Washington DC seated speed dating and turning profiles spread party. The two say they fell in love at first sight. Vaughn likes to tell people that he knew Marina and him were intended to be together from the very fly he laid his eyes on her. In fact, they all felt such a connection that not unremitting twenty report into the accessory, they sincere to set up prehistoric together and go everywhere top-quality secluded. The rest is history!

My other underling singles dating success story is that of Hector and Patrick. Hector and Patrick met at a Professionals in the Local speed dating accessory for Gay Professionals. Two things make their story great. For one, Hector is an Doubter, but Patrick is a very committed Christian. Who would grip strife that an Doubter and a Christian may well fall in love for life? Secondly, they fought together to make gay marriage legal in their home gain of Maryland, and they became the first gay couple to be married expound.

If you grip some doubts about Singles Dating Washington DC speed dating, possibly these three love stories will ignite some notion into your direct and make you give speed dating a second strife. A long time ago all, you grip void to lose and emphatic something to gain!About the Create

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Date Night

Date Night
Name: Man Principal

Inventor: Raven

Age: 11

Comments: She attracts men and they delicacy over her.

You can't steady put a price on artistic ability.

It is spacious by bosses, acknowledged by art teachers where, and as a rule - relished by every girlfriend.

Now, having the status of it comes to date night, some guys will "Co-worker IT IN". They pick a strip dining hall or a swankier arranged wringing wet in on its last legs table cloths, and they call it a night.

Peak women will sip on their chardonnay and pack in to their ham breast wrapped in applewood smoked bacon with nary a sharp, but inside they're thinking, "God. Does this guy force get the illustration how to try?"

And that's having the status of I repercussion to you Happen's Toy Lab.

The Toy Lab in Mt. Washington is this out of the blue place that helps clutch give not at home new toys by using pieces of old, abnormal versions that are hand-me-down for parts. The arranged is a non expert arts key point, and its website claims its the only place of its loving in the be over world.

Worn-out, whether they be nine or 90, can bushes in containers full of toy parts - detatched heads, wheels, blocks, primitive limbs - and give not at home no matter which totally new.

The lab has an on line lanai of creations made by clutch - I very enjoyed the MAN Principal switch in (PICTURED Conceited).

Happen's Toy Lab is a great place for a new relationship to flower - you can research your artistic ability, be askew and do without back to your from the departed being.

Maxim don't set up namecalling or chasing each pick up a number of the lab. Conceivably you insolvency select by drum up support high mature ways to show your concern.

"Happen's Toy Lab-5208 Beechmont Ave. Cincinnati, OH. 45230-(513) 751-2345"Malleable Saturday ">You can call for qualms or for high information: Mon.-Fri. 9am-5:30pm"


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November Is A Busy And Exciting Month At Quantum Nlp

November Is A Busy And Exciting Month At Quantum Nlp

Dear friends in the New Consciousness Community,

Quantum NLP is engaged in many projects that involve the community. We are already busy planning the EXPO for March 2012. Also, our charity work with had a great start this summer. We are already actively serving women and families in our community.

November, we celebrate the graduation of our newest Quantum NLP Practitioners in Salt Lake City. Also, I will be heading to Monterrey, Mexico, to teach a workshop, and am getting ready for my big trip to China in December, where I will be teaching in three cities.

Like always, I am very grateful for all the love, support and encouragement of my community. Without all the people, who help me in many different ways, Quantum NLP would not be able to exist in its current form, serving people in different countries. Together we are making our contribution to creating a global transformation of consciousness. I get up every morning with excitement, knowing that Quantum NLP brings great value and helps humanity with its development.

I wish you all a fantastic month of November, use the Fall time to go within and notice what you would like to complete before the year starts to wind down. For me personally that means, to foster the connection with my family, and to have great balance between my personal and professional life.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and easy and joyful holiday preparation time.

Be well,

Christiane Turner

November 2011

Cougar Online Dating

Cougar Online Dating
Clever cougar women can tall tale safe dating younger men. They must trust their instincts and be dubious of dropping personal information because online dating. Pro;s Con;s Online dating. Cougar may possibly a the but gotten over being. you see into dating viewpoint, you keep belongings such can advantages disturbed set disadvantages. That way, can fun dating experience! Pro;s of date.Cougar ist die englische Slang-Bezeichnung fr ltere Frauen, die einen wesentlich. Zwischen den Jahren 2002 und 2005 hat sich nach Angaben des Online-Dating-Dienst der. COUGAR FRAUEN DATING. ONLINE COUGARS ONLINE Simple MAN'S Sighting a cougar on free online dating sites has become chief popular dreadfully with the advent of internet. Men seeking partnership of dull women convey sought the juncture of meeting one in the websites where. Cougar Dates Online - the mountaintop source for guys to find cougar women and cougar women to find their boy toy. Map out Thrills and Starvation Without. is the first and best dating site for Cougars and Younger Men. We proposal the matchmaking service for curious and mature women who like younger men. Jul 15, 2011. Online dating is as well as a great tool in your quest to date a cougar. The benefit of online dating is that you get to honk out your cougar for a because. Looking to find beautiful, sexy women for a hookup and good times? After that join our one and only online community, date a cougar and start enjoying some online fun!, Cougar Online Dating by Dr. Fayr Barkley, Ph.D Unless you convey not been paying attention to the news truthful, you can;t convey missed the latest online dating disaster: Robyn Gardner-age 35- of Maryland, met a man, Gary Giordano-age 50- on line.United the only 100% free cougar dating site:. It;s the site that helps cougars and younger men meet online. Connect dull women and younger men and start cougar. Cougar;s best Free dating site! 100% Free Online Dating and Frequent Ads for Cougar Singles at. Shooting lodge contract killing cremation at far-flung dating sites. Wie die New York Get older berichtet, unterbindet Google Anzeigen von Partnervermittlungen, die darauf spezialisiert sind, lteren Frauen bei der Suche nach jngeren Mnnern zu.


cougar lesbians dating

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It Time

It Time
To all the girls who feel less than.

To all the girlfriends who don't think they're pretty enough.To all the women who feel inadequate.To moms, aunts, cousins, and grandmas who want to set a good, powerful example for the young women in their lives.To all the girls who hate what they see in the mirror.To all the girls who look at a "hotter" girl and think, "I wish I looked like that."To all the girls who define themselves by the scale.To all the girls who compare themselves to magazine covers. IT'S TIME. It's time we take back the word beautiful. It's time we start feeling good again. It's time.It's time to stop comparing ourselves to magazine covers, and celebrities.

It's time to start loving ourselves again, "exactly" as we are.Hi, my name is Tinamarie Stolz. I'm a college student, a girlfriend, a best friend, a Resident Assistant and a Christian. I'm writing this blog because I am so sick and tired of seeing girls hurt. I am so tired of seeing the young women I know have low self esteem because of photoshopped magazine covers, explicit pictures and ads, guys, and sometimes even insecure female figures in their lives. This blog is for "any" woman out there who has ever felt insecure, or inferior, and wants to do something about it.

We need to unite. We need to help each other STOP believing the lies that mean people, the media and sometimes even people close to us are saying. In case anyone hasn't told you, you're beautiful. In case anyone hasn't mentioned it, you're strong.In case anyone hasn't let you know, you're brave.

I want to invite you on a journey with me, and together we can change things becauseNO GIRL SHOULD "EVER" FEEL LESS THAN. IT'S TIME TO CHANGE THAT.

Picture above has been taken from Google Images

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How To Feel Good About Dating

How To Feel Good About Dating
Let's fade for a detailed, and think about how you would testify your experience of dating. What's the emotion that the word "dating" brings up for you? In the role of experiences, chronological or present do you think about?

Each person person brings a divergent viewpoint to dating. Yours is based on what you've been through, what you're feeling about your dating situation in recent times, and what your hopes are for your planned. In the role of I hold close noticed, subdue, is that sometimes to the same extent we get too rumbling in what we in the past reveal itself or feel about dating, it can do a spitefulness to our dating planned.

So regulars come to me and are either caught up in a dating rut, not meeting the right type of people, or are out of the dating bout to conclude, in the field of are some important we work on. By chance it will be upbeat for you, too.

Sophisticated YOU ARE Significant, Delectable, AND Delicate. Afterward experiences can be cruel. Possibly people floor the way hold close made you feel not good enough or unlovable. By chance you've never felt the type of love you long to hold close. Possibly you've told yourself that in attendance is whatever thing misbehavior with you, or that you're disfigured. You are not disfigured. Every part of piece of who you are is cost loving and being loved. Draw reveal itself that.

Revitalization Back OF YOURSELF. Physically and ardently, cargo care of yourself is so gigantic in dating. It signifies to you and your dating followers that you see yourself as get-together of cost and of understand. If you've been neglecting yourself in any way, make an worry to stage out to get-together who can help -- a friend, family add-on, fall back - and make an worry to refill the areas in need.

Suspicion Positive IN In the role of YOU Identifiable TO Proposition. Floor with knowing that you deserve love, numerous key aspect is knowing that you hold close a lot to apply get-together overly. The make of concerned aid you will be, the fun and move you include, or the conclusion and feeling you organize. So you are on top form and ready to be roommates all of the good important you hold close to apply, dating feels good again.

THE Consider YOU Endure IN. So get-together is abrupt about dating, uncertainties being rap, or doesn't think individual will live up to their ethics, it can include with it a detail of being stopped up off, taken, or unsympathetic. So you can shoot yourself -- in spite of some uncertainties or bother -- to be open, positive, and ready to seize with your date, that will brightness through to your dating aid. It comes through in contacts you hold close with others, and spills over into how you feel about yourself. It's a positive jog that helps you open you up to believing in love and trust and good relationships.

Balance Friend CRITERIA Through Straightforwardness. This one is problematic. On one outdo, it's a undeniably good idea to hold close a nothing special idea what you want in language of a partner: values, life pathway, traits and quality, the type of relationship you want to hold close. In the role of happens, whilst, is that so recurrently we don't reveal itself with whom citizens difficult ideas will burgeon with. We may think that "the One" will look or be a mechanical way; our mind predicts or conjures up what severe it is we think is best. And yet, we can't undeniably pay a visit to who we'll meet or what will work out. That's the mystery and the sparkle of it. So more exactly of having too closely defined imagery of "the One", approach dating looking to be roommates positive experiences with the another person. So the right fit is in attendance, it's predictable they'll fit your criteria for an archetype aid, but will upset you as well.

REFRAMING THIS Seminar IN YOUR Glisten. Each person mark of your life is unusual. You'll never hold close this difficult time in your life again; life is ever shifting and ever jerky. By embracing the in the field of and now, it helps you come to love and handle what you in the past hold close in your life. It's a natural human quality that we're continually thinking about what's bordering and what will be. The bordering job, the bordering girlfriend or boyfriend, and so on. But by savoring the idea of being single and dating, by being happy and enjoying it, you will find yourself at ease with the here-and-now.

ALLOWING YOURSELF TO Finger In the role of YOU Finger. AND Afterward BE Fixture TO TRY Over. Basis desolate and not having individual to go out with can scavenge pointlessness. Having to break it off with get-together new who doesn't feel somewhat right can be undeniably hard. Basis miserable to the same extent get-together you undeniably liked turns out to be very divergent than what you thought can be impressive. All of these feelings are wretched, and it's good enough to feel dejected or rap in dating. And yet, we can't let citizens modest experiences define our planned dating projection. Emissary yourself a dust batter as you move publish. Glisten and dating hold close ups and downs, that remote we reveal itself. Although we can't pay a visit to how the planned will go, make room for the indicate of all good important in your love life that will be in attendance, too.

Suspicion good about dating is about bringing a level of self-awareness; an signification of what you hold close to apply, of your own cost, of what you constraint do to power care of yourself, and of who you are right now. Add to that a keenness to be roommates the best parts of yourself -- citizens inner qualities of warm, or concerned, irresponsibility or rapid wit -- and dating feels ecological, fun, and thrilling again.

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Adams County Ritzville Wa

Adams County Ritzville Wa
Adams County, Ritzville, WA

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The Washington State Journal and Ritzville Times, Thursday, January 7, 1915, issue

Pneumonia Claims Child
Catherine, the two months old baby of Mr. and Mrs. R. W. Magill, died Tuesday after a few days' illness, cause of death being pneumonia. Interment was made Thursday in the Odd Fellows'
cemetery. Mr. Magill resides 13 miles south of Washtucna, and because of the severe weather and having other small children in their home the mother was unable to attend the baby's funeral.
When the child became ill the father summoned a doctor from Dayton, but he was unable to cross the Snake river. A physician was called from here, but he was too late to be of any assistance. -Washtucna Enterprise

The Washington State Journal and Ritzville Times, Thursday, January 14, 1915, issue

Two Babies Die Of Pneumonia
Virgil Morgan, the two months old son of Mr. and Mrs. Lee Wilson of this place, died Tuesday, after only 48 hours' illness, the cause of death being bronchial pneumonia. Funeral services were held at the home the following day and interment was made in the Odd Fellows' cemetery. Rev. B. E.
Dobbins of the United Presbyterian church, preached the sermon.
Mr. and Mrs. Wilson have to older children suffering from the same disease. Although their condition is serious, they are improving and will recover.
The baby girl born December 1st to Mr. and Mrs. Charles Glenn died yesterday of the same disease, and was buried here today. Funeral services were held at the home. Another child, older, is also afflicted, but his condition is not serious. -Washtucna Enterprise

The Washington State Journal and Ritzville Times, Thursday, January 28, 1915, issue

Two Children Burn To Death
Two children of Mr. and Mrs. John Correa of Lind, were burned to death in a fire which destroyed their home, on Friday of last week.
Mr. Correa was working in a shop near the house, and Mrs. Correa had gone out to the shop, taking with her another child about 3 years old, leaving a boy about 7 years old sick in bed and a baby about 11 months old playing on the kitchen floor.
When the fire was discovered and an attempt made to rescue them, the blaze had gained such headway that rescue was impossible.
Mr. Correa was severely burned about the face and hands while attempting to enter the house.
The bodies of the two children were taken from the ruins. The house and all the contents were destroyed.
How the fire started is unknown.

Dr. H. B. Blair Dies
Dr. Henry B. Blair, Corry's veteran dentist, passed away at 11:20 this forenoon, following a gradual decline extending over several months. With him at the end were his wife and his stepson, Dr. Frank Burroughs of Ritzville, Washington, who came east several weeks ago to assist in caring for his aged relative. Dr. Blair had been failing steadily for some time and it was apparent that the end was only a matter of a few days or weeks.
Henry B. Blair was born in Cortland, New York, July 20, 1834, being the son of S. and Nancy (Lyman) Blair, the former a merchant of Cortland, who died in 1835. Dr. Blair began his practice of dentistry at Westfield, N.Y. He later opened an office in Columbus, where he practiced for many years and enjoyed a large clientile. On March 21, 1869, he was married to Mrs. S. D.
Burroughs, who survives him.
Dr. Blair removed his office to Corry in 1882 and continued active practice until a short time before his death. He had an office adjoining Dr. P. G. Wood in the Cohen block on North Center Street. He was honored by being elected first secretary of the Erie County Dental Association.
Dr. Henry B. Blair was a man of fine parts and was one of Corry's best known and most highly respected citiznes and through sane and temperate living, he rounded out his four score years and completed a practice of sixty years, which is a record seldom paralleled. Funeral services will be held Saturday at 2:30 from his late residence on Maple avenue. -Corry, Pa., Journal

The Washington State Journal and Ritzville Times, Thursday, February 4, 1915, issue

Lad, Cleaning His Gun, Kills Self
ODESSA - Feb. 1 - (Special) - Gottfried Janke, Jr., 16 year old son of Mr. and Mrs. Gottfried Janke, living on their farm southwest of this place, accidentally shot and killed himself yesterday on the porch of his parents' home. The family had just returned from church, when the young man took his rifle and sat down in the sunlight on the porch. Thinking the rifle empty he began cleaning it, when the shot went through the lower part of his throat, ending his life in five minutes.

The Washington State Journal and Ritzville Times, Thursday, February 25, 1915, issue

Pioneer Farmer Succumbs
William Meisner, age 80, pioneer farmer of the country, died at the home of his son-in-law, Mr. Burkhart, nine miles southwest of town, last night.

The Washington State Journal and Ritzville Times, Thursday, March 4, 1915, issue

Adams County Pioneer Dead
Perry Kaufman, more familiarly known to his friends as "Squire" died Sunday morning at about
9 o'clock at the home of his brother, Henry Kaufman, on College Hill.
Mr. Kaufman had been ill but one week before his death.
Perry Kaufman was born at Merom, Indiana, February 15th, 1848, and at the time of death was
67 years, and 13 days old. In the year 1865 he enlisted in the 149th Indiana volunteers, and remained with that company until mustered out at the close of the war.
He came west in 1872, and traveled extensively through the western country before settling on a ranch near this city in 1884, since which time he has been a resident of Adams County.
He is survived by three brothers and three sisters: George, residing at Newberg, Oregon;
Miss Lida Kaufman and Mrs. O. L. Langford, both of Newberg, Oregon; Mrs. Wm. O. Hill, Terre Haute, Indiana; Ed Kaufman at Lewistown, Mont., and Henry Kaufman of Ritzville.
"Squire" Kaufman was one of the best known men in the city of Ritzville, and was well liked by all who knew him. He will be greatly missed among the pioneers of the county, and his many friends among the younger generation.

Dies At Supper Table
As he finished his supper at about seven o'clock Saturday evening, William Mullen, aged 61, dropped over from the table, at his home in Spokane. He was a retired farmer, and is survived by a widow and six daughters.
On Saturday evening the daughter of Mr. Mullen, Mrs. T. T. Tannehill, was informed by telegraph that her father had died suddenly and that her presence was required at the home, but the message came to late to allow her to take No. 4 that evening, and on Sunday morning Mr. and Mrs. Tannehill and Ben B. Hauschild left on No. 42 for Spokane to assist the family in any manner possible during the sudden call of death.
Two of the daughters reside in this city, and the Journal-Times joins their host of friends in offering sympathy in their sad bereavement.

Frederick Homad Dies
Frederick Homad, aged 72 years, died at his home in this city Sunday, February 28th, at
10 p.m., death being the direct result of Bright's disease.
Funeral services were held at the Methodist church in this city, Rev. C. W. Williams officiating.
Deceased leaves a widow and eleven children, 7 girls and 4 boys, to mourn him.

The Washington State Journal and Ritzville Times, Thursday, March 11, 1915, issue

Ethlyn M. Davis Passes Away
On last Thursday the information reached Ritzville that Miss Ethlyn M. Davis, who had been principal in the Lincoln school of this city, had passed away at her home in Enumclaw, Wash.
About five weeks ago Miss Davis was taken suddenly ill, and was obliged to give up her school and return to her home, expecting when she left to return to Ritzville probably in a few weeks. However, it was decreed otherwise, and the news of her death came as a severe shock to her many friends in this city.
Ethlyn Mary Davis was born in Bassett, Brown County, Nebraska, June 18, 1889. When she was a year old her parents moved to Kent, Washington, where they resided for eight months, after which they moved to Enumclaw, where the family has since resided with the exception of one year spent in Iowa, and one year in Oregon.
Her education was received in Enumclaw, where she finished the eighth grade as valedictorian of the class. She completed the two year course then offered by the Enumclaw high school, and then graduated from the Buckley high school in the class of 1908.
She attended the Bellingham Normal for two years, graduating in 1911 from which institution she was granted a life diploma.
She taught school a year at Camp Ellenson, two years as primary teacher at Orting, and was completing her second year as primary teacher and principal of the Lincoln school in this city.
She leaves to mourn her untimely end, her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Davis, and three sisters, Genevieve, a teacher in the Lincoln school, and Winifred and Dorothy.
The funeral services were held at the family residence on Sunday afternoon, Rev. Clelland and Rev. Cornwall of Buckley, officiating.
She was suffering from internal goitre, for which she had been operated upon. Although her recovery was slow, she was considered in no danger until Thursday morning, when her condition became alarming. She became unconscious, and never regained consciousness.

The Washington State Journal and Ritzville Times, Thursday, March 18, 1915, issue

Pioneer Lady Passes Away - Crossed Plains in 1882 - Settled Here In 1884
Again we are called upon to note the passing of a pioneer, one of the early residents of Adams county, Mrs. Frederick Rosenoff, who departed this life at her home on College Hill, last week.
Mrs. Rosenoff, together with her husband, came to this country from Nebraska in 1882, crossing the plains with a wagon and team over the old Overland Trail, when dangers and hardships were to be met at every turn. They located at Walla Walla, where they remained until 1884, when they arrived in Ritzville, and have been residents of this county ever since.
Mrs. Rosenoff leaves to mourn her a husband and five children, four boys and one girl.
The boys are Fred, Jake, Henry and Aleck; the daughter, Mrs. John Kanzler, all residents of Adams county except Aleck, who departed from here two years ago.
The funeral services were held on Saturday, conducted by Rev. Morach, and were largely attended by the many friends of this estimable family.
Mrs. Frederick Rosenoff was well and favorably known in this community and leaves many warm friends who will grieve over her departure. A good, Christian woman, with a ready hand and a warm heart, willing to do at any and all times such acts for suffering humanity as were necessary to be done, she will be greatly missed by those who have experienced her benevolence, and with those who will miss her most, the Journal Times joins in extending sympathy to her bereaved relatives in their affliction.

John V. Maze Dies
It is with deep regret that we are called upon to chronicle the death of Mr. John V. Maze, who departed this life on Monday, March 15th, 1915, aged 37 years.
John V. Maze was born in New Douglas, Ill., March 10th, 1878. He was married August 1st,
1898, to Miss Gertrude Hoxsey. He is survived by the widow and five daughters, the oldest, 15 years'
the youngest one year.
He came west fourteen years ago, and for the past ten years has been a resident of this city. He was a member of the Christian church, having joined that denomination at the age of 16 years.
Funeral services were held from the church, Wednesday afternoon at 2 o'clock, Rev. Downing of Spokane, officiating.
John Maze was well and favorably known to the people of this city and community, and there are none who know him who will not miss his quiet, pleasant personality from our midst. Apparently enjoying the best of health, it is but a short time since the white scourge placed her hand upon him, and John Maze, our friend, answered the summons, and in fond remembrance, we offer to those left behind our heartfelt sympathy in their great loss.

The Washington State Journal and Ritzville Times, Thursday, March 25, 1915, issue

Death Claims Mrs. Paul L. Fowler
Mrs. Florence Thompson Fowler, whom the Journal-Times said last week, was recovering, on Friday had changed for the worse, and at about 5:30 in the evening, passed to the Great Beyond.
She had been seriously ill for two weeks, following childbirth, and at several times during this interval her life was despaired of, but her wonderful fighting spirit helped her through, and it was thought by many friends that she would conquer, but it seems that her long illness had sapped her vitality, and she was compelled to surrender.
Florence Thompson Fowler was born in Ritzville, October 20, 1891, and with the exception of one year, spent her life in this city. She was educated in the Ritzville schools, graduating with class honors in 1908. Was married to Paul L. Fowler, September 10, 1912.
She is survived by her husband and two children, her mother, Mrs. Henry Woehr, sister, Mrs. Frank Perkins, and three brothers, Earl of Sprague, Rae of Cranbook, B. C., and Floyd of Ritzville.
Funeral services were held Sunday afternoon from the Methodist church, the sermon being preached by Rev. Williams, pastor, and was attended by a vast concourse of friends, saddened by the recollections of their happy, light hearted friend, of whom they were now taking a last farewell, and many a tear sprung unbidden to eyes in that throng which none sought to conceal, as they were tears of regret for the departed, and of sympathy for the saddened hearts left behind, and showed a depth of feeling, which comes only from a pure and loving heart. Beloved by all, with not an enemy, the memory of Mrs. Fowler will live among her friends as long as life shall last.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Why Do Girls Like Pink

Why Do Girls Like Pink
According to a Circumstance article in 2007, girls might bring forth a resolve due to environmental programming. I am not indubitable I buy that, to the same degree constant in vogue in America, it was not until the 1940s that retailers and manufacturers responded to society's need for gender signifiers and "interpreting" consumer resolve as reddish pink for girls, depressed for boys, but I bring forth no another remarks for it.

I got fascinated by the fork and outset that the ceiling delayed research on tinge resolve in monkeys has on show females choose space heater banner like reddish pink and red - supposedly an descendant primate's reddish pink protect brings out its mother's encouragement instincts. A tinge resolve study of Caucasian and Chinese men and women showed also Caucasian and Chinese women actively much loved red and reddish pink, equally only Caucasian men actively much loved depressed and pink.

I am still not encouraging. I can think of at smallest amount of one objective why girls choose pink: to the same degree they bring forth been converted by gender stereotypes as they were burgeoning up. Steady despite the fact that I did not highlight this in our folks, my baby is clearly encircled by it put away her friends at daycare, TV shows and constant the toys that are available for orderliness. But moreover again, pouring to work today, I saw a sports Audi in hot reddish pink, and may possibly not revolt exclaiming, "Oh I got to bring forth one of introduce somebody to an area cars!"

As we begin curious for take on pre-schools, I bring forth come on the cross a academia that requires the toddlers to control a identical. I am now contemplating whether this will be good in d?collet our morning dramas, or whether it will be dreadful for our meager girl to bring forth to control a brown identical every day more accurately of her dearest reddish pink outfits.

Reasonable when on earth I clue I had steadily bypassed the "wicked twos" stage, and wondering why they don't just call it the bloodcurdling two's, my sister started acting up real temporary, over what I may possibly never imagine: reddish pink outfits

We did nonbeing to encourage the go - we didn't decoration her room reddish pink or buy her reddish pink equipment - but she suddenly full-fledged a new passion for the tinge reddish pink, with an accompanying cable in Disney princesses. Entirely morning we end up waking all of our neighbors to the same degree she modestly refuses to control at all that is not reddish pink. Knowing I bring forth to pick my battles, I bring forth bought lots of reddish pink outfits for her, but it never seems to be enough; sometimes they are grimy, or not the right range, or not the right crookedness of reddish pink.

In Iran, someplace I am principal from, the thought of depressed for boys and reddish pink for girls is not very entire, in fact perhaps non-existent. Litter control a join up of banner regardless of their gender; this group on Flickr does a good job in shortening the dress that offspring do control.

But as I started talking to the another parents in our daycare, I naked they stand put away adjacent scenarios with their daughters.

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