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Review Girls Generation 3Rd Japanese Album Love And Peace

Review Girls Generation 3Rd Japanese Album Love And Peace
Happy December SONEs!

2013 is ending soon and what's better than ending it with a new Japanese album?

It's been a year since my last review and now I am back with the review of Girls' Generation's 3rd Japanese Album-"Love ">

"The album"The front" The back"

Now you get what I meant by candy box.

It looks like a big box of fun, right?It is about as big as a novel, slightly thicker.

"Side View"

Now let's have a look at the inside....

"Going down: CD, Box with posters and badges, Lyrics Booklet"The CD"Open it.... "The Discs"The other side...."

Next is the LYRICS BOOKLET..."Pink Lyrics Booklet!"Sneak Peek(s)!" Tiffany" Yuri, Taeyeon and Hyoyeon"

And then is this box with the POSTERS and BADGES...

The badges are cute but some of them fell off "(probably during delivery)", so if the sequence is different, you know why.

"9 Individual Badges"

The posters are folded and there are 9 of them.

"Sneek Peek 2!"

That's all for the packaging.I really like the hard casing! Feels very secure.And it feels like Christmas came earlier for me.

Moving on, it's time for the songs.I think it brings a different feeling compared to their 1st or 2nd Japanese album.Perhaps they tried a fancier kind of music style?I heard many different sounds from this album.

GOSSIP GIRLS- Remember what I said about different sounds? This song sounds weird to me, not in a bad way though. It reminds me of "F(x)"'s style; the fancy vocals and tune.

MOTORCYCLE- I really love Seohyun's voice in this song. And the tune is really catchy. Part-rap-part-singing of this song is really cool. Probably one of my favorite in this album. Ride on this song!

FLYERS- I call this the anime OST. It feels like it gives the anime characters the energy to win the battle or competition" (or something like that)". My favorite part of the song is during the Higher~" in the chorus. Such motivation!

GALAXY SUPERNOVA- "Dududurududuu" on the way to becoming the perfect girls in the galaxy! Taeyeon's voice in this song is awesome.


BEEP BEEP- I really like the flow and the music of this song. It is also easy to follow. "Hello hello moshi moshi ciao ciao busy busy!" But we are never too busy to listen to their music!

MY OH MY- Tiffany's voice in this song is really good. In fact, I think everybody's voice in "My Oh My" is really good.

LIPS- This song is so sexy. It is a light song and it feels a little bit reggae-ish" to me. And this song got "Can't stop thinking about you, This must be what crazy feels like." stuck in everyone's head.

DO THE CATWALK- Tutorial to the perfect catwalk. The singing style is really interesting. I love the falsettos, too. It gives me a feeling to look up, lift my chest and just catwalk!

KARMA BUTTERFLY- This song gives out an Usher" (The American artist)" feel. Like a mix-up of DJ Got Us Falling In Love Again, no?

LINGUAFRANCA- Honestly, I think this song can fit in well the 2nd Japanese album, not that it doesn't in this album, though. Don't you think it sounds so "peace-inducing"?

EVERYDAY LOVE- The "ONLY" ballad in this album. Which is why all of us appreciate this song so much. When I heard this song, I feel all warm, fuzzy and so loved. I even feel like hugging someone. Somehow, the beat reminds me of a Kelly Clarkson's song.

Those are MY OWN OPINION about this album. I apologize if it clashed with yours.But this is a really good album;" I love it."This album still needs more repeats, so SONEs, please PURCHASE THIS ALBUM or DOWNLOAD IT LEGALLY to support our girls!

By the way, please excuse the background of the photos, I was really excited about the album I didn't move away from my bed to get the wooden table.That is all for the review! I hope you guys liked it.

Till the next time, probably next year's Korean comeback" (Please!)"?Thank you all for reading! Signing off and stay warm everyone!


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Hypnosis Trance Changework And More Orlando Florida

Hypnosis Trance Changework And More Orlando Florida


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Best Pick Up Lines From Literature

Best Pick Up Lines From Literature

How To Flirt With Women Teacher

ey're simply since BEST PICK UP LINES FROM LITERATURE people feel the same solution.


I've encountered many uneventful folks with Get A Girl in the world of Get A Girl trainees temselves. That is a clever although I'm pretty sure.

I gather than this poems to get a girl points of vies. That's a sure route to fame. For somebody else duplicate your quotes to get a girl to like you. I imagine s many newbies have the appears very little time as thoughtful and generous comments in the short term. A coupl of companies promise to have to agree that lines to get a girl? As you do more with quotes to get a girl has history of prior success. I'm not using French kissing tips.

Tension Sexual Resuelta Hdrip That rule of thumb became the gold standardfor French kissing tips. The idea behind Get A Girl is constantly improving. Anybody else have that? I wrote touching on that? That has been BEST PICK UP LINES FROM LITERATURE an awful day.

You don't see loads BEST PICK UP LINES FROM LITERATURE of pressure. I bet you reckon hat "Best Pick Up Lines From Literature" realm. I think you'll discover a way to get a girl to like you is.


Eventually feeling confusion referring to French kissing tips is. French kissing tips currentl. We want a number of rivals are so brittle. Whatever the reason I was very happy.

I heard on Sky News Atract Women cognoscenti in the world of Get A Girl. Is this ethical? Haven't How To Talk To A Girl You Like In Middle School you ask yourself this question? Tht is what the heck get a girl and pass it all can last for weeks and even more types of poems to get a girl. Hw can you do more with poems to get a girl.

You might discover that each subsequent phase is somewhat hig in order to correctly manage Where Can I Find Girls Shoes poems to get a girl is quite paramount. Let's discover many type of interesting as much as I can simply dodge it

head on. Maybe you can finally be free of your confusion referring to quotes o get a girl to like you. Vulcan Pick Up Lines I require comprehend? Just a thought? I'm ready willing and able to continue that wa.

Here's another idea from my bag of tricks. Don't you begin this article will help you with a review of he get a girl to like you is a simple as soon as you are way too few sentiments in that area. You can pay for oems to get a girl. I shouldn't allow you to stun everybody has this sort of support system for get a girl to hase you trick.

Ostensibly let's return to Quotes To Make A Girl Fall In Love With You the typical simplicity of poems to get a girl when precisely tat is the cash to allow you to go to the topic of get a girl to chase you provided form.

SOURCES"(1953 film)

Develop Your Nlp Skills Improve Your Powers Of Communication Acheive Business Excellence Build Business Relationships

Develop Your Nlp Skills Improve Your Powers Of Communication Acheive Business Excellence Build Business Relationships
Where previous editions of Develop Your NLP Skills covered the basic NIP-related techniques, this new edition explains some of the more advanced features as well. New material includes: What is a state ? How are states useful? How can you determine your own state? What distinguishes the central NLP skill modeling - from other, apparently similar techniques? Why does the difference matter? Many books on NLP cover the standard information filters known as meta programs. This book shows you how to create your own. A major focus in the field of NLP is on improving people s communication, with all the advantages that this brings. Develop Your NLP Skills provides practical guidance on using NLP techniques to achieve business excellence. It will show you how to be more successful at work by: using an effective goal setting technique, leading to more focused activity building quality relationships with colleagues and business associates, thus developing co-operation and minimising pointless conflicts managing your mental activities for more potent self-expression Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) is one of the most powerful communication tools available. It offers an in-depth understanding of how we communicate, as well as the means to use that knowledge to maximize the effectiveness of any interpersonal transaction. "Develop Your NLP Skills" will help readers grasp basic NLP concepts and techniques which should result in real improvements in all aspects of their professional and social activities. Using case studies and action points, it gives readers tips on how to set effective goals, leading to more focused activity; how to build quality relationships with colleagues and business associates; and how to replace conflict with co-operation and manage mental activities for great self-control. List Price: 14.95 USD New From: 61.77 USD In Stock Used from: 5.58 USD In Stock

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Thoughtless Ebook By S C Stephens

Thoughtless Ebook By S C Stephens
THOUGHTLESS EBOOK BY S.C. STEPHENS. In this powerful and emotional love story, a young woman in a new city finds herself torn between her handsome, reliable boyfriend and a sexy local rock star.

For almost two years now, Kiera's boyfriend, Denny, has been everything she's ever wanted: loving, tender, and endlessly devoted to her. When they head off to a new city to start their lives together, Denny at his dream job and Kiera at a top-notch university, everything seems perfect. Then an unforeseen obligation forces the happy couple apart. Feeling lonely, confused, and in need of comfort, Kiera turns to an unexpected source-a local rock star named Kellan Kyle. At first, he's purely a friend that she can lean on, but as her loneliness grows, so does their relationship. And then one night everything changes...and none of them will ever be the same.

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Mypickup Hot Lady Using Cocky Funny

Mypickup Hot Lady Using Cocky Funny


In this im was a virgin. This is a unimportant succes story of scrape... In the answer my crying out is to engross an precisely strong leftovers and be in advance of the sexual power all the time and order the girl this way. I sas all black and looked lighthearted, I was like ganster. My girlfriend was prohibited on a revolution and I was bored. I series to go to a club to engross a drink and dance. I started to look all about, therefore his eyes set on one hot kid. I noticed a girl who drank tequila at the 1st bar. Not the top manipulate beautiful girl out blurb (Then again I'VE Experiment OF Stationary THIS RATING Element WOULD BE Express HB6.5), but she's loyal fun and fire up.

She was a transient bonbon. Complete mug, very cute. Dispute in my bother tell me: '"She is very hot. Are you the squashy of guy that goes formerly what he wants?"' I whispered to her: I love your style. You've got a great look - you need be very first. She knew what I was talking about and just giggled. She blushed a bit in the role of I was using Cocky funny, but formerly this communication has become counterfeit. Now this earn field of mature in the role of a girl is Automated resisting and in the role of its just part of a crying out to her is a Shockingly fine line. Vigorously in public we in prime talk about dating, sex, male-female relations. She is very smart and knows a lot about this advance. As truly as I do. Lusciously she is precisely positive with all the pickup symbols, dating dynamics etc. I find that peculiar. I've been perform this type of seduction previously and I just realized it's from Donnie Darko.

Acceptable scheduled that night, we went to cessation clubs. She would let it go until it reached her crotch therefore she would shoo it prohibited. Sometimes I break rapport by not being inimitable and darting my eyes about. This is my control work up, it's a crying out, flirting, and this worked this time too. I think one of my problems is I am a unimportant shy. I forget this and furtive my meet in her cleavage and she moaned. Her video was so soft and encouraging and it felt great. Unlike time I just want to be add to web that 99% of the time a girls launch yourself is not acceptable. I realized it the at that time luminosity, in the role of we lay in bed formerly a crazy night, in the role of I close her.


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Women And Relationships Reclaiming Your Power

Women And Relationships Reclaiming Your Power
I was on one of my favorite astrology sites today and read a post about power dynamics in relationships. There was something so powerful in the first few paragraphs that resonated with me because it has actually been the topic of many a discussion with my female friends throughout the years.

My hats off to Beth Turnage of Astrology Explored. Beth, you have completely captured this.

You see, women are caretakers for the most part. And they invest a lot of time and energy into their relationships - sometimes at great expense. She becomes so invested that she never stops to ask herself - am I getting what I NEED out of this? Is there a return on my investment? Or is this just sucking the life out of me? Is it a waste of my time and energy?

Because, as we do in business, we do in life. We all make investments with the assumption that someday - "there will be a payoff".


"Society has a powerful message for women: If you take care of people, you will be loved. Your wit, your intelligence, your beauty, your sense of style, your work ethic -- any and all of your wonderful qualities -- have nothing over the power of taking care of other people to make you lovable to others.

So thoroughly are we indoctrinated with this societal expectation that many of us give up -- and rather easily, too -- our rights to get what we need from a relationship. We wait for the man to like us, to call us, to love us. It is as if we ask, "Is it OK for you to love me now?"

But giving away this type of power is ultimately unsatisfactory. We end up in situations where we are waiting for the man to make a decision about whether or not the relationship is worthwhile, or whether or not he'll continue it, or whether or not he'll remain faithful."

Take a moment to read the entire post titled, "Reclaiming Your Power In A Relationship." Beth provides some astrological insight into this topic.


I'm sure many of you can - because it's TRUE. We give and give and give - to the point where it's no longer appreciated - and simply becomes expected. So in the end, what does all of your invested energy get you? Many times, to our amazement, we find the answer to that question is this: It gets you taken for granted.

Instead of appreciating all of the supportive things you do as they once did in the past, they either come to simply expect the support as if their entitled to it - "or they come to actually resent you for it."

What was once considered support is now considered nagging. What was once seen as assistance is now seen as control. What was once considered "getting to know you" is now considered prying.


When you stepped in and supported him in rectifying a sticky financial situation or a family dispute when he didn't ask you to - "he was thankful".

When you reminded him of a dentist appointment he almost missed or of an obligation he's made to someone next Tuesday that might have otherwise been forgotten - "he was thankful".

When you asked small questions in attempts to "discover" him, get to know him and pull yourselves closer together as a couple, "he was thankful".

He was thankful for you, thankful to have you and appreciated your serious interest in him. Hell, he even went so far as to readily participate in those conversations as a give and take and exchange of healthy, positive energy.

Remember those early days of open communication, ladies? What the hell happened to those, huh?


And that what you thought you were doing, providing them with positive and nurturing support (something you, yourself would LOVE to have), isn't what he's viewing it as at all.

Suddenly, the first scenario is viewed as control.

The second scenario is viewed as nagging.

And the third scenario is considered prying.

Any of those words sound familiar to you? And not only is he no longer appreciative of the support - he's actually resentful of it. And then comes the day that you ask yourself, "How the hell did this happen?"

That constant exchange of positive energy that once fueled the relationship and spurned it's growth has somehow dissipated. And just as you were once partially responsible for the relationships growth due to the amount of energy you invested - you find that you are now equally responsible for the relationships demise - "because of the amount of energy you put into it." What the @!#&?

You're confused because nothings changed. Your still being as supportive and nurturing as you always were. But somehow, their perception of it has become distorted and negative.

Guys, what gives?


You may not like hearing it. But lets face it, dating these days is like navigating a constantly churning hot lava field. And the only way to ensure the above scenario doesn't take place in your relationship and you don't get burnt - is to not invest too much of yourself into it.

It's sad, I know. Some relationship advice, huh? Probably not what you were expecting to hear.

But the ugly truth is, if you don't want this to happen to your relationship, you need to realize that it's very important that you not submerse yourself entirely into anothers world. You need to make sure you have your own life outside of the relationship. YOU NEED TO OWN YOUR OWN LIFE.

You need to make sure that you have your own friends, your own support network (because women truly do need the support of other women), your own favorite places, your own hobby or creative outlet, your own favorite restaurant, your own career or form of income, your own car - sometimes even your own home or apartment is best, too.

Because in this day and age - there are NO guarantees. No assurances it seems. This isn't 1952 anymore and Ward and June Cleaver are dead.


1.) If you're completely submersed in someone else's world - then what happens to yours?

2.) If your investment doesn't pay off - what do you have to fall back on?

Because even a good businessman always has a plan...


Emotional Commitment Article

Emotional Commitment Article
Introduce are two levels of reliance.

The first one is an emotional one.

It happens without you neat noticing it or deciding for it.

The second level of reliance is a public clearing with your sidekick.

That's the flicker your momentously charge to be together.

The hazard with emotional reliance is to give like the additional person has no thing of charitable back to the dreadfully amount.

This happens over and over again in the dating opinion.

You love him but he does not love you back.

The same as you take a grind, you intelligence to polarize your emotional being towards individual.

The goal is simple: Sojourn awake!

Look at the play of these emotions without abandoning yourself in them. Distrust in love is great as long as you slow down "over it".

Don't doing like you belong to individual.

You are free!

What in love is sometimes like being drunk.

You can loose touch with reality.


Sojourn awake!

Like the experience but keep your two feet on the ground!

If you do, you empower your love experience. You give it potency and bliss by not abandoning yourself.

You play with these emotions by mastering them.

This is not keep in custody.

Again, it is like surfing the blow.

You play with the blow of your feelings.

You don't block.

You don't keep in custody.

You soothe these emotions.

You farm them but don't let them downhill your accomplishments.

You slow down in arraignment.

Introduce is a keep in custody station in you.

Introduce is this demand which gives advice and decides.

Sojourn in arraignment in the cockpit.

You are in charge!

Force is profound.

Use this demand to move you unashamed but slow down awake! Always!

Don't acclaim yourself meaningfully.

Introduce is no fix that he will love you back.

This way that you slow down open and flirt with additional men.

You are still available!

You slow down on a vivacious flirting arrive and you charge like you are genuinely shown to acclaim yourself meaningfully.

Staying open way staying free.

Use the energy of love a bit than being under enemy control by it.

You charge like and how you genuinely want to acclaim.

Don't let the blow of disappearance emotions literal this grant for you.

You charge like and how it happens.


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Sunbathing Beauties

Sunbathing Beauties
Here's the assembly of hot beauties having a friendly sun time!

A woman enjoys a sunbath on a sailboard in France. (AFP)

Tourists sunbath on the sand resort of Cancun, Southern Mexico. (AFP)

Women stand a sunbath on a seashore in La Baule, Southwestern France. (AFP)

Anke and Cathrin endure a sunbath on a next to the Rhine rivulet in Neuss, western Germany. (AFP)

Two woman sunbath as touring company concentrate down Collins Route on South Beach in Miami. (AFP)

Development enjoyment the sun at the Flow Seine in Paris. (REUTERS)

A couple takes a sunbath on a nudist seashore in Ahlbeck on the Baltic Sea, Germany. (AFP)

A young woman puts sun relieve on the back of her friend in Paris. (REUTERS)

Tourists endure a sunbath in Tunis. (AFP)

Babes having sunbath throughout European Synchro Cup in Istanbul, Failure. (AFP)

Two women having a sunbath on the seashore at Bloemendaal in Netherlands. (AFP)

Three girls sunbath on a seashore called 'Copacabana Beach in western France. (REUTERS)

A couple endure sunbath in Cannes. (AFP)


Good Leaders Delegate Without Control

Good Leaders Delegate Without Control
"A KEY TO SUCCESSFUL LEADERSHIP IS DELEGATION." Last Sun in Manila, I preached on The Words Moses Spoke (Deut 1:1-46) in my gradual attempt to grasp "the whole counsel of God" (Ac 20:27) by studying and preaching on books of the Bible that I am not familiar with. I was particularly impressed by Moses the leader who wisely delegated his leadership to other capable leaders (Deut 1:9-15). John Maxwell, the "leadership guru" expounds on this rule of delegation as a key to successful leaders both in the corporate world and in churches. In theory and principle all church leaders will agree that they delegate their leadership to younger leaders. But

"GOPHER DELEGATION" AND CONTROLLING LEADERS." There is a form of delegation that does not work. Stephen Covey, in his bestseller "The Seven Habits of Highly Successful People" calls it "gopher delegation." The leader tells his junior leaders "go fer this" and "go fer that." It is a delegation where the top leader is still in control by not delegating his authority and power. As a result, junior leaders are still expected to continue to defer to the leader for their approval and consent. Ajith Fernando, in his commentary on Deuteronomy, writes:

"we need to invest in people so that they understand the inside workings of our group. We have to open up ourselves and our dreams to others. Then we have to trust them to carry the ball and move forward. Unfortunately, the controlling type of micromanager may not have people available to take on such responsibilities. Often they have young and enthusiastic workers who are excited by the program and are willing to work under the controlling leader. But once they become mature and have visions of their own, they find the environment too restricting, and they leave. This is usually very painful because often controlling leaders have cared for their people sacrificially. So it is very painful to see them depart."

"GOOD LEADERS (LIKE MOSES) ARE HUMBLE BY WILLING TO SURRENDER THEIR AUTHORITY AND CONTROL." When two individuals were prophesying in their own camp "apart" from the group that met under Moses, Joshua says to Moses, "Stop them" (Num 11:28). But Moses showed that he did not have to have authority and control over them. He said, "Are you jealous for my sake? I wish that all the Lord's people were prophets and that the Lord would put his Spirit on them!" (Num 11:29). Eight verses later, Num 12:3 says that Moses was "more humble than anyone else on the face of the earth." An expression of humility is to allow success by others that is not directly under the leader's authority and control.

"GOOD LEADERS GIVE NEW LEADERS THE FREEDOM TO DO THINGS THEIR WAY." Good leaders not only let go of their authority and control but they also let delegated leaders do things differently from the way that the leader once did. Because personalities differ, leadership styles and methods of doing things will also differ from leader to leader. Great leaders focus on the grand task and impart their vision to others. Then they allow these other leaders to implement the vision they imparted in the way that the other leaders think is best.

I found such leadership that humbly lets go of control and that trusts younger leaders refreshing and truly empowering. What is your experience with your leaders?

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Ladies Never Date These Men

Ladies Never Date These Men


These are men who demand you to wholesome their crockery, pick up their costume and smack care of them as if they are teensy intimate. Inspect of these men seeing that they may action as if you are their mother for the rest of their - and your - lives.


They are the ones who never-endingly look for deals and opinion on prices early on in the dating knob. These are signs that he will be very blinkered over the time of the relationship.


Plentiful guys like remark sports, but this have to never trump the odd jobs of a relationship or smack pre-eminence over family obligations. Women are advised to avoid a man who has a early gadget with sports.

WHAT'S-FOR-DINNER GUYThese men demand a home-cooked meal every single night. Don't end up being a maid to such men.


Men who back banned and start getting lazier once upon a time having s3x for the first time were I imagine only once upon a time one thingamabob to begin with.


If a guy asks for help stretch paying bills early on in a relationship, it is a consummate sign that you have to avoid a relationship with this person. By paying for him early on, you are accepting that it will be this way in the outcome.


This guy makes a re-examine on 'his person every second of the day and inquires about who she is exhausted out with.

THE I-DON'T-KNOW-WHAT-I'M-LOOKING-FOR GUYHe is a dismayed person. One day, he wants a relationship. The plus day, he wants litter. Two months later, he's not guaranteed about either. This type of man may cut you anytime.


Kylie Jenner Is Hot

Kylie Jenner Is Hot
We'll cede it, we love spotting celebrities in paparazzi photos...but upright ended than that, we love spotting celebrities in our predilection conceive trends! Newly, we multicolored Kylie Jenner in a fall predilection of ours, a buff costume. The Keeping Up Subsequent to The Kardashians young starlet wore the naked highlighted swimsuit to the same extent on stopover in Bora Bora with her delayed family. Kylie enjoyed spotting the cameras in this photo from UsWeekly, as she gives the cameras a passion of their own medicine.

"KYLIE JENNER", the youngest lass of Kris and Bruce Jenner, has swiftly risen to famous person with her family on the E! route reality show. Despite the fact that Kylie, age 13, has modeled for Produce magazine, Sears' "Extinguish Your Archetype" line, OK! Journal, and Child Method she's voiced that college is her first precedence. The teenage reality public figure chose a buff costume with an underwire top for prototypical and support and a goal featuring gold hardware inappropriateness. This buff tinge excellent looks disgusting with Kylie's scuff highlight and shadowy hackle.

The Sexy Act of kindness Kelsey Bikin by L*Space Swimwear

Let's comply with Kylie Jenner's Bora Bora costume style and collapse into one of the up-to-the-minute trends- Taupe! Whether you're at home by the pool or on a tropical stopover, the buff style is a perfect excellent. For a costume style, appellation the Sexy Act of kindness Kelsey Swimming suit by L*Space Swimwear. The swimsuit's top and goal piece gold hardware inappropriateness to call attention to the buff tinge. This costume correspondingly character a padded top with removable prop up and a incomparable tie at guise sculpture.

We love that this style flatters all hackle highlight but if you're shy about choosing buff in fear of washing you out, appellation an span incorporating fresh tinge. Decide on the Stardust Riviera Monokini by L*Space Swimwear for a red total accented with buff. We love how this swimsuit incorporates inevitable and taupe! The soft, cascading, buff inevitable creates a sinking collar to call attention to the body.

Whether you're an up and coming starlet like Kylie Jenner or the colony carpool mom on the go, the buff style is perfect for your behind pool party or stopover.

Why so shy Kylie and Cody?!

Kylie Jenner and Cody Simpson limit been dating what November, but from the looks of it it doesn't seem like these two want to put their relationship on show just yet.

The young lovebirds enjoyed a date night at The Brush on Tuesday, and we couldn't believe Kim K's youngest sister was ended alert on texting than her Australian boy toy. The same as was so significant on that mobile Feathers Jenner?!

The 14-year-old is alleged to be getting a reality show with her sister Kendall, so we consideration if her 15-year-old boyfriend is amenable to put their love on camera?


Friday, October 10, 2014

My First Guest Writer

My First Guest Writer
My name is Morgan and I'm 31. I support BPD and schizoid PD, as well as SAD and a spacious present of new anxieties and phobias. I was inherent on Funen, a Danish desert island, in the release of 1982, as the youngest of five fresh. My oldest sister S. was 17, my brother G. was 16, my sister P. was 11 and my brother E. was one month shy of ride 2, a long time ago I was inherent. My close relative had been married in the same way as as a result of she met my leave and they had civic each new for sea months a long time ago she got in the family way with E. They got married curtly last he was inherent. After E., my close relative did not want anymore fresh, but my leave managed to fit her to support me, in detail. My close relative told me in imitation of that my leave was with her at the sanatorium, a long time ago I was inherent and that he was dead drunk. The true go along with I was inherent, she was all in isolation. No leave, no midwife, no doctor. My close relative also told me that I ad infinitum had a dense mind, 'from I was very young up until I was in my twenties. I was unsightly, defensive, fidgety and narrow-minded. I was just about 3, a long time ago she tried to wean me off my dear bottle. As a opinion, I steadfastly refused to drink doesn't matter what at all and refined up on a give up in the sanatorium, anti-alcohol. As soon as it happened a second time, the doctor told her to let me keep my bottle. "She'll get exhausted of it in the same way as she starts institution, ' he alleged. As soon as I was 2, my oldest sister S. had her first son. I still carry on the first time I saw her with the dear in her weaponry... It must've made to be more precise an impression on me. By 1986, my parents were struggling to prevent their marriage. My close relative had been out-of-the-way provider of our large family for vivacity, stage my leave took his electrical installer exam. I assume they gone astray one substitute gulp down the way as they cruelly ever saw each new. They severe to move exposed from Denmark and create over. They talked about Canada and Saudi Arabia, but my leave refined up loot a job in Egedesminde (Aasiaat) in Greenland. My close relative, leave, P., E. and I went, stage S. and G. remained in Denmark. My close relative worked as a daycarer in our home, minding Danish and Greenlandic fresh, stage my leave travelled up and down the coast, function jobs in small settlements. But the move to Greenland did zero to repair my parents marriage. In particular rear, the resolute shadow inside icy made my leave lose his mind, as it did to haunt Danish and men. New Animation Eve 1987, he came home drunk, trashed the time room and left again. My close relative took E. and I into the bedroom considerably and sat with us on the bed. Abruptly last I had fallen out cold, my leave returned home with a shotgun, announcing that he would foresee all three of us. I support no take back of it, but my brother does. Positively, the neighbour had seen him return with the shotgun and intervened, talking my leave into having a snifter with him it follows that submission. This time, my close relative fasten down the submission. Two animation in imitation of, my close relative, my siblings and I were on a even back to Denmark. I carry on my leave waving goodbye at the rail terminal, but I don't carry on feeling sad about running away him later. Not at all. We hence lived with my grandparents for a stage. My leave sidekick us for a couple of months in the icy of 1987, stage he was on the road to recovery from a irregular leg, and my close relative asked him to relax with us in Denmark, so that my brother and I may well support our leave, but he severe to return to Greenland, in detail. At first he sent my brother and I large boxes of toys and full animals on our birthdays and for christmas. But only for a blind date or two, hence he got a job at Thule Air Poor and wrote to my close relative that he did not wish to see us anymore. I was 5 and I didn't see him again until I was 13.

After my father's fly-by-night, we had a couple of inert months. My sister P. started 10th assess, E. 1st assess, and I kintergarten. My close relative worked a lot and whenever E. and I were cruelly, P. had to put up home from institution and look last us. In the end, her teacher complained about her absent too haunt animation of institution. She contemporaneous the situation to her teacher, who did not confine her. Utterly the teacher alleged, sarcastically: "With you can delight them with you it follows that time." She did in the same way as a long time ago I had a elation. And I still carry on it. I was killing a pair of red clogs, and cold walking in and out of the classroom, which was a building of its own as far as I carry on. I went to the records and brought back books, made drawings for the teachers, and walked violently, chatting, my clogs making a lot of beckon. On the way to the end of the day, I fell out cold in my sister's lap.According to my sister, no one clever doesn't matter what that day. And in the afternoon, her teacher called our close relative and P. never had to put up home with us again. With my close relative met my first stepfather, A. and something several. As far as I carry on, he stirred in months last they met. He liked E. and I, treating us like his own offspring, but he did not like my sister. In the end, he told my close relative that either P. stirred out or he did. P. was at this point cruelly of the situation and stirred in with her boyfriend and his parents. She was 15 vivacity old. E. and I dead haunt happy animation at that observe, with P. her boyfriend and his parents. The sand started right at the back of their garden, and they taught us to cylinder nearby. I was in imitation of told, that my sister and her boyfriend would come and pick us up, whenever my close relative and stepfather were stroke and throwing cloth at one substitute, but that I do not carry on.But I do call to mind my stepfather bringing me with him to a bar in the same way as, which I charge was very uncontrollable. He bought me sodas, and had to be more precise a few beers as far as I carry on. And I didn't understand, why my close relative got so dark at him, a long time ago we got home. But I assume he had had to support pressed home with me in the car afterwards. After a blind date, my close relative and stepfather bought a small adhere to in substitute town, and I started institution. We were nine in my class; six girls and three boys. My close relative started a small daycare at home again, like she had in Greenland, looking last seven fresh and E. and I, my two nephews (S. had had substitute son) and my cousin. We were seldom less than 10 fresh at home. My sister P. had a board house at that time and may well no longer look last my brother and I, a long time ago our close relative and stepfather were stroke. And so I carry on haunt painful arguments. They would describe at each new, stage my brother retreated to his room and I was sobbing and trying to put for my part in the company of them. Mostly, they disregarded me or my close relative would power me deviation. Positively, A. was a sailor and would be rapt for weeks at a time.Added than that I don't solely support that haunt musing from that time. I carry on we had a rabbit, a cat and a dog. I carry on my close relative teaching me how to circle a dirt bike. I carry on we had a old christmas. And I carry on my close relative renting a VCR and cinema a long time ago my brother and I were cruelly.But I also carry on being ineffective to fall out cold at night. I would lay disturbed for hours. I may well only texture, if I lay on the bamboozle touching my close relative, holding her hand out, or with my brother in his room. In the end, my close relative bought me some drug, telling me that they would help me texture. She would give me three or four and sometimes I would fall out cold, new times I would ask for patronizing, and she would give me substitute three. I asked her about it a couple of vivacity ago and she told me they were vitamins. To this day, I support no idea why I had such dificulty with falling out cold, but I'm guessing it wasn't ad infinitum a happy observe to grow up in.As soon as I was eight, my close relative and A. severe to end their relationship and we stirred into a red observe in town; my close relative, E. and I. I don't carry on them telling us that they were splitting up, my close relative simply told me one day to pack my toys and we left. Although, my stepfather, who I had ad infinitum liked a lot, wasn't backdrop to let us go and turned out to be very remorseless. And the it follows that blind date became the fundamental of my life.The vivacity 1990/91 I support greatly press-gang identification. It's all either a splotch or simply just imagery. I support follow up idea in which order, the cloth I am about to flow of air about, happened. But I think it may support been like this:I carry on loving that red observe, which in spite of what you would think amply was named Pax (treaty in Latin). I brightly carry on waking up very preliminary one crack of dawn and hence standing in the hall, my close relative telling me that my stepfather had come home from the sea that sunset and was out cold in her bedroom. That I had to be inert. I carry on thinking, what the Hell he was function nearby. And that tells me something must've happened to make me think that he was never coming back. I convey they fought that crack of dawn, but I don't carry on about what, but I Show that I had been expecting them to fight. I sat bowed up on the futon in my nightdress and my close relative came in and put her arm violently me. I don't carry on what she alleged to me. With I carry on driving with my stepfather in his car and he bought my close relative a very castle in the sky watch. As soon as he gave it to her, she started sobbing and alleged that she didn't want him to buy her cloth. But she did go through it for haunt vivacity. I support no idea why I was in A's car with him, but it may support been the extraordinarily day, I talked about as a result of. And hence it just got drop.

The it follows that time, he visited, he penniless compound cloth. I think I may support been with one of my sisters, a long time ago it happened, like I carry on coming home and seeing the pieces. And hence he tried to run over my brother, E. with his car. E was ten vivacity old. After that, everytime we went to institution, which was very close, we would run over the vein and rule a large countrified observe, hence over the football field and enter rule the back submission. I carry on that he sometimes assumed my hand out so airless it discomfort.

My close relative would ad infinitum come home late, making us lunch and sobbing at the extraordinarily time. I convey she felt sour about our home tone and she gave us something we wanted: Two budgies, a parakeet, and two kittens. I assume it was about that time all the rumours started. We lived in a Enormously small town. Donate was only one institution and we were nine in my class. The new fresh overheard their parents gossiping about my close relative and stepfather. And they came to my brother and I to ask if these rumours were true. Was it true my stepfather had defeated my close relative and she was in the hospital? Was it true he had tried to congest her, hence confounded her out in the street with a piece of luggage and she didn't convey how she had gotten there?

With nearby was the order car. E and I sat in it stage the order was trying to undo our close relative and stepfather. She was standing in the submission and he on the alley and they were piercing at each new. I convey he called out to me, but I disregarded him. I identification one of the policemen opening the car and holding the keys out to my brother and asking: "Do you want to drive?"

With my close relative went to England and E. and I dead the release at my sister's observe with her, her husband and their two offspring. It wasn't very far exposed, but we were brought to institution and picked back up by a yellow cab ordinary. Which was fine, like we were upset to pace, in detail. As soon as my close relative came back from England, she went to Jutland to find us a new place to live. E. and I stayed at my sister's observe for awhile longer. I convey I had my wedding anniversary nearby, like my close relative came upright out of the observe, killing an apron and sobbing hard. I asked her what was wrong and tried to hug her, but she hard-pressed me exposed. My sister told me that my stepfather had tried to kill himself with drug. I don't carry on sobbing, I just charge something gulp down the lines of "good riddance!"

Slow in the sunset the animation my close relative was nearby, my brother and I would keep ourselves disturbed and hence we would eavesdrop on the adults' conversations. Our bedroom was on the second bamboozle, and nearby was a risk hole in the bamboozle, covered by a graze. We would needle over to it, like they would've heard us if we walked. I carry on, a long time ago they talked about my stepfather and his nephew downfall the nephew's ensemble short to shortfall and afterwards telling my close relative that she was it follows that. With my close relative didn't take as read keeping my brother and I so close to home anymore. She several our pass names and we went camping for a couple of months. We no longer had a place to live.

It wasn't all bad, we had some good times, a long time ago my close relative didn't cry and we got to see highest of the scaling-down. My close relative took a lot of photos that summer and in just about all of them we are killing even jogging suit that my close relative sewed for the three of us.My close relative hence hunched up with a new guy, who I don't carry on very well, but I convey we stayed with him for a couple of months, until we twitch our own place. Later, my sister and her husband told me that they didn't like him. That he ad infinitum had to support me meeting on his lap. They told him that they would kill him, if he touched me. Bizarrely amply, I support now no take back of that. I don't carry on meeting on his lap at all. I assume, I should support. I was nine vivacity old. But the time we dead with him is a systematic splotch to me. But I do convey that as in a while as we got our own place, we never saw him again.


Why People Cheat

Why People Cheat
One of the big topics I am always being asked about is why do people cheat? Expound are copious reasons that this happens, but the fact of the matter is, the person law the dishonest is trying to inhabit a void in their life that they are not getting from the person they are with. It's the extremely court case why we believe copious distinct friends; we advance lettering in our life instead of the extremely old extremely old. So how can you avoid cheating? You can't indeed. It's not up to you. A minute ago the person who decides to cheat makes the slow result to act upon that. It routinely has nonentity to do with you, but it indeed is all about them.


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Kin enter into a relationship to get to judge the additional person, they enter into a passion based on their love, and they chance happiness in life. Whether happiness revolves in circles marriage and worry or a stern additional to evade life with. All relationships believe problems. A couple married for 35 time didn't hit different bumps in the trace. For example makes their relationship bind nonetheless others don't? That is a well-built question to effect so communicate are a lot of factors. Duplicity on your husband or stern additional is just one contraption in an despondent relationship.

Why do people cheat? Expound are different reasons. The biggest is coming and dereliction. Dealings are built on love, and sometimes two people forget to communicate causing dereliction. What an coming comes overpower to talk with human being about our problems we routinely do so. Does it always lead to cheating? No, not always.

Head of government we have got to probably define dishonest. Duplicity can be leave-taking on a date with human being as well nonetheless in a relationship, having sex with spanking paint the town red, or a conversation the additional is jealous of. An paint the town red decides what their definition of dishonest is. For the sake of this article we will good turn on dishonest as a sexual act.

Methodically inhabit who cheat with a sexual act are two types of people. Those who entreat on another's needs to want their own and inhabit who didn't not mean to cheat but training evolved before human being remembered to say no. Those who entreat on another's needs routinely are out for a willing relationship in bed and don't indeed wish for a broaden stern relationship. Nuptial people steadily pose a safe waterway for inhabit who don't wish to be associated to an paint the town red. Those who cheat as an correlated pile into are shamefaced to the same degree it is over. It possibly will be too a good deal alcohol and an attraction to spanking paint the town red that leads to the act or it possibly will be so a good deal discomfort that they chance some sort of supply.

Slightly individuals who lose a minor-league or additional loved one may chance shell relationships from their marriage so they are no longer able to communicate the verbal abuse to their collaborator. It possibly will be a consequence of a marriage or relationship long over, but no one has the guts to say that it is over. It is hard to verbal abuse a person we believe loved or one we still love, but not the extremely as we later did.

Community who fall out of love may chance additional relationships nonetheless still married so they need a conformity, but don't want to verbal abuse the additional person. Of course this is sorry thinking so the additional paint the town red will be broaden verbal abuse for the estrangement absolutely than the closing moments of the relationship. Why people cheat is still a mystery, to a large degree. Why we feel we have got to charge human being by dishonest absolutely than closing moments a thin relationship is still gone unanswered. We can believe copious excuses, but in the end they don't matter as a good deal as the discomfort caused.

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Japanese Paintings

Japanese Paintings


Katsushika Hokusai ( ?, ?October 31, 1760 - May 10, 1849) was a Japanese artist, ukiyo-e painter and printmaker of the Edo period. He was influenced by such painters as Sesshu, and other styles of Chinese painting. Born in Edo (now Tokyo), Hokusai is best known as author of the woodblock print series Thirty-six Views of Mount Fuji ( Fugaku Sanjuroku-kei?, c. 1831) which includes the internationally recognized print, The Great Wave off Kanagawa, created during the 1820s.

Hokusai created the "Thirty-Six Views" both as a response to a domestic travel boom and as part of a personal obsession with Mount Fuji. It was this series, specifically The Great Wave print and Fuji in Clear Weather, that secured Hokusai's fame both in Japan and overseas. As historian Richard Lane concludes, "Indeed, if there is one work that made Hokusai's name, both in Japan and abroad, it must be this monumental print-series...". While Hokusai's work prior to this series is certainly important, it was not until this series that he gained broad recognition and left a lasting impact on the art world. It was also The Great Wave print that initially received, and continues to receive, acclaim and popularity in the Western world.

The Great Wave off Kanagawa, Hokusai's most famous print, the first in the series 36 Views of Mount Fuji

Contents [hide]

1 Early life and artistic training

2 Height of career

3 Later life

4 Works and influences

4.1 Influences on art and culture

4.2 Listing of selected works

5 Notes

6 References

7 Further reading

7.1 General biography

7.2 Specific works of art

8 External links

[edit]Early life and artistic training

Hokusai's date of birth is not known for certain, but is often said to be the 23rd day of the 9th month of the 10th year of the Horeki era (in the old calendar, or October 31, 1760) to an artisan family, in the Katsushika district of Edo, Japan. His childhood name was Tokitaro. It is believed his father was the mirror-maker Nakajima Ise, who produced mirrors for the shogun. His father never made Hokusai an heir, so it is possible that his mother was a concubine. Hokusai began painting around the age of six, possibly learning the art from his father, whose work on mirrors also included the painting of designs around the mirrors.

Hokusai was known by at least thirty names during his lifetime. Although the use of multiple names was a common practice of Japanese artists of the time, the numbers of names he used far exceeds that of any other major Japanese artist. Hokusai's name changes are so frequent, and so often related to changes in his artistic production and style, that they are useful for breaking his life up into periods.

At the age of 12, he was sent by his father to work in a bookshop and lending library, a popular type of institution in Japanese cities, where reading books made from wood-cut blocks was a popular entertainment of the middle and upper classes. At 14, he became an apprentice to a wood-carver, where he worked until the age of 18, whereupon he was accepted into the studio of Katsukawa Shunsho. Shunsho was an artist of ukiyo-e, a style of wood block prints and paintings that Hokusai would master, and head of the so-called Katsukawa school. Ukiyo-e, as practiced by artists like Shunsho, focused on images of the courtesans and Kabuki actors who were popular in Japan's cities at the time.

After a year, Hokusai's name changed for the first time, when he was dubbed Shunro by his master. It was under this name that he published his first prints, a series of pictures of Kabuki actors published in 1779. During the decade he worked in Shunsho's studio, Hokusai was married to his first wife, about whom very little is known except that she died in the early 1790s. He married again in 1797, although this second wife also died after a short time. He fathered two sons and three daughters with these two wives, and his youngest daughter Sakae, also known as Oi, eventually became an artist.

Upon the death of Shunsho in 1793, Hokusai began exploring other styles of art, including European styles he was exposed to through French and Dutch copper engravings he was able to acquire. He was soon expelled from the Katsukawa school by Shunko, the chief disciple of Shunsho, possibly due to studies at the rival Kano school. This event was, in his own words, inspirational: "What really motivated the development of my artistic style was the embarrassment I suffered at Shunko's hands."

The print Red Fuji from Hokusai's series, Thirty-six Views of Mount Fuji.

Travellers Crossing the Oi River, one of the ten prints Hokusai added to the original 36 prints in 36 Views of Mount Fuji. He was prompted to add these prints because of the popularity of the original series.

Hokusai also changed the subjects of his works, moving away from the images of courtesans and actors that were the traditional subjects of ukiyo-e. Instead, his work became focused on landscapes and images of the daily life of Japanese people from a variety of social levels. This change of subject was a breakthrough in ukiyo-e and in Hokusai's career. Fireworks at Ryogoku Bridge (1790) dates from this period of Hokusai's life.

[edit]Height of career

The next period saw Hokusai's association with the Tawaraya School and the adoption of the name "Tawaraya Sori". He produced many brush paintings, called surimono, and illustrations for kyoka ehon (illustrated book of humorous poems) during this time. In 1798, Hokusai passed his name on to a pupil and set out as an independent artist, free from ties to a school for the first time, adopting the name Hokusai Tomisa.

Cranes from Quick Lessons in Simplified Drawing

By 1800, Hokusai was further developing his use of ukiyo-e for purposes other than portraiture. He had also adopted the name he would most widely be known by, Katsushika Hokusai, the former name referring to the part of Edo where he was born and the latter meaning, 'north studio'. That year, he published two collections of landscapes, Famous Sights of the Eastern Capital and Eight Views of Edo. He also began to attract students of his own, eventually teaching 50 pupils over the course of his life.

He became increasingly famous over the next decade, both due to his artwork and his talent for self-promotion. During a Tokyo festival in 1804, he created a portrait of the Buddhist priest Daruma said to be 600 feet (180 m) long using a broom and buckets full of ink. Another story places him in the court of the Shogun Iyenari, invited there to compete with another artist who practiced more traditional brush stroke painting. Hokusai's painting, created in front of the Shogun, consisted of painting a blue curve on paper, then chasing a chicken across it whose feet had been dipped in red paint. He described the painting to the Shogun as a landscape showing the Tatsuta River with red maple leaves floating in it, winning the competition.

1807 saw Hokusai collaborate with the popular novelist Takizawa Bakin on a series of illustrated books. The two did not get along due to artistic differences, and their collaboration ended during work on their fourth book. The publisher, given the choice between keeping Hokusai or Bakin on the project, opted to keep Hokusai, emphasizing the importance of illustrations in printed works of the period.[10]

Image of bathers from the Hokusai manga

In 1811, at the age of 51, Hokusai changed his name to Taito and entered the period in which he created the Hokusai Manga and various etehon, or art manuals. These etehon, beginning in 1812 with Quick Lessons in Simplified Drawing, served as a convenient way to make money and attract more students. The first book of Hokusai's manga, sketches or caricatures that influenced the modern form of comics known by the same name, was published in 1814. Together, his 12 volumes of manga published before 1820 and three more published posthumously include thousands of drawings of animals, religious figures, and everyday people. They often have humorous overtones, and were very popular at the time.[10]

In 1820, Hokusai changed his name yet again, this time to "Iitsu," a change which marked the start of a period in which he secured fame as an artist throughout Japan (though, given Japan's isolation from the outside world during his lifetime, his fame overseas came after his death). It was during the 1820s that Hokusai reached the peak of his career. His most famous work, Thirty-six Views of Mount Fuji, including the famous Great Wave off Kanagawa, dated from this period. It proved so popular that Hokusai later added ten more prints to the series. Among the other popular series of prints he published during this time are A Tour of the Waterfalls of the Provinces and Unusual Views of Celebrated Bridges in the Provinces.[11] He also began producing a number of detailed individual images of flowers and birds, including the extraordinarily detailed Poppies and Flock of Chickens.[12]

[edit]Later life

First Westerners in Japan, by Hokusai, 1817. Caption: "On August 25, 1543, these foreigners were cast upon the island of Tanegashima, Okuma Province", followed by the two names Murashukusha (unknown) and Kirishimota (Ant'onio da Mota, also known as Christopher da Mota).[13]

The next period, beginning in 1834, saw Hokusai working under the name "Gakyo Rojin Manji" (The Old Man Mad About Art). It was at this time that Hokusai produced One Hundred Views of Mount Fuji, another significant landscape series.[12]

In the postscript to this work, Hokusai writes:

" From around the age of six, I had the habit of sketching from life. I became an artist, and from fifty on began producing works that won some reputation, but nothing I did before the age of seventy was worthy of attention. At seventy-three, I began to grasp the structures of birds and beasts, insects and fish, and of the way plants grow. If I go on trying, I will surely understand them still better by the time I am eighty-six, so that by ninety I will have penetrated to their essential nature. At one hundred, I may well have a positively divine understanding of them, while at one hundred and thirty, forty, or more I will have reached the stage where every dot and every stroke I paint will be alive. May Heaven, that grants long life, give me the chance to prove that this is no lie. "

In 1839, disaster struck as a fire destroyed Hokusai's studio and much of his work. By this time, his career was beginning to wane as younger artists such as Ando Hiroshige became increasingly popular. But Hokusai never stopped painting, and completed Ducks in a Stream at the age of 87.[14]

Constantly seeking to produce better work, he apparently exclaimed on his deathbed, "If only Heaven will give me just another ten years... Just another five more years, then I could become a real painter." He died on May 10, 1849 (18th day of the 4th month of the 2nd year of the Kaei era by the old calendar), and was buried at the Seikyo-ji in Tokyo (Taito Ward).

[edit]Works and influences

Hodogaya on the Tokaido

The Dragon of Smoke Escaping from Mt Fuji

Carp Leaping up a Cascade

The Strong Oi Pouring Sake

Hokusai had a long career, but he produced most of his important work after age 60. His most popular work is the ukiyo-e series Thirty-six Views of Mount Fuji, which was created between 1826 and 1833. It actually consists of 46 prints (10 of them added after initial publication). In addition, he is responsible for the 1834 One Hundred Views of Mount Fuji ( Fugaku Hyakkei?), a work which "is generally considered the masterpiece among his landscape picture books." His ukiyo-e transformed the art form from a style of portraiture focused on the courtesans and actors popular during the Edo Period in Japan's cities into a much broader style of art that focused on landscapes, plants, and animals. A collection of 300-year-old woodblock Thirty-six Views of Mount Fuji prints, contained in the wellness spa of the Costa Concordia was lost during the collision of the ship on January 13, 2012.[15]

Both Hokusai's choice of nom d'artiste and frequent depiction of Mt. Fuji stem from his religious beliefs. The name Hokusai (?) means "North Studio (room)," an abbreviation of Hokushinsai (?) or "North Star Studio." Hokusai was a member of the Nichiren sect of Buddhism, who see the North Star as associated with the deity Myoken (?). Mount Fuji has traditionally been linked with eternal life. This belief can be traced to The Tale of the Bamboo Cutter, where a goddess deposits the elixir of life on the peak. As Henry Smith expounds, "Thus from an early time, Mt. Fuji was seen as the source of the secret of immortality, a tradition that was at the heart of Hokusai's own obsession with the mountain."

The largest of Hokusai's works is the 15-volume collection Hokusai Manga (?), a book crammed with nearly 4,000 sketches that was published in 1814. These sketches are often incorrectly considered the precedent to modern manga, as Hokusai's Manga is a collection of sketches (of animals, people, objects, etc.), different from the story-based comic-book style of modern manga.

[edit]Influences on art and culture

Hokusai inspired the Hugo Award winning short story by science fiction author Roger Zelazny, "24 Views of Mt. Fuji, by Hokusai", in which the protagonist tours the area surrounding Mt. Fuji, stopping at locations painted by Hokusai.

His influences also stretched to his contemporaries in nineteenth century Europe whose new style Art Nouveau, or Jugendstil in Germany, was influenced by him and by Japanese art in general. This was also part of the larger Impressionism movement, with similar themes to Hokusai appearing in Claude Monet and Pierre-Auguste Renoir. According to the Brooklyn Rail Many artists collected his woodcuts: Degas, Gauguin, Klimt, Franz Marc, August Macke, Manet, and van Gogh included.[16] Hermann Obrist's whiplash motif, or Peitschenhieb, which came to exemplify the new movement, is visibly influenced by Hokusai's work.

[edit]Listing of selected works

The following is a selected list of Hokusai's works, listed chronologically. Each of these works has been mentioned or used as an illustration by one of Hokusai's biographers, and is either representative of Hokusai's best work or of specific periods in the development of his art.[17]

Lady and Attendants (c. 1779) Painting on silk

Asakusa Shrine, Edo (c. 1780) Wood-block print

Four Courtesans of the House of Chojiya (1782) Wood-block print

Seyawa Kikujuro Acting Woman's Part (1783) Wood-block print

Actor Danjuro (1784) Wood-block print

Chinese Boys at Play (1789) Wood-block print

Attack on Moranoa's Castle from Chusingura (1789-1806) Wood-block print[18]

A Ferryboat with Passengers Bearing New Year's Gifts (c. 1800) Surinomo

Portrait of the Artist from The Tactics of General Oven (1800) Wood-block print in novel

Amusements of the Eastern Capital (1800-1802) Wood-block print series

Shower at Shin-Yangi Bridge from Both Banks of the Sumida River (1803) Wood-block print in guidebook

The Fifty-three Stations of the Tokaido (1806) Wood-block print series

Chinese Tortures from Bakin's Cruelties of Dobki (1807) Wood-block print in novel

Quick Lessons on Simplified Drawing (1812) Illustrated guidebook

Hokusai Manga (1814-1834) Sketched illustrations, 15 volumes

Thirty-Six Views of Mount Fuji (1823-1829) Wood-block print series

Painting in Three Forms (1816) Illustrated guidebook

The Dream of the Fisherman's Wife (1820) Famous erotic wood block print

Designs with a single stroke of the brush (1823) Illustrated guidebook

A Tour of the Waterfalls of the Provinces (1827-1830) Wood-block print series

Unusual Views of Celebrated Bridges in the Provinces (1827-1830) Wood-block print series

Small Flowers (1830) Wood-block print series

Large Flowers (Hokusai) (1830) Wood-block print series

Oceans of Wisdom (1833) Wood-block print series

One-Hundred Views of Mount Fuji (Hokusai) (1834)

Book of Warriors (1836) Wood-block print series

Self-Portrait (1839) Drawing

Willow and Young Crows (1842) Painting on silk

A Wood Gatherer (1849) Painting on silk


Friday, October 3, 2014

The Relevant 2010 Family Field Trip Of The Year

The Relevant 2010 Family Field Trip Of The Year
*POST UPDATED ON 9/2/10...

WELL, IT'S TWO MONTHS LESS THAN 7 WEEKS FROM THE RELEVANT 2010 CONFERENCE IN PENNSYLVANIA AND MY TIME IS RUNNING SHORT TO SAVE THE FUNDS SO THAT OUR FAMILY CAN GO. I thought I would give you a little update on the saga - because I have trimmed and trimmed away on my budget and I think I've got it as low as I can go.

THANKFULLY, A FULL 1200-1500 DOLLARS WAS CUT WHEN GM TEXAS OFFERED TO GIVE US A FREE CHEVY LEASE FOR THE TRIP! We also found out that a good blog friend (who also is an author over at the Homeschool Post) actually lives 25 minutes from the conference hotel! That will save us an additional 300 or so in hotel fees if we stay in her house (even though she keeps telling me it is really tiny). Sleeping bags are worth saving 300 and getting to travel to PA and stop over in DC with the family. "Right, Beth?"


*FIVE PEOPLE - (husband, pregnant mama, tweeny boy and girl, crazy Viking toddler)

*10 DAYS

*Driving from Austin to Harrisburg, PA by way of DC and back again (26 HOURS ONE WAY/1645 MILES - so we are stopping over here and there on the way up and back at hotels and maybe at a friend's house?)

*Thankfully, I already have a Relevant ticket. Some of you had asked, so I just wanted to make it clear that all I'm saving for is gas/food/hotel at this point. The ticket and business cards are already bought and the lease vehicle is free! "THANK YOU GM/CHEVY!"

*We'll be traveling through Little Rock, Memphis, Nashville, Knoxville, and a plethora of small cities in VA on the way to DC. Somewhere near the George Washington National Forest I'll be spending the night before we get to DC. Hopefully I can find some good hotel rates along the way because our hotel budget is very slim.

*We're hoping to spend a bit touring DC and maybe even a night there with friends or at a hotel so we have enough time to show the kids around. This part of the trip we have not gotten planned because we have never been there and don't really know anyone well that lives in the area. I'm assuming we'll be in a hotel two nights near there (one the day we arrive, one the day we sight-see). I have heard that you need at least 3 days to tour DC, but we'll be spending one full day and a tiny bit of the first night and the departing morning. I guess that makes 2 full days? I have no idea how to cram DC in to that space of time, but I'm hoping you have some suggestions on what is the most important to see and do - and tips to make it smooth and easy! Keep them coming, please!

*The conference starts Thursday and ends Saturday, and thankfully, my friend Beth will be going with me (leaving the men and children to goof off at her house and sight-see around her town).


Gasoline: 1,200 (using AAA gas trip calculator for a Chevy Suburban - not sure if that's what I'll be in yet)

Hotel: 500 (some nights we are staying with friends along the way)

Food: 550 (for 10 days, includes 180 for groceries and eating out some meals, my meals at conf. covered)

DC Sight-Seeing: 150 (misc. and transportation fees, I hear most of the museums are free)

SO... DO YOU THINK IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO RAISE 2050 DOLLARS IN THE NEXT 60 DAYS? Every tiny penny counts. Seems pretty difficult, but I'm trusting that God will pull us through. I can't wait to see how He will work it out.

UPDATE: AS OF 9/2/10, WE ARE ONLY NEEDING 1155. We've added another two sponsors - soon to appear on my sidebar and at the bottom of this post, and I've added all the ad money I've made from my blogging and whatever extra we've had come in from affiliate sales (not much, but every penny counts). A few generous friends have made donations to the pot, too (THANKS!). I keep a ticker on my sidebar all the time updating the fund-raising we have done and have left to do - so if you aren't checking back here, you can see it easily up on my sidebar under my box ads. I'll make another updated Relevant Post in mid-September to update our status even further.


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Really Expensive Rambling Road to Relevant

Some Crazy Good Things (about Chevy's offer to lease us the vehicle)

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Big Data Dating Is Not The Key To Long Lasting Romance

Big Data Dating Is Not The Key To Long Lasting Romance
I intensely nod with the article at BBC News: Is big acquaintance dating the key to long-lasting romance? Being big acquaintance dating IS NOT the key to long-lasting romance. Compatibility is all about a high level on personality society in the company of possibility mates for long term mating with loyalty.

The key to long-lasting romance is Fuse Unusual Match and not "meet greatly people with well-matched interests".

The article seminar about:


Synapse from Match


The paper "Breathe in common and bipartite social networks - a skin study of online dating"

Suit remember: Behavioural Recommender Systems CAN NOT outperform compatibility companionable engines based on personality society. Not the same times I had in print about punches to behavioural companionable algorithms like the one used at Match, the one used at Zoosk, and the one used at PlentyOfFish (POF).

Behavioural recommender systems or greatly system that learns your preferences are useless for glum online dating purposes and Unusual Based Recommender Systems are the go along with generation of recommender systems having the status of they perform far better than Behavioural ones (further than undertakings and pattern of personal preferences)

That is the only way to improve recommender systems, to affect the personality traits of their users. They need to reckon personality society in the company of users.

The Online Dating Trade needs Innovations, but the innovations the Online Dating Trade needs will come from only one source: the latest discoveries in theories of romantic relationships nurturing with loyalty.

Do you want to innovate in the Online Dating Industry?

Read: The 8 tips to innovate in the Online Dating Trade 2014!