Thursday, July 21, 2011

Older Singles And Online Dating

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Do older singles and online dating really mix? When you think about cutting-edge technology, does your mind automatically jump to images of scientists, engineers, or twenty-somethings playing with high-tech gadgets? Or something else entirely?

Whatever you're thinking of, the fact is that technology is becoming more accessible to people of all ages and backgrounds. One particular aspect of this is online dating. It's not just for the younger crowd -- today, more and more mature singles are turning to dating sites for love. In fact, in a recent New York Times article, Stephanie Rosenbloom points out that older singles might have better luck on dating sites than younger people.

The surge in popularity of online dating sites has led to the development of numerous dating niches, including a niche catering specifically to the 50+ age group. Many people in this age group might be divorced, widowed, or otherwise single. Rosenbloom cites a study conducted by market research firm IBISWorld and the U. S. Census Bureau which concluded that about 37% of people 50 and older are unmarried. Combine that figure with the American divorce rate, and we've got a large proportion of mature singles. And, with the rise of Internet dating, more and more seniors are turning online for dates.

Senior dating sites understand the needs of their members and provide a number of features, including the option to become friends before getting too serious too soon. This fits with the mature dater's mindset, Rosenbloom explains, because older singles are more relaxed about dating and are therefore likelier to take the time to seek partners who share their interests. In contrast, younger daters might feel more pressure to settle down and start a family. Additionally, social networking sites like Facebook have replaced online dating sites for many younger singles.

It used to be that parents would set up personals ads for their children. Today, more children are registering their divorced or widowed parents on dating sites. With their adult children grown up and moved out, it's understandable that single empty-nesters feel lonely. A dating site might offer these mature singles a solution. For many seniors, it's worth a shot. Americans are living healthier and longer, and starting a relationship at 50 or 60 could still yield many years of love and happiness.

Since many senior daters have been married before, they might know a thing or two more about dating than a newcomer to the dating scene. For divorced seniors, online dating offers a second chance at a romantic relationship. For those who have been there and done that, online dating is a way to try and avoid the problems encountered in a previous marriage.

So is it possible to have more than one soul mate in a lifetime? The answer for many widowed seniors is yes. Losing a spouse is painful, but many widowed seniors agree that, when the time is right, a new companion could help fill that empty space again. For widowed seniors, finding a new partner could be a way to move on while still honoring the memory of the departed.

More and more seniors are entering the world of online dating, and dating sites are responding by creating a friendly, welcoming environment for mature daters. It's a promising niche in online dating where the ultimate goal is, of course, to help singles find love. With paid and free dating site options available, it's no wonder that more seniors sign up for dating sites each day. For many, the experience has been truly rewarding. As many of these older adults can happily attest, true love has no age limit.

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