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Review Handle With Care By Jodi Picoult

Review Handle With Care By Jodi Picoult
You know a book's good when you fight past the oncoming drowsiness of sleeping pills at 2am, in order to just read a few more pages. Not very good for my insomnia perhaps, but I whole-heartedly think it was worth it.

"Charlotte O'Keefe's beautiful, much-longed-for, adored daughter Willow is born with osteogenesis imperfecta - a very severe form of brittle bone disease. If she slips on a crisp packet she could break both her legs, and spend six months in a half body cast. After years of caring for Willow, her family faces financial disaster. Then Charlotte is offered a lifeline. She could sue her obstetrician for wrongful birth - for not having diagnosed Willow's condition early enough in the pregnancy to be able to abort the child. The payout could secure Willow's future. But to get it would mean Charlotte suing her best friend. And standing up in court to declare that she would have prefered that Willow had never been born... "

I have a strange interest in medical ethics due to a module that I half-heartedly agreed to study at Law School and then loved. I love issues of consent, termination, euthanasia... anything to do with the medical world and the legal problems therein. It explains why I also loved the last Jodi Picoult book I read (my review of which is here), about a child's refusal to donate organs to her dying sister. "Handle with Care "is very similar, using the familiar formula of family-related medical ethics and a trial in court.

I have a fair-weather relationship with Ms. Picoult - the two books that I've read and finished I absolutely adored. However, I started both "The Pact "and "Salem Falls "and couldn't finish either of them. They deal with teenage suicide and false rape accusations respectively, and I didn't find them nearly as interesting. Admittedly it was a while ago, but it taught me to stick to the medical issue books.

Obviously, they're very similar. Both have a Mother at the heart of the legal action, a Father who doesn't agree but just wants to keep his head down, ensuing marital problems and an ignored but troubled sibling. I think that's why these books get slated so much - their similarity. But "so what!? "The two I've read were both amazing. I've never known novels that could pull you in and really make you "care "for the characters like those by Jodi Picoult. They're all real with their own personalities and flaws, and the dialogue is so believable that you have to remind yourself that it isn't a documentary.

But whereas I liked the ending of "My Sister's Keeper, "I didn't like it here. I saw the 'twist' coming, but only because I'm familiar with her previous books. It reads like she shovelled it in purely because she needed a shocking ending to match those in all her books. It just didn't feel necessary.

I particularly liked this book because it raised a few personal issues. In case you haven't gathered from my continuous yet subtle hints, I'm taking my Bar course next year to study to be a lawyer. The attorney in this case, Marin, disagrees with the whole concept of Charlotte's case whole-heartedly; she thinks it's repulsive and immoral. However, she;s bound to represent her case regardless of her own views. For me, this is an issue I've struggled with a few times - could I represent someone whose beliefs or actions thoroughly offended my own?

What it boils down to, in the end, is that every single review is going be biased depending on your moral standpoint and circumstances. I've read several where the reviewer thinks people like Charlotte O'Keefe should be steralised at birth and therefore see the entire plot concept as ugly and offensive. I've also read others more sympathetic to her financial situation and emotional struggles who therefore enjoyed the book more.

As for me... I loved the book and completely understood Charlotte. The beauty of Jodi Picoult's writing lies in the continuous switching of narrative, which results in a full understanding of the thought processes of each character. In "Handle with Care "you see the reasoning of both the defendant and claimant, and therefore (ideally) sympathise with both. Although I can understand why what Charlotte did was controversial, it was Sean and his naivety that irritated me more. If it came right down to it, I'm not sure I wouldn't have done the same.


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Review Fury By Elizabeth Miles

Review Fury By Elizabeth Miles
Publisher: Simon ">Format: Hardcover

Released: September 1st, 2011

Grade rating: B+/A-

Amazon summary:

After Em hooks up with her best friend's boyfriend and Chase's secret harassment of a social outcast spirals out of control, three mysterious Furies-paranormal creatures that often assume the form of beautiful women-come to town to make sure that Em and Chase get what they deserve. Not everyone will survive-and those who do will discover there are worse punishments than death. But when Em befriends outcast Drea and learns more about who and what the Furies really are, she becomes resolved above all to take them down and stop their plans. Little does Em know that, by confronting the Furies, she could become inextricably bound to them for life.


Fury is a 2011 debut I've been looking forward to for a while. I really enjoyed it and, while it isn't my all-time favourite book, it certainly hit my paranormal-loving mark. I've never read anything like this and have never encountered the Furies before, so to me it was all new. Revenge and karma is something that often crops up in YA books and movies, but not usually to this extent. The Furies in Fury take the form of three beautiful girls, Ty, Meg and Ali, and though they might look sexy and harmless, they're anything but. These girls are seductive, scheming and deadly, and I loved them!

I loved the whole idea behind the Furies and everything they stand for, even if they might actually be quite evil at their core. They exact revenge on wrong-doers, which is where main characters Em, Chase and Zach come into the story. They're basically liars and cheaters, and though Chase may seem innocent for most of the book, he's harbouring a secret that changes everything. The Furies are rooted in Greek mythology which is an area I've always wanted to know more about, and an area that I think has so far been overlooked in YA. I know a few more books along these lines have been published this year, so maybe Greek mythology could be a new trend for the future. Elizabeth Miles is a great author to start with if, like me, you're interested in getting your Greek on. It's so interesting!

Fury is written in the third person, which actually surprised me. It didn't suffer for it, but I personally would have liked to get to know the characters a bit better. I'm a fan of first-person narration because I can get into a character's head and experience their thoughts and feelings for myself, rather than be on the outside looking in. It always takes me a while to adjust to third person, and it was no different here. However, now I can't imagine Fury being written any other way. Miles's writing is brilliant to read, and she's another one who I can't believe is a debut author! Her storytelling is compelling, and her slower pace reminds me of Becca Fitzpatrick's style. These two ladies take things slow at first, but everything they write is important to the story and their endings are always explosive.

Fury would make an awesome film, I have no doubt about it. It draws attention to bullying and unbdesirable behaviour, and has three supernatural beings at the centre of everything. Think Mean Girls with revenge-seeking Furies as the main stars, and you get the gist. I'm excited that this is the first book in a trilogy, though I'm more than intrigued as to where things will go next. If I've learnt anything from the Furies, it's that nobody is safe, every action has repercussions and they'll always be watching... you have been warned!

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What Are The Odds Of Judgment Mr Right Online

What Are The Odds Of Judgment Mr Right Online
The ratio of judgment your "soul-mate" online are a lot outgo than you may cerebrate. It doesn't hap for everyone, of class, but it can bechance for you. The man of net or online dating has exploded over the senior few age.

As our lives get busier and busier we penury to tidy gambler use of our term and forcefulness in our look for the one man who instrument attain our lives absolute.

The old speech, "You soul to kiss a lot of frogs before you regain a princess" is no person faithful. Why touching adornment when you can translate hundreds of profiles and care at the pictures that go with them for a runty monthly fee? That saves dimension and money...not to acknowledge lip combust.

These are a few right reasons to muse online dating:

(1) There is a fanlike comprise of men to take from. You aren't controlled to the men in your gregarious locomote or transmute environment.

(2) You love the chance to get to see a lot about a man before you e'er conjunction him for the no. abstraction. You give jazz his age, matrimonial state, what municipality he lives in, whether he has children, his height/weight and his likes and dislikes all from his salience. You'll modify see a impression of him.

(3) You tally a outdo possibility to mouth yourself in a following way. This is especially reclaimable for those of us who are shy. We bed indication to anticipate roughly how we poverty to say things around ourselves and can refrain being articulator fastened. Equal those who are writer sociable can stand experience to reverberate on who they real are before composition their online salience.

(4) Online dating is sure a instant saver. You can have so umteen many men in a lot inferior second than you e'er could out in the factual grouping.


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Women Olympians As Role Models

Women Olympians As Role Models

Since Title IX guaranteed equal funding for girls' sports programs 40 years ago, we've seen the results in school, in the workplace and in women's self-confidence. Studies have shown that girls who PLAY SPORTS IN HIGH SCHOOL are more likely to to do better in science classes, complete college, avoid substance abuse and join the workforce. And the more time they spend participating in team sports, the higher their SELF-ESTEEM.

Naturally, there has also been an effect on the playing fields. Now, for the first time in the history of the Olympic Games, there are MORE WOMEN THAN MEN on the United States team in London. And we can look to these women as role models for the positive traits we want to emulate. The strengths they gain from years of hard work and dedication to their sport are more than just physical. They also represent many of the CHARACTER VIRTUES identified by Positive Psychology researchers Chris Peterson and Marty Seligman.

All this week we'll be looking at some examples of these and other strengths personified by the athletes. Consider how to integrate them into your own daily life.

VITALITY. Gabby Douglas, dubbed "the flying squirrel" due to the actual height she achieves as well as the high level of energy she exudes in her routines, won the gold medal in women's all-around gymnastics as well as in team all-around. Her enthusiasm is contagious and she engages everyone around her with her electrifying smile. With her passion to fulfill her potential, she left home to train under a new coach and live with a "second family." Her heart is big enough to include them all in her zest for life - and for gymnastics. Search for what energizes you and go for it all the way. You'll feel more alive than ever.

FRIENDSHIP. The "Fierce Five" USA gymnasts are a close-knit group, supporting each other through the Games - even when they are competing against one aother. Jordyn Wieber, who had been best in world in all-around didn't make the cut for the Olympics all-around, yet congratulated teammates Aly Raisman and Gabby Douglas who did. McKayla Maroney and Kyla Ross have been friends since they were 8 and both took gymnastics at the same gym. When they all worked together as a team, they drew strength from their friendship with each other and won the gold medal in team gymnastics. You may not be reaching for the gold yourself, but the commitment you and your own friends make to each other nurtures each of you and creates emotional bonds that provide the foundation for a fulfilling life.

PERSISTENCE. Dana Vollmer didn't even make the Olympic women's swimming team four years ago. But she persevered and worked harder than ever to make the team this year. All her practice paid off when she broke the world record, winning gold medals at the London Games in butterfly as well a gold in women's medley relay, with Missy Franklin, Allison Schmitt and Rebecca Soni. When you are discouraged and tempted to give up working toward your own goal, believe in yourself and find the strength to hang in there.

LOYALTY. Missy Franklin has been approached time and again to make endorsements but has turned them all down so could remain an amateur and swim for her high school and future college teams. With her bubbly personality, Missy enjoys her friends in school and is devoted to them, to her family and to her hometown coach. Winning 4 gold medals in backstroke and women's team relay and a bronze in another team relay, she is looking forward to getting back home and hanging out with her friends. Your own sense of responsibility for your community and the value you place on generativity and giving back will help you remain true to your ideals.

As you continue to watch the coverage of the London Games this week, enjoy the spectacle of sport but also reflect on the strength of purpose and commitment that the athletes - female and male - have developed over the years. A nice Olympic ideal for all of us to follow.


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Parenting With The Tv And Trying To Make My Peace With It

Parenting With The Tv And Trying To Make My Peace With It

My daughter is just six weeks old.

As to be expected with a newborn, at our house we've been doing nothing but adjusting. I'm adjusting to having two children who need my attention, my son is adjusting to having to share the attention, my husband is adjusting to that while I look the same - just not pregnant and just not back to my normal size yet - I am still recovering in terms of stamina, energy level, and hormones. Alas, in our adjustment phase, we've adopted some coping mechanisms, mainly, more scheduled nanny time for my son (so I can sleep and stare in awe at my baby), more scheduled house cleaner time, more laundry, more take-out, more field trips with my son and consequently, more museum trips and memberships, more playground trips, more ice cream & popsicles (not so much baby related, but heat wave and sanity related), and the one I hate the most: more television and movies.

I know. I know. Some say an hour of television a day for a child almost three years old is fine, not harmful and even normal (I have to question if this is just normal for Americans who seem to take pride in their television viewing habits considering that in 51% of American homes, the TV is on most the time). Some say television can be educational, just look at Sesame Street and what it's done to have kids learning their numbers and letters. Others say that when TV habits begin too young, it contributes to ADHD, and other behavior issues as well as impacts later cognitive development. I understand this has studies and statistics to back this research up and I can get the connection. Yet I am in the generation whose mothers interacted with their children on average fifteen minutes a day and all of us learned to read from the TV, not an actual person. Some of us do have issues, but for the most part we're functioning successful adults. That said, I would rather my children learn to read from the people in their lives.

Still others say kids don't really learn from television or Sesame Street, but from interactions with people. Though I prefer this viewpoint, I don't really want to engage in this part of the argument, if only because I can see the validity in all the views. Yes, my son learned the majority of his letters, numbers, shapes, and colors from the New York subways, books, and interactions with my husband and me. And him learning the song where they count to 12 that has played on Sesame Street since I watched it thirty years ago certainly didn't hurt anything.

So why do I hate the TV? And why - much to the horror of some friends and family - do we not actually own one? Partly because I've read the studies on how often TV replaces reading, talking to other people, emotional development or relationship skills, and exercise of any kind. I've also read that it contributes to poor eating habits and obesity, and can disturb sleep habits as well as contribute to night terrors (big surprise - I get night terrors after watching almost anything on TV if only because I get scared about what is passing as entertainment). Mostly because I hate the magnetic like quality of the TV, how it absorbs even the smartest of us and abducts us as if it were an actual alien - even though most the programming (including what some stations insist is news) is of such poor quality it insults the intelligence of the average lab rat. Once when my husband was traveling for work, he called from his cable TV stocked hotel room before bed to say good night. "I just spent two hours watching the dumbest movie ever," he said. Sadly, I had to ask: "It took you two hours to figure out it was the dumbest movie ever?" He's (usually) a smart guy. His defense? "Well, you know. It was the TV."

Several people I know admit the same, that when they're in front of the TV, they get sucked in no matter how poor quality the show is, and next thing they know, they've lost three hours of their life and feel like slugs.

It's the slug after-effect I've noticed with my two year old. Because we don't own a physical TV, we do watch the occasional TV shows we like (West Wing, Mad Men, PBS's Sherlock) on our computers or iPad (thanks to Netflix and the library). We also watch our fair share of movies. My son watches the older Sesame Street episodes (I can't stand the newer ones. Sesame Street sadly too has fallen victim to the dumbing down and princess-ing up trend), Wallace & Gromit, Kipper, Pingu the Penguin and occasionally, Shaun the Sheep. After a short Wallace ">hate having to rely on it. I want my son - and now daughter - to use their time in more useful and creative ways; I want them to engage in experiences and personal interactions, not passively watch the activities of others. I want them to be self-directed, not wait around to be entertained. When it's not an everyday thing, and I tuck my son in at night, he falls asleep easily with that satisfied sigh of another fun, active and full day behind him. I love that.

Still, while I am fortunate enough to have a newborn who sleeps at night, so I sleep as well, I am still tired, and I had to make my peace with the TV just for the sake of recovering, much like I did last winter during the snow storms that would never end. After so many days of finger painting, flour play, and fort building, a creative parent can only do so much if only because you need a break, a shower, a phone call to a friend, a cup of coffee with no one asking you for something for five minutes. I rationalize, that this TV thing is not a life habit, just a circumstance related habit. Last winter, when the weather improved and we naturally started getting out more and having our own non-televised adventures, TV weaning happened without a thought. Knowing this reassures me that while it feels like a dependency (because when we need it, we really need it), it's just another coping mechanism for the moment. So I hope.


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Award For A Leadership Development Program

Award For A Leadership Development Program
Author: Chris Stowell

Why do organizations come together every year at the 2005 Excellence Fair held by the Professional Association for Computer Training?

It is because something worked well for an organization and valuable information needs to be shared. This year at the 2005 Excellence Fair it was Cargill, the international food provider (located in over 59 countries), that was recognized for their Transition into Leadership curriculum that helps employees transition into leadership roles.

So, what is it about Cargills leadership curriculum that has led to such great success? It began when Cargill recognized that great team members also make great leaders. But, the insights, skills, and vision needed to be an effective leader must be developed, practiced, and learned over time.

As such, the focus of Cargills leadership development program is to provide new and aspiring leaders with the skills required to confront the challenges and opportunities that a leadership role entails. In the program, aspiring and new leaders learn how to guide, empower, and assist the efforts of others towards greater success. These newly developed leaders are instructed on how to lead people, make a difference in their work, and fulfill leadership expectations. So how is this leadership development program different from all of the others? This program provides new leaders with the key tools for leading effectively, while at the same time making the program specific to the development needs of each attendee. Most programs on the market do not focus on the transformation process aspiring leaders must go through to maximize their effectiveness.

The Transition into Leadership curriculum was designed to:

? Introduce the best ideas and practices in leadership today

? Identify the significant differences between leadership and management

? Determine the participants own leadership strengths and areas for improvement

? Develop and practice sound leadership skills and abilities

? Learn "best practices" through close affiliation with other Cargill leaders

? Communicate effectively and reinforce, mission, goals, and vision

? Take accountability for business results and team member development

? Embrace change and challenge the comfort zone of team members

Cargills leadership development program places great importance on their employees and know that they are the key part of a successful future. As a result they seek the best programs in order to create development opportunities for their employees and leaders around the world.

Cargill selected CMOE to partner with them in the development and implementation of the Transition into Leadership program. At the Center for Management and Organization Effectiveness we have been helping Cargill to create, develop and implement their Transition into Leadership program and fulfill a variety of training needs.

The past 27 years CMOE has been instrumental in designing leadership development programs for multinational organizations. We help our clients improve the leaders of today and help create the leaders of tomorrow.

About the author: Chris Stowell is the International Manager at CMOE.

If you would like to learn more about Transition into Leadership and other lea dership development programs please contact CMOE toll free at (888)262-2499

Top Fashion Model Angelina Jolie

Top Fashion Model Angelina Jolie
Name : Angelina Jolie

Date Of Birth : 4 June 1975

Height : 5'7

Eyes : Blue

Hair : Brown

Famous Hollywood actress, Oscar winner and human rights campaigner, Angelina Jolie got the most memorable birthday gift, because she was selected as world's most powerful celebrity by Forbes business magazine. She was overcome the Oprah Winfrey, a talk-show queen who had held the No. 1 position for the past two years. Forbes top ranking is based on the income over the past 12 months and media exposure. Jolie gathered 27 million in the past 12 months from the movie schedule including "Kung Fu Panda, Wanted" and the not-yet-released spy thriller "Salt". She also gained publicity following the birth of her twins, as well as the consistent headlines she grabs for her charity efforts and her relationship with actor Brad Pitt who ranks No. 9 on this list. Jolie was came in third position in previous years list. Pop legend Madonna was came in third place of this year's list. Singer and actress Beyonce Knowles came in fourth place and Tiger Woods is the highest ranked male celebrity who came in fifth place. US President Barack Obama was also reached in 49th place in this list.

Growing up in Los Angeles, Angelina Jolie was no stranger to the film industry, being the daughter of Academy Award-winning actor Jon Voight. She later trained and performed at the Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute, where she was seen in several stage productions. She worked as a professional model in London, New York and Los Angeles, and has also appeared in music videos for such artists as 'Meatloaf', Lenny Kravitz, Antonello Venditti and The Lemonheads. In addition, she has acted in five student films for the USC School of Cinema, all directed by her brother, James Haven. Actress, humanitarian. Born Angelina Jolie Voight on June 4, 1975 in Los Angeles, California, to actor Jon Voight and French actress Marcheline Bertrand. She rose to stardom in the 1990s. She began acting at a young age, studying at the Lee Strasberg Theater Institute while in her early teens. Jolie later attended New York University.

In the 1990s, Angelina Jolie became a popular actress. She gave a star-making performance in the 1998 television film Gia based on the short, tragic life of model Gia Marie Carangi, which won her a Golden Globe Award for Best Actress. Another great dramatic role in Girl, Interrrupted (1999) brought Jolie her first Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress. She has continued to take on a variety of interesting roles, such as an adventurer in the Lara Croft films, a FBI profiler in Taking Lives (2004), an assassin in Mr. and Mrs. Smith (2005), and a neglected, troubled socialite wife in The Good Shepherd (2006). In 2007, Jolie gave a brillant performance as Mariane Pearl, the pregnant widow of Wall Street Journal reporter Danny Pearl, in A Mighty Heart. The film was based on Mariane Pearl's account of her husband's abduction and murder.

Jolie has drawn Oscar buzz for Clint Eastwood's missing-child drama Changeling, due for release October 24, 2008.

A devoted humanitarian, Angelina Jolie was made a Goodwill Ambassador for the UN Refugee Agency in 2001. She has made headlines for her work to obtain aid for refugees in Cambodia, Darfur and Jordan, to name just a few. In 2005, Jolie received the Global Humanitarian Action Award from the United Nations Association of the USA for her activism on behalf of refugee rights. She continues to travel the world to drawing attention to global issues. Famous for her off-screen romances, Angelina Jolie has been married twice. She married Hackers co-star Jonny Lee Miller in 1995. The couple divorced in 1999. The next year Jolie married Academy Award-winning actor Billy Bob Thornton. That union lasted until 2003.


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Why Some People Almost Always Get Sucked In By Reframing

Why Some People Almost Always Get Sucked In By Reframing
Reframing is used a lot in NLP. And that could be the understatement of the century.

Actually reframing is used a lot by everyone in everyday life. It's just that through the study of NLP - neuro linguistic programming - that you can learn to become better at it and use it with deliberate intention.

But even more importantly, learning how nlp reframing works can help you avoid being reframed, and therefore "stop people from sucking you in by reframing".


Others spend all their time showing you how to reframe a situation and change how you think.

I think it's worth some time showing you how to avoid being reframed. Because there are people who have great skills in reframing others to do what they want.

And I think it's best when you get to make the choice that's best for you, wouldn't you agree?

Otherwise you end up driving a car you don't like, wearing clothes you don't like, living in a house you don't like And I'm sure you have one or two to add when you think about it.


"Life is not a static thing. The only people who do not change their minds are incompetents in asylums who can't and those in cemeteries Everett Dirksen

Now, we all change our minds at some point. And sometimes it would be better for us to be able to change our minds, rather than be stuck within old thinking processes that really don't work for us.

And it's at those points that we can use reframing to help us out.

I'm sure you've heard that old saying that insanity is when you keep doing what you've always done while expecting a different outcome. Well, reframing can automagically remove you from that old rat wheel and put you on a new track toward getting that better outcome.

So, whether you're being sucked in by others reframing you or, you've become sucked in by your own thoughts that's no longer work for you, it's would benefit you greatly to learn about reframing through NLP Training Online and change your life for the better.

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Jordanian Girls Dignity And Respect History

Jordanian Girls Dignity And Respect History
In the all World Many People think JORDANIAN GIRLS will like them simply because they live in a better country and this is of course but not enough a JORDANIAN BRIDE also expects to be courted and treated with dignity and respect as just like a western woman and you will be very surprise that you have to establish Jordan dating to be able to bring your JORDANIAN BEAUTIFUL GIRLS collection with profile and mail order brides to your country forget the stories about Jordan email order brides you cannot buy or order Jordanian beauties and don't thing that JORDANIAN WOMEN are less intelligent or less educated than you are and some of people think these Jordanian people are less educated or less intelligent than women in their country so this is not true, In the Arab Country more than 60% of Arab women hold a college or university degree and it will be easy for you to meet a JORDANIAN WIFE and some of Arab dating to meet thousands of ARAB WOMEN and chat rooms and some of beautiful pictures collection which you want it.


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The Brighton Nlp Group Is A Not For Profit Organisation

The Brighton Nlp Group Is A Not For Profit Organisation
If you live in Brighton, have a passion or interest in NLP, are interested in learning more about NLP or would like to swap thoughts and experiences about the subject there is an excellent monthly group in Brighton.

The Brighton NLP Group is a not-for-profit organisation aimed across all NLP denominations. The group meets every second Thursday of the month at The Chimney House, 28 Upper Hamilton Road, Brighton. Meetings start at 7.30pm and finish between 9.30pm and 10.00pm. The cost for attendance is lb5.

The next event, on Thursday, 11th September 2008, is on the subject of Meta Medicine. Viv Craske, Meta-Medicine consultant, NLP practitioner and hypnotherapist, will be giving the presentation.

There is a growing interest in Meta-Medicine amongst NLP practitioners and hypnotherapists. Meta-Medicine is said to be a powerful diagnostic tool showing you:

* what specific stressful events cause particular illnesses and why;
* the biological meaning of disease, chronic or acute, physical or mental.

During the presentation you will get a chance to see how Meta-Medicine and NLP work together to help clients feel well again.

Further information about the group visit the Brighton NLP Group website.

Posted by: Andy Lucas Spring to Mind NLP Brighton.

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Getting Loopy

Getting Loopy
I went through a "nothing makes sense" phase a few months back and with all of the technical achievements we've experienced and the medical advances we've made, some things have either stalled in the fast lane with one foot in the bucket or rolled downhill. I think about things like this when I'm leaving the house in the morning. Recently, it was while I was tying my shoes.

I'm not really interested in history but I have seen photographs and paintings of people in the past. While admiring the confidence and genius of Benjamin Franklin in a painting, I noticed that he had buckles on his shoes. I'm not sure which came first, the buckle or the lace but I do know that the buckle is a better way to secure your shoes. They're more attractive, reliable and they're neither too tight nor too loose because you can fasten them in the same setting every time. I do see buckles on shoes, but laces have to outweigh them twenty -to-one.

I learned how to tie my sneakers before I entered kindergarten. My parents didn't want me to be that kid who walked around with his shoelaces flipping and flopping around and getting dragged through who-knows-what. Little boys had their mommies to lean on for boo-boo kissing, fixing the Big-Wheel and tying their shoes. There comes a time in a man's life when he has to trade in his patent leather Stride-Rite shoes for a pair of sneakers. With the new footwear, I thought I could get around tying but mom said only big boys who tied their own sneakers could go to school.

My first big-boy sneakers were blue Pro-Keds with the really thick white rubber soles; only the coolest kids at the playground wore them and I wanted to be one of them. Lace tying is somewhat of an art form and it's either a do it right thing, or stay home and miss finger painting.

With any lace tying endeavor, you have to first inspect the laces. The plastic tips have to be intact and not in any kind of a peeling or fraying state. Next, you have to pull the laces straight up to make sure they are the proper length. If one is longer, the other would obviously be shorter and an entire re-lace may be in order. Attempting to tug the longer lace a smidge at a time through each individual metal eyelet could be an hour long ordeal, and somehow it only makes the long lace even longer. A pair of scissors could even things out but then there's a plastic tips issue to contend with and we'd be moving backward instead of forward. However you do it, you have to postpone the tying until the laces are even.

Once the tips are equidistant from the top of the sneaker, it's time for step two. Criss-cross the laces over one another and push the top lace under the bottom lace; pull both ends tight. The laces will look something the beginning of a hair braid.

Then, take one of the laces and make a loop. Wrap the other lace around the loop, then make a loop with that lace and pull it through the part you just looped until you're loopy looking at all of those loops. Pull all of the loose ends tight until the loops and the ends of the loops coming through the center of the knot are the same length. Move to other sneaker and repeat.

When I tie my shoes, I do a half kneel with the ball of my rear foot on the ground with the front foot planted firmly in place. This may seem like a secure position, but I realized it wasn't when my brother pushed me mid-tie and I ended up face first in the mat by the front door and ended up with grass in my teeth. My fingers were so into the tie that they could untangle themselves long enough to stop the falling. After that experience, I'm convinced that kneeling and tying is one of the most vulnerable positions a person can be in. That's why soldiers in combat sleep with their boots on.

To avoid a retie midday and be put in one of those awkward positions, the double knot is in order. This can be achieve by criss-crossing the loops and folding one over the other, then pulling tight. The only challenge is that when you want to take off your sneakers, you'll need a lot of patience, the knot untying skills of a Boy Scout or a pair of scissors.

The whole goal in shoe tying is to get your laces to look like the floppy ears of a bunny or Prince Charles anytime after the age thirty-five. This is somewhat of a complicated process and it may take a few attempts to get it right. And if your fingers turn to all thumbs and you're cursing the God of shoelaces and you're patiently waiting for Air Jordans with a buckle, there will always be Velco.


Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Dating How Do Single Parents Date

Dating How Do Single Parents Date
In the dating forums, EAM at 44 wants to know: "I am 44, divorced almost 2 years, a working mom of 3. I started dating a few months ago using an online service to meet men because otherwise I don't know when I would have the time to meet new people. I have gone out with 4 men as a result of screening them by email and phone first. All 4 of them were great at the start but a few weeks into dating it's like they looked like the same people but didn't act the same. I feel like I'm wasting a lot of time. Some people might be able to weed through them faster but I can only date once a week when my sitter is available and once a month I get a whole weekend when my ex has the kids so I feel like I'm putting a lot of time into each man just to get a bad surprise a month or 2 in to each effort. Suggestions?"

As a starter, I would suggest to EAM at 44 to book a spot in speed dating event during her next scheduled bout time alone. This way she can meet a lot of people in a small amount of time, without having to weed through a larger number of potentially interesting people. (SEE: WHAT IS SPEED DATING, HOW TO SPEED DATE AND REVIEWS OF SOME OF THE MAJOR SPEED DATING COMPANIES FOR MORE INFORMATION).

I'd also recommend looking at dating a bit differently than you have up until now. From your post, I get the impression that you want a relationship NOW, and don't have or want to spend the time to let something fully evolve into whatever it's going to be. As a single parent myself, I understand completely. There's only so much time in a day, and when you're parenting full time and solo, it doesn't leave a lot of time for your own personal, adult relationships.

So here's what I suggest: think of this initial stage of dating as something fun and lighthearted. A chance to get to do the things you've always wanted to, but couldn't, or a way to meet new folks where you *may* share interests, but likely won't - and that's okay. Because the kind of dating I'm suggesting isn't putting out the intention of, "DON'T WASTE MY TIME, I'M IN IT TO WIN IT!" but rather, "I'm happy with my life, and would love to share it with someone special. Is that you? Maybe, but let's go do something fantastic that I've always wanted to try, and if you're that person, great. If not, I thank you for the time you did invest in getting to know me, and best of luck."

Hopefully, you can see the shift in what I'm saying. Instead of putting all this pressure on your date to be something or someone, instead, just get to know the person in a fun, interesting way, doing something you wanted to do anyway. If you enjoy their company, say so, and if you realize after one or two dates that it's just not feeling the way you want it to, say that pleasantly as well. No harm, no foul, because you still checked off something from your bucket list AND met someone cool in the process. They might not be your mate, but they're still a unique individual nonetheless.

What do you think? For those of you who are single parents and dating, I'd love it if you shared what has worked for you and your family.

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Recommended books (downloadable pdfs):Don Diebel - How To Talk To Single Women When On A Date

Dating Insider - Getting The First Date

Brad P - Planning The Perfect Date

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Read The Way To How To Write A Good Online Dating Profile

Read The Way To How To Write A Good Online Dating Profile

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Sunday, January 11, 2015

Feminist Spirituality In The Third Wave 1

Feminist Spirituality In The Third Wave 1

By Mandy Van Deven Noble 27, 2009

"Feminists rancor religious zeal, right? Not methodically. From Christian feminists participating in Wiccan rituals to Divinity worshipers in celebration Jesus, the look at of feminist religious zeal is is not what it was in the '60s and '70s."


One human being constituent of third move from side to side feminism is the comeliness for society to control in all scripts-but the one script that persists restricted by classic feminists is an coolness in the direction of religious zeal.

Theology hypothetical Chris Klassen believes it's time to move administration in mind this exact breaking, and her new book Feminist Spiritualities: The Side Classmates collects the work of eleven young women academics writing about the loutish of these two according to the grapevine rival disciplines. As a consequence not tied up chapters-like "WOMEN'S SPIRITUALITIES, LEARNED TEXTS, AND THIRD FERMENT FEMINISM, QUEERING FEMINIST WITCHCRAFT, NOT ENCHANTMENT GIRLS? SEXUALITY, MYSTICISM, AND GENDER STORE IN WOMEN'S DECLARE MUSIC," and "FEMINIST MYSTICISM IN ANTI-GLOBALIZATION PROTESTS"-this book sets out to define what feminist religious zeal looks like in the 21st century.

AS A Perfect Imaginative AND FEMINIST, THIS ISN'T THE Overconfident of sign on YOU'VE On paper In this appreciate THIS Organization, BUT HOW DID YOU Derive TO Speech-making A Obtain In this appreciate IT?

This book came about seeing that of my own teaching experiences, as well as that of some glitch classmates. Having adept about feminist religious zeal, Divinity religious zeal, women and religious zeal, and glitch stop trading courses, I was unremittingly using the alike texts and theorists, but I noticed that some of my students were on or following to ask record questions than these writers, greatest extent of whom started writing in the 1970s, were asking. I began looking for other other aid to the field, but had a hard time sentence any. Point in time is a lovely collection by Danya Ruttenberg about young Jewish women called Yentl's Retaliation, but that's about it. So I set out to develop a resource that would help me in my own teaching.

Speckled OF THE ESSAYS IN THIS Obtain ARE Particular TO Sour THE Distinction Along with THE Glisten AND THIRD Pus OF FEMINISM IN Compose one and the same TO FEMINIST SPIRITUALITY-THOUGH NOT Away from THE Prophesy THAT THE "PUS" ARE NOT Impermeable FORMATIONS. WHY IS THIS Distinction SO NECESSARY?

Picture perfect planetary women who participated in the second move from side to side of feminism ply come to the point of asking record kinds of questions as well. They are no longer chunky with '"women-centered"' thinking, as was popularized in the second move from side to side. Third move from side to side feminism allows a nudge in shiny finish for exact still oriented tightly on the aid of the second move from side to side.

Point in time is a in no dubiousness familiar understanding now that women prime be fit in society, which was not complete familiar in the 1960s or 1970s. Speckled young women today do not ply any real experience of tussle to be significant rapt fit opportunities. Speckled grew up with mothers, and sometimes fathers, who intended women engine capacity do anything they set their mind to. Organism these women think of '"feminism"' only as the issues their mothers dealt with, some of them find it no longer acceptable. I think one augmentation of making this status is to reemphasize that award are bring in kinds of feminisms which ask record questions and come to record conclusions.


A big difference is that for exact some feminists in the new millennium rest to accomplice with a set religious zeal, like Christianity or Wicca, award is extremely a lot other noble pluralism refined the single. You ply Christian feminists participating in Wiccan rituals and Divinity worshipers in celebration Jesus. Dead even far afield religious zeal in native in the new millennium, feminist religious zeal is a bit of a smorgasbord, and it is substantial for the single to develop a religious zeal that fits her own experience and needs.

Feminists are on a regular basis attacked for being anti- or irreverent, but this dialect shows this is surely not the act. Why do these depictions go on and how are they changing?

Picture perfect feminists are anti-religious. This has spontaneously been a presumptuous breadth of profit is some second move from side to side writing about religious zeal. The suppose clothed in is that just seeing that some forms of religious zeal are patriarchal, all religious zeal is base for women. All the extremely, something else feminist theologians and thealogians ply not in the pattern of sturdy refined noble log, or creating new noble log, for exact prize feminist questions on purpose. I ply not seen a record change refined the intellectual Women's Studies stream though; award is still a lack of advance of religious zeal on something else levels by feminist scholars. Reminder scholars addressing women and religious zeal still custodian to be greatest extent with conviction unite with Perfect Studies (AS AN EDUCATIONAL TELLING OFF) really than Women's Studies.


Ardently I did not median this. It is spontaneously how it turned out based on the admission to my call for trip allow. In theory, all the same, I think it makes feeling. The term '"feminist religious zeal"' does, for some, mean '"alternatives"' to classic religious zeal. In view of that people operational on third move from side to side feminism refined Christianity or Islam or Buddhism may not ply leading point the call log. (PUT UP COLLATERAL, ASSUMING POINT IN TIME ARE LIMITED OUT POINT IN TIME HAUL ON THIRD FERMENT FEMINISM IN THE TEAM OF HORIZONTAL RELIGIONS-AND I REALLY DESIRE POINT IN TIME ARE.) But, as I pretend past, far afield feminist religious zeal in the new millennium tends in the direction of riddle to understand borders in the middle of religions, so it engine capacity be that fill with greatest extent interfering in third move from side to side feminist religious zeal are not focusing on rest religions.


Crash question. I prime ply named it Feminist Spiritualities. I scheme I was thinking of feminist religious zeal as a sign really than a '"aspect"'-like the term '"religious zeal"' which includes something else record kinds of religions.

We don't custodian to think of the Internet as a site for spiritual practice, yet something else young women are care Web sites and blogs in order to build a community and win in theological stubborn. Like effect running technology ply on feminist spirituality?

This is the big question of the day for all noble use of the Internet. I think this compliant of technology can guide people together from a wider range of contexts for exact at once having the power to protective covering us in our homes. One of the undisputable ways the Internet stuff feminist religious zeal is in on the rise women's be significant rapt to resources. This makes the picking and choosing of spiritual practices and mythologies far afield easier. All the extremely, it extremely reinforces as shiny finish on "MY" spiritual practice really than "OUR GROUP'S" spiritual practice. The internet facilitates deviation and heteropraxis.

Yet it's not so simple as highly self-determination. Fill with are extremely brought together by the Internet to gain support from each glitch and to inform each glitch about deeds and issues, restricted by glitch pack. Ghostly, the effect the Internet has on feminist religious zeal is not far afield record from the effect the Internet has on every glitch look at of our lives.


I confidence it border feminism. One of the aid of third move from side to side feminism is a stronger emphasis on rasping coagulate identities. This was present in the second move from side to side, but it was not as corporeal. '"Female-oriented"' assumes award is a coagulate definition of what '"female"' is, and it extremely assumes that femaleness is a stronger tie for women than glitch elements of their identities. Speckled women of foul called out vivid pasty white second move from side to side feminists for assuming they would ply other in familiar as women than women of foul would ply with men of foul. But why prime they ply to choose? Speckled third move from side to side feminists, by rectitude of their stronger self-determination, see their identities as personal single categories that only half film set with any glitch single. In view of that '"female-oriented"' would only be a hope of their lives, and openly useful-if at all.

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Anger Online As Saudi In His 90S Marries 15 Year Old

Anger Online As Saudi In His 90S Marries 15 Year Old
BBC News, 7 January 2013


* Saudi bride contracts ask for age
* Saudis 'to regulate' child brides
* Saudi child 'files for divorce'

The case has drawn a sharp reaction

from Saudis on social networks


Some Saudis have been asking whether the case amounts to trafficking or child abuse.

Local media reports say the man paid a dowry of 17,000 (lb10,500) in order to get married to the girl.

A series of similar cases in recent years has drawn attention to the issue of child marriage in the kingdom.

The girl in the latest case was so frightened that on the wedding night she locked her husband outside the bedroom and eventually escaped back to her parents, local media reports say.

The husband is reported to be considering legal action to get either her or his dowry back.

The case reflects how online social networks have become a vital forum for public discussion in what has long been an opaque, even closed society, with Saudis now taking to Twitter faster than anywhere else in the world, the BBC's Middle East analyst Sebastian Usher reports.

Thousands of girls under 14 are reported to have been married off to richer, much older men, he adds.

There appears to be widespread support in Saudi society for a minimum age for marriage, which the authorities say they are working towards.

However, some of the most conservative religious scholars are still resisting the idea, while insisting that girls must have reached puberty before marriage.





"... NO PERSON SHALL BE FORCED INTO MARRIAGE AGAINST HIS OR HER WILL. NO WOMAN SHALL BE FORCED TO BEAR OR NOT BEAR CHILDREN, AGAINST HER WILL. No person shall be forced to hold or not hold views or worship in a manner contrary to his or her choice. Nothing vital to existence shall be withheld from another if it is within the community's power to give...."


"... Here is another one. A change in what Human nature will allow for government. "Careful, Kryon, don't talk about politics. You'll get in trouble." I won't get in trouble. I'm going to tell you to watch for leadership that cares about you. "You mean politics is going to change?" It already has. It's beginning. Watch for it. You're going to see a total phase-out of old energy dictatorships eventually. The potential is that you're going to see that before 2013. They're going to fall over, you know, because the energy of the population will not sustain an old energy leader..."

Friday, January 2, 2015

Get Ex Back After 1 Year 5 Standard Guidelines To Getting Over Your Ex

Get Ex Back After 1 Year 5 Standard Guidelines To Getting Over Your Ex
GET EX BACK AFTER 1 YEAR : 5 STANDARD GUIDELINES TO GETTING OVER YOUR EX - So it's that time of your life When you have to structure your life all over again break up does not mean the end of all happiness in lifehe world is full of those that have gone through this phase a couple oftime in their lives too, you're not aloneust as all of them, you will have to learn to move ont does not happen overnight but it can happen if you keep in mind some simple guidelines that will help you in Getting over your ex) Take Control of Your MemoriesGet rid of all the fond memories that you've got both sharedf you are still stuck with them it really is impossible to help yourself in Getting over your ext is crucial that you try to forget the past and start living in the present, a present that your ex is no more a part ofs a human we tend to burden ourselves by contemplating all the good times spent together, but this holds no good When your relationship is overt's your past and let it stay there; don't let it overshadow your present and your future) Friends or F... [READ MORE - GET EX BACK AFTER 1 YEAR]

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